Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy Holi!

Well hey, hey!

How goes it fam? Everything sounds good and normal, awesome! That’s cool you went to the “argie” restaurant and yes, everyone here says "ciao" I have only heard like 2 "adios” the whole time I’ve been here.
Wow, that’s so cool about Jeff! When does he go in? Give him a commemorative fist bump from yours truly.  And a most “Rip-diddle-dip-dip it’s your birthday” to Ethan and Austin.  In the words of Richard Dunn from Tim and Eric, they are my "shining boys".

 It’s so good to hear from you guys, I love your letters so much. It feels close even though we’re apart. Sounds like you guys had an awesome week. Mine was pretty fun as well. Sorry about the random p.s. note to check out the “Raz Trent” video. We have a ton of Raz Trents here so you might want to know what I deal with sometimes. 

This week got really cold just like that (I just snapped my fingers right there) it’s perfect, you can wear long sleeves and everything. We did divisions this week and I was in pench with only Latins for a day and my comp for the day was just trying—he was robotic and sullen the whole time we taught. The purpose of divisions is to learn something new and I did. I thought everyone taught the same way (you know, happy and lively, like a real person) but I guess not for some elders. Me and Elder Rasmussen have a good system. Razzy is such a good guy, he really knows the right way to teach. 

Other than that it has been a super chill week. Literally and figuratively. It was really bland but chill. We went to Centro this morning and helped Maxi with his wedding papers. They are sooooo stinkin' close to being baptized so keep them in your prayers that they’ll pull through.  After that we did some shopping and met up with a couple of really cool elders there and ate breakfast in a little cafe and told funny stories and looked at Rolling Stone magazines from 2001. Speaking of music, we ate at this guy’s house yesterday and he had a guitar and he knew! It was awesome. Well , other than that, that was pretty much my week. Sorry it was a short entry but just know it was a nice, peaceful feeling week and it was great. 

Well, I guess it’s on to questions now, let’s do it!

  • Did you get another package and did the pills get there okay?
Yes I got the package with the pills! They were in tip top condition and I read I have another package here that’s 24 pesos so I'll make sure to get it. Thank you so much for the packages!
  • Do you each have a cell phone or do you share one?
We share a cell a cell phone, it’s from like 1998 but it does the job
  • Are you writing in your journal? 
Haven’t missed a day yet! (:
  • We saw there were a bunch of new missionaries arriving in Salta this week that had been delayed by Visas.  Did that change anything in your pench?
  • Nope! I saw that too (in an email) but no nothing changed in our pench. We did get a new hermana in the district but that’s about it.
Is there anything you need that we can send you?
  • Gummy worms, American treats, I don’t need anything super special at the moment but I’ll be sure to tell you when I do.
When you eat with the members is it just you and your comp or do others eat there as well?

  • Sometimes it’s just me and my comp and sometimes it’s all four of us. Mostly it’s all four of us
  • Do you know when the next transfers will be?
 Sunday April 1st...Ironically, April fools day...crap! But yes, that’s when transfers are and all of us in the pench should be all safe for now but do please please pray that me and Elder Rasmussen will have at least one more transfer together. And just in case anything happens that day and if you don’t get an email from me on next Monday (we should be ok for one more transfer but you never know) just know I’m all good but we should be good for one more transfer together but you never know
  • Tell us how things went with investigators this week.
 Good.  It was a slow kinda jumbled around week cause we had divisions and we went to El Carmen a couple times to do interviews for baptisms (which, by the way, we ate in El Carmen and they were playing the best of Steven Segal movies—jealous?) but all of our investigators are going pretty good
  • Are you getting good at ironing?
 A little bit, yes! Ha-ha

Well, I'll be ending this letter now. Can you believe its general conference this week? Crazy! It felt like just last week we were watching it. Time flies here. I’m going to go shopping now. And we all hope elder ****doesn’t mooch off of us. Seriously, that kid has the same amount of money we do and he blows his money on things like candy canes, umbrellas, peg legs, Smarties, batman masks, potato clocks, etc.  At least that’s what we think he's spending his money on.  We made a huge list of what we think he buys but he always runs out of money tries to mooch so I’m going to go hide my frosted flakes on the top shelf (he’s 5 foot 4) and do my laundry. I love you guys so much. Thanks for all your advice, prayers, and fasts. I can really feel them working this week and always. Thanks for your faith and confidence in me. I love and miss you guys so much. Until next week, I love you, it’s all good!

Con Amor,


P.S. Wow, Molly looks so big now, how crazy! Ha-ha!

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