Monday, April 30, 2012

I (Heart) Dogs

Well hey hey!  

I’m currently writing this while sitting uncomfortably between 2 stinky, sweary kids playing Grand Theft Auto and on a slow computer which has a keyboard that has just been used by somebody who’s been drinking syrup (and it is all over the keyboard so you have to punch every key super hard). Half the power went out in Jujuy today and we had to find a cyber in an other neighborhood. Just saying, it’s great fun.

But hey, family! How goes things? I printed out your letters today and it sounds like everything is smashing! This week was pretty smashing in itself. I made up a “family night-owing” (FHE) on the spot (or a "noche de hogar" as they are known here which literally translates to "night of home"). We were on divisions with the youth so I was solo with this kid who’s name is Maxi—he’s a cool guy). I planned to watch a DVD at this member’s house for FHE but they didn’t have a DVD player so I made a lesson up on the spot and it went really well. I was surprised. I was really happy that it went over well. I celebrated by giving my self a mental high five.

I got informed that my comp had to go to Salta to redo his papers to be legal here so we did divisions that night at the zone leader’s pench. I was with goofy Elder Nuñez. He’s a good scout, a klutzy man but good, none-the-less. It was nice, I got to hang out with all the funny elders over there: Elder Thomas from Texas and Elder Angell from, I believe, Washington. They are really funny, good guys and it was nice to hang with them. While I was over there the power went out.  It also happened to be the time that Jujuy decided to be super cold so we didn’t have heat for that night but the next day we ended divisions and I was very excited to come home to a nice, warm pench—not so. I guess last month someone forgot to pay the power bill so we had to be wrapped in our little bundles until Thursday. We have a little heater and I have sweats and a hoodie that I sleep in so, for the time being, I am good with that. Other than that it was a chill, little slow, and cooooooold week this week.

We were at a "cita" (an appointment) and there was this dog next to me. I thought nothing of it until I heard a trickling noise, that’s when I realized that this stupid black lab was peeing all over my leg! Before I had time to smack it with a shovel (like in My Dog Skip) the owner came back into the room so I just had to gaze vengefully at the dog the entire time and hope that, somewhere in the cosmos of time, I will have the chance to punch it in the face. Speaking about my favorite animal, since its getting cold here people are starting to put sweaters and little shirts on their dogs to keep them warm.  It’s about as horribly cheesy a sight as you can imagine.

Oh, Mom. I forgot to mention but I believe you would love it here. Everyone spits. I mean everyone. I saw a lady in her 50s hawk a nice one the other day but fear not, I am not a spitter because I know my mom would have a thing or two to say about it if I did.

We had stake conference on Sunday and Elder Rubén L. Spitally (that’s absolutely not how you spell his name) from the 70 was there. It was nice. I actually think I knew what his talk was about. But he sounded and looked like a nice guy. The choir there sang "Be Thou Humble" which I know is a favorite of yours, Mom but, like every choir I've heard here, they all love to sing in monotone and in 6 different keys and always fail to hit the high note in the song. It was kinda like when those girls were trying to sing that mesh of songs at the singles ward music program. I believe you remember that all to well, Dad.

But guess what? WE HAD A BAPTISIM!!! Huzzah! It was yesterday for this kid named Ivan. He is a 17 year old punky friend of Esteban’s (the kid who got baptized a couple weeks ago) but he is so good and so humble and just needed the happiness of the gospel in his life. The baptism started at 9 (always an hour late in Argentina) and a youth named Nata (a way cool kid) got to baptize him. It was really nice. We were worried Ivan’s family wouldn’t show but exactly 2 seconds before he was baptized his mom and family came. He was so excited to see her and so happy. The baptism was a smashing success! We had empanadas and coke to celebrate (and Malta which tastes just like coffee cept its not. I like it, though).

Well, that was about it for the week. Things with me and my comp took a turn for the better this week. He has been more nice and open and more tranquil. I know it’s through the prayers of all of us and through our kind, dear Heavenly Father that things are getting easier. I had a great week and hope that next week will be even better. Thanks so much you guys. Now, onto some questions…

  • Do you know when and how you’ll call home for Mother’s Day?
Now, from what I heard, I think we call in the afternoonish part of the day and we call from the church and we can talk for like 45ish minutes ( I wish it was more). That is about all I know so far. I’ll letcha know for sure when I know more about it but I'm stoked to talk to you guys!
  • Any trouble getting your packages?
No not much. Usually someone goes to Salta randomly and I have them get it. So as that string of luck pulls through over and over we should be good. For example, my comp got my package when he was in Salta this week (thank thank thank thank you, family!)

How are your investigators coming along?
Good good.  They're doing good. We are trying to find new people at the moment but they are doing fine. Keep praying for them though.
  • So is it finally getting cold?
From the little story in the letter, that’s how the cold is and it’s…fun?
  • Are  you getting enough time to read and write your email?
Yeah kinda (it's now a strict only 1 hour...bahhh) so I might skip out this week on writing you back Anna and Lauren (sorry, I love you guys and thank you guys so much though, keep on keeping on!)

Well family, I’ve got to go, I’ve got about 2 minutes left. But I love and miss you guys so incredibly much. Thank you for your amazing letters (really, your advice is helping me soooo much) keep writing. Thank you for your love and prayers. I can always feel them. You guys are incredibly wonderful. I love you all so much. Its all good!

Con amor,


Monday, April 23, 2012

Brady Bunch And Booze Cake

What up home skillets?

Its ya’ boy here! How goes the good fight? I’m glad to hear the week went well and you’re all doing great, that’s what I like to hear. Also,  hooooooollllllyyyyy amazing PARAGUAY, Zach! That is so cooooool!!! Half of my district at the MTC is in Asunción (‘cept I can’t remember if they are north or south). But if you run into elders Bingham, Leechman, Isrealson, May, or my tri-comp elder Beal (call him "sweet, sweet Bealy Boy" he´ll love it!) then tell them elder Allphin sent ya. They are like my brothers, those boys, those boys. And Davis, Lima Peru—sick! Elder Mori, our penchmate, is from Peru and I presume that all Peruanos are about 3ft tall like him but anyway, I digress.

I guess I’ll start off by saying sorry about last week’s letter. It wasn’t fair ‘cause my comp's almost always (I use the word “always” carefully) chill but he just sent me over the edge right before I started typing you guys last week so I guess I was venting. Sorry about that. The dude is ok. Yes, we are opposites and he doesn’t follow President Hinckley’s “Don’t take yourself too seriously” mantra. He can also be one of those "don’t joke around with him" guys. For example:  We were planning a zone meeting happening in a couple of weeks and he said Pres. wanted us to sing at it so I asked, "Are we supposed to sing like a Brady Bunch kind of a thing?"  He responded very seriously, "No, I don’t think the President would like that". We also have some donkeys by our pench and Elder Rasmussen and I would have endless fun talking about those "asses" over there. I’m afraid if I dared mention the slightest donkey joke to my new comp I would be in danger of the council. But I can bear up with your advice. Thank you for the suggestions in your letters (and for sending Steve Brule.) I’m glad to hear this really is just some kind of mission puberty. Your suggestions helped a lot, I’m going to apply them post haste. Thank you, thank you so much!

Anywho, this week was good; slow, but good. We have a new investigator that is friends with Maxi and Noelle. Her name is Gisela and she is a few weeks away from being baptized. She is super cool. She has a 3 year old daughter who is very funny and we had lunch with her yesterday and she and I talked about Jake and the Neverland Pirates (which they have here) and all that jazz. I have a feeling Molly and I will pick up where we left off when I get home cause she will be 3 then.

I also got to jam with Ras Trent. This Ras guy was just jamming outside and he had an extra guitar so I started jamming with him. It was soooooo cool! ‘Cept he was pretty fried. He said the closing prayer after our discussion and in the prayer he asked that he and I could get big in the U.S.  with "our band" and that we would make millions....I pray for the same thing.

I had the best cake of my life this week. It was so chocolately and tasty and I really wanted to know the recipe. The lady we got the cake from said it’s "easy to make.  After the cake is cooked just pour a bunch of booze on it".  She was serious, it was a cake with alcohol in it (and not baked in). I just laughed and laughed said “oops” but my comp was very nervous about it so called the zone leaders to see if it was ok to eat...goodness sakes!
I also went on divisions with elder Habel this week and it was super awesome. He is a good kid.  He is way cool and it’s always good to have another friend in the mish.
And on the “whoa” side of things, we are teaching a girl and her boyfriend. The girl is pregnant (sooooo common here) but turns out she is14.  Yeah, a 14 year-old pregnant girl who got pregnant when she was how ‘bout that, yikes!

It has been a little cold this week so after a hard, long day's work I made some hot chocolate (which you have to make out of Nesquik...don’t cringe) and elder Mori was wondering what I was doing. I simply told him, "bate bate chocolate" which he thought was an absolute hoot! He is a really cool, funny, good kid. He brings light and happiness into the pench and yet he can still fit into the palm of my hand!
But other than that, this week has been pretty normal. The dollar is still at 5 pesos, the pant suit is still king around here, you still find good-sized veins and feathers in your chicken at lunch, and every time at church, the congregation continuously requests we all sing "Secret Prayer" at every single sacrament meeting.  Something has got to be done about that, in the words (and voice) of Lois from Malcolm in the Middle "I HAVE HAD  IT!!!"

Well anyways, onto questions, kiddies!
  • How are you doing on sunscreen?  Can you get more if you need it?
I’m good so far with the sunscreen. I used a lot when I first got here but I hardly use it now cause the clouds are always in the way and it’s getting cold.
  • Is there anything we can send you?
Yes, there is something you could get for me. As I have been showing our investigators pictures of like you guys (which is super awesome, they love it) they always ask if I have pictures of my friends. So maybe you could hack onto facebook and find some
pictures with me and my friends and print them off or something like that.

  • Are your glasses holding up okay?
Yes, they are working out smoothly but I have been talking with some missionaries and they said that even here they use contacts. I’m intrigued.  What is you guy’s opinion on wearing contacts here?
  • Did your baptisms go through?
No, not this week, alas, but this next week we are hoping to have one for sures!
  • Did you get your last packages?
Yes I did. They arrived fine (they smell like America!) They always arrive in tip-top shape, thank you so very much!
  • If you want to buy something, go ahead and get some money from your account.
Ok cool, I will for sure do that. I have been talking with this kid about buying a charango so is it cool if I withdraw from the account this week?
  • Any funny stories?
The donkey and Brady bunch stories were the ones I was going to tell you last week but don’t worry, me thinks there will be much more to come!

Well, that’s about it from me this week. Sorry I didn’t have time to write you, Lou Lou Bell, but thanks for the letter and I do loves ya' a whole bunch and I hope you have a great week as well.  Dad, I had a dream last night that I was at the house of one of your companions from your mission and he showed me your Book of Mormon from your mission. You had written notes on the sides of the pages in it and on one pages you wrote in big, pink, super-girly handwriting: "The Lord loves ya'--Don´t ya' forget it".  I believe giving me that dream is proof the Lord has a sense of humor.  At least that’s what I think, ha-ha!

Thank you so much for all your good, home-filled letters and for your prayers and sacrifices. This week went by really well and I felt more comfortable and happy even in ridiculous situations. I love you all and miss you so much. I hope you have a fantasmic week.
I love you. It’s all good!

Con Amor,


Monday, April 16, 2012

Cyber Space

Ahoy guys guys!
 How goes things? Glad to hear St. Gabbels was a smashing success full of friends, cats, and shopping goodness. I was planning on sharing a lot about the week with you guys but under the new rules instituted by new comp, I can only type for a little bit.

We went in the cyber just now and, in my mind, I thought we had one and a half hours (as usual) but he started freaking out and telling me I had to call all these people first so I did. When I got back on the computer I started reading your letters. He freaked out again and said that reading letters is a waste of writing time and that I should print them off cause, as of now, I only have 30 minutes of writing time. I’m about to explode cause I love my reading and writing time on p-days.

I’m sorry but this guy seems he is just out for total perfection and numbers. He doesn’t like my teaching methods all that much and stresses me out about the language. I just don’t get him. He’s cool sometimes but I just don’t know what to do. He gets really mad about the littlest things and it’s just getting super difficult. He wants me to get rid of all my English materials and only use Spanish stuff cause "that’s the only way you’re gonna learn this language.”

I was totally at peace until about a half an hour ago but now I’m a bit of a wreck. I really need some advice on what to do. I’m trying to pray to feel better but this week I got super homesick and got very worried about all of the responsibility and the possibility of failure. I really don’t know what to do. I pray and pray and but I’m just at a loss—advice? Advice on learning the language, not getting homesick, and getting along with a new comp would be of great help. Sorry, I’m just feeling a little bit frazzled as of now. Is this just normal mission puberty? Like really, is this just a little trial or something? In spite of feeling a little bit stressed, this week was, for the most part, good.

I got you guys’ package full of gushers and strawberry breakfast and the scripture cases. Thank you ever so much! I love you guys so much. We also had a baptism this week! It was Esteban. He’s a kid we’ve been teaching for awhile and he finally decided to take the plunge.  It was very hectic to try to get his baptism scheduled but we got it done none-the-less. It was very nice, a youth in the ward baptized him. It was a great and very spiritual event. We hope we can baptize Maxi and Noelle next week! Sorry there’s not a ton of detail on that but next week I’ll fill anymore questions you guys have on it for sure. It’s just that now I have no time to type. We had a pretty good week. Teaching wise. It was very nice so there is that. Sorry this is a lame letter I’m just, again, typing on no time.  Now, onto the questions.

Who is the new Elder in your pench?
  • Elder Habel! He’s from Orem he’s pretty chill.  He and I like a few of the same bands and he’s a good guy

How’s the other Elder in your pench?
  • Elder Mori? Yes, he is such a happy, good little guy.
Do you ever get to talk to Elder Rasmussen?
  • I talked to him a little last week on the phone but not for long.  Hopefully we can talk soon, though.
Is it getting cold there yet?
  • Today was perfect  for long-sleeves! It’s ideal weather outside and I hope it stays like this.
How are you getting on with your new comp?
  • Other than having a few little anxieties, everything else is good.
Any other baptisms coming up?
  • Yes! We have about 3 we hope we can get baptized in this next little while.
Do you think your Spanish is improving every day?
  • Yeah, a little bit. I’m making phone calls a ton now and going on divisions.
Any cool experiences with finding investigators?
  • Well, we are talking with this one lady who just really wants to find happiness in her life. She has a little girl and just wants to be happy. I bore her my testimony that happiness is found in the gospel and through it she can always be happy.  I think she is a potential baptism candidate.
Any funny stories from the week?
  • I was gonna share a good long story but since I have no time, I’ll tell you one other thing that happened this week. I got splashed by a bus that went through a mud puddle—classic, right? It was straight out of the movies. I actually didn’t mind it at all (and I’m not being sarcastic).
Well fam, sorry ‘bout the sad letter once again. Hopefully next week I can talk things out and get a writing system figured out but until then: Write, pray, help me, send lawyers guns and money and have a great week. I love and miss you guys so incredibly much and I’m, worlds without end, grateful for you guys. I love you, its all good!

Con Amor,


Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Been 5 Months!

Well hey fams,

Good to hear from ya! And good to hear you had a fantastic Easter! It sounded amazing! Easter here was...well, I’ll tell you more about it in the questions but this week went relatively well. It was a hard first few days with the new switch. It was really difficult but through prayer and patience and deciding that I'm just going to love and get along with my new comp it’s gotten easier. It was a hard week cause I had to show him around the area and I didn’t know the area really well so he was kinda mad about that.

 I guess we’ll just get it straight who my comp is.  He is from Alpine and as been here about the same time as Rasmussen, except he has not had a gringo comp in a year. He is, in looks, a combo of Michael Cera and uncle Mark. He is, at times, funny and nice but most of the time he is 1000% business and no fun and no smiles. He is a super hard worker and is very punctual and obedient but he is very bland.  Hopefully, I can slowly try to loosen him up. I’m all down for working hard but this guy just gets stressed, overworked, and too serious about things. I’m trying with all my might to just try to offer him service and be nice. It usually works all the time but sometimes, with having a comp like him, it makes me kinda sad. I think its possible to work hard and yet be happy and have fun. But I guess if that’s his version of happy then so be it....ugggh.

We had a good week once we got the ball rolling. We are finding and teaching a lot of people and something I noticed, when I work then I’m happy and not homesick and don’t feel bad (which has been on and off this week). This has been a hard week for me emotionally but it is slowly getting better through working and such. On some cool notes, I had fake wine! Which tastes pretty much horrible. The only thing I can describe it as tasting is like if someone poured a lot of perfume into a small glass of water so, nice! We taught a lesson this week and in the background I heard the theme song to Special Agent Oso. I had to giggle cause I knew that Molly wouldn’t stand of for any of that special-ed bear nonsense.

We are teaching this kid named Esteban who is a 16 year old punk hoodrat/ghetto kid (or as they call them here "changos" or "wachiturros") and his friends know about us cause he knows all the changos and every time we see them from a distance they will yell "Allphin!" (pronounced El Fin) and wave and say “what up”. I feel like Morgan Freeman in Lean on Me when he becomes friends with the ghetto kids. Maybe I can become the principal and turn their high school around then develop a soothing narrator’s voice. Well, I’ll just concentrate on one dream for now.

I went to Centro today and bought a musical shaker but not just any musical shaker, a musical shaker made out of llama toenails!....yeah, let that sink in. I read how Muse once used them to record a song so I just had to buy them—only 10 pesos! What a steal, ehh? ....ehh?.... guys?....But yeah, other than an awkward "getting to know your new socially awkward comp week" its been pretty good. I just pray that this kid will loosen up and realize that the President Hinckley quote (about taking the work seriously but not taking yourself too seriously thing) is true. Well, through patience and prayer and trying to love him then, hopefully, things will start to change. Well, that’s about it for the week. On to questions.
  • Do they celebrate Easter there and, if so, how?
Nope, we only go one "happy Easter" and that was it. I presumed it would have been a big thing but nope, nothing. Bummer, but oh well. I read about Jesu´s resurrection in the Bible and that was a good enough Easter for me to know that yes, "He lives". I know that my Redeemer lives and I am so thankful for Him.

The Catholics are suuuuuper into Good Friday here. We saw about 2 or 3 different replications of masses of people singing with a guy dressed up as Jesus carrying a cross throughout the streets. Then, without hurting the person dressed up as Jesus, the crowd crucified him by tying ropes around his wrists and....yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.
  • Are you getting enough to eat?
Yes, between bananas, alfahores, frosted flakes, Tang, and eating at member’s houses, I’m eating fine and dandy!
  • What do you like best about your new comp?
Ummm, well, he is hard working and is very punctual and stuff like that. And he has some good stories. I’ll talk to him about unicycling in a while and see if he’ll lighten up more with that as well.

  • Any baptisms this week?
Nope, dang, nope. But we are hoping for a tidal wave of baptisms in the next little while here, so keep praying for them if you would, please?

  • Anything you’d like us to send your way?
Prayers, Letters, and maybe some chicken ramen and gushers in future packages (:

Well family, I have to skip out this week on writing to Anna and Lauren cause we had a crazy morning because we had to print out the letters and then come back later and write (long story) but thank you for your letters you two. You are my most loved punky sisters, I love you! Well, I best end this letter so I can do some shopping and then go on divisions where I’ll be teaching a FHE lesson *gulp* Naaah, I’m not too nervous about it, we’ll watch a video ha-ha but do know that I am so very thankful for you guys, your letters, your prayers, your sacrifices, and your love. I can feel them everyday. Whenever I feel down I’ll pray and I can feel Heavenly Father strengthening me through, not only my prayers but always, your prayers as well. For that I am eternally grateful.

Well, have fun in St. George, go to In ‘N Out in my stead (and eat at least 2 double doubles, dad). Give grandma Ann and grandpa Mick a  big hug and kiss and “hello” from me (and an even bigger kiss for the cat).  Be glad that I’m not home while the dogs are around cause I have about a zero tolerance level for dogs these days.  Keep that spunky goofball Molly McGoo in line and, finally, keep on keeping on being the super, awesome, happy family you are. Please pray for me to keep learning this dang flibber-flabber language and that I’ll keep progressing on how to teach well. I can feel your guy’s prayers everyday and I’m so thankful for that. Thank you, thank you so much. Well, "Warning Sign" by Coldplay is playing right now on a computer next to me and it’s about to make me start crying in front of all these teens at the cyber so I’ll head out now. Thank you for everything. I love you all so much. Have a great week, I love you.  Remember, be Hinckley, its all good!

 Con Amor,


Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference And Transfers

Hey guys!

So good to hear from you. Sounds like conference was a blast for you guys. And yes, I did see Lizzie! We watched it in the chapel and I was like "you guys! That’s my cousin!" it was so cool!! I’m glad conference was good for you guys as well. It was the first time I took notes in conference and I don’t know why I didn’t do that before, It helped me so much. 

I’ll talk a little more about conference in a bit but this week has been the craziest yet. We have been in and out of Centro helping Maxi and Noelle with their papers and it was just crazy. It took us a while but we finally got them to get a date this week for their marriage so that this week they can for sure be baptized. I was very happy about that. It was a seemingly normal week other than that on Friday we got the call that Elder Rasmussen is going to Tucumán and I’m staying here. I guess on Saturday conference really got to Elder **** and he said he has to go home to straighten some stuff out. Now my two best friends that were the chilliest, coolest, nicest guys ever, left this morning.  

I have a new comp. His name is Elder Seipert. He is from Alpine Utah and he has been here a year. He gives off a quiet, Michael Cera vibe and he seems nice.  Also, the new elder that replaced Elder **** is named Elder Borton (or something like that) and he is the same as well. They all seem nice and I learned from conference that I want to be more patient and kind and to love everyone so I’ll try my best ‘cause I want a happy pench. 

This switch is just hard for me. I feel a little isolated and sad my friends are gone. I’m nervous to really start doing more and everything. It’s hard to understand people all the time and I can’t speak as well as I'd like. I also don’t feel all that well as of now. I feel really nervous and sad. Please, this week pray that I can keep pushing forward and do my best. I’ve been praying a lot today.  It’s so hard sometimes. I know this is a little trial to overcome but I just feel so lousy right now. Sorry, I just have to vent big time right now. I really hope I can feel better so and everything will be normal again in no time. 

Other than that unexpected unwanted switch, I’m sure I’ll get something good out of it. I’ll just try to be as nice and hard working and patient as I can. In other words, I'll "let the boat do all the work". Sorry for this kinda sad email but I’ll go on to the questions now.

  • Did you get to watch conference?

I did see conference, all of it and it was crystal clear. We watched it in a room with all my good buds like Elders West, Rasmussen, Jennings, Speakmen, Zulauf, Ackerman and a bunch of other good guys. It was really fun! I got a lot out of conference and, yes, we watched it all in English. I loved Elder Eyring´s talks, especially the talk he gave in the Saturday morning session. It gave me a lot of hope and encouragement

  • Did you get your latest package?

The package with the scripture cases and stuff I did not get yet but president will come down here in a couple weeks for zone conference and he always brings packages so I hope he’ll bring it then.

  • What are your living expenses like each month?

About 500 or 600 pesos a month so about $150 American.

  • Have you been able to use the ATMs okay down there?

Yes, I did get some money out of the ATM. It wasn’t much money but the ATMs do accept visa here so we got going for us, which is nice.

  • Any mosquito bites?

Yeah I’ve got bit a few times but they always stay out of our pench.

  • What's your daily routine like?

We wake up and get dressed and eat and then do personal study for an hour and comp study for an hour then we go out and work. Then we eat lunch and work some more. We teach about 4 or 5 lessons a day and do all the fun mission stuff like that and then we go home at about 9:30 and plan, write in the journals, and then we go to bed. That’s pretty much a day in the life.

  • Have you been staying well.

Until now yes. I’m sure I’ll be back to normal this week but man, today has just been so hard with my best friends leaving. Keep praying I’ll be better and I'll do the same. If you have any advice, please, do tell!

  • How did things go with investigators this week?

It was a very nice week for teaching and working. We met our goals and everything so yes, this week was a good show! Especially for Maxi and Noelle. They’ll for sure get baptized this week.

Well family, sorry about the dramatic letter but I just felt a little crummy. I’ll do my best, chin up and be happy and do everything that’s asked of me this week. I’m really nervous and sad so please pray for me to have some peace and that it will be a good week. I miss you guys more than you can imagine. I love you guys more than you can imagine. But we will only be apart for a little while. 

Can you believe on the 5th it will have been 2 years since I saw Muse and on the 11th it will have been a year since I saw Arcade Fire. Ha-ha, funny I remember those but at the end of this transfer I will get to call you guys, isn’t that great? I’m so looking forward to that. 

Well family, I love you all so much. I pray every night for you guys and thank Heavenly Father for you guys. I’m glad everything is all good. Thanks for praying for me and being there for me always. I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week. I love you, it’s all good!

Con Amor,