Monday, April 30, 2012

I (Heart) Dogs

Well hey hey!  

I’m currently writing this while sitting uncomfortably between 2 stinky, sweary kids playing Grand Theft Auto and on a slow computer which has a keyboard that has just been used by somebody who’s been drinking syrup (and it is all over the keyboard so you have to punch every key super hard). Half the power went out in Jujuy today and we had to find a cyber in an other neighborhood. Just saying, it’s great fun.

But hey, family! How goes things? I printed out your letters today and it sounds like everything is smashing! This week was pretty smashing in itself. I made up a “family night-owing” (FHE) on the spot (or a "noche de hogar" as they are known here which literally translates to "night of home"). We were on divisions with the youth so I was solo with this kid who’s name is Maxi—he’s a cool guy). I planned to watch a DVD at this member’s house for FHE but they didn’t have a DVD player so I made a lesson up on the spot and it went really well. I was surprised. I was really happy that it went over well. I celebrated by giving my self a mental high five.

I got informed that my comp had to go to Salta to redo his papers to be legal here so we did divisions that night at the zone leader’s pench. I was with goofy Elder Nuñez. He’s a good scout, a klutzy man but good, none-the-less. It was nice, I got to hang out with all the funny elders over there: Elder Thomas from Texas and Elder Angell from, I believe, Washington. They are really funny, good guys and it was nice to hang with them. While I was over there the power went out.  It also happened to be the time that Jujuy decided to be super cold so we didn’t have heat for that night but the next day we ended divisions and I was very excited to come home to a nice, warm pench—not so. I guess last month someone forgot to pay the power bill so we had to be wrapped in our little bundles until Thursday. We have a little heater and I have sweats and a hoodie that I sleep in so, for the time being, I am good with that. Other than that it was a chill, little slow, and cooooooold week this week.

We were at a "cita" (an appointment) and there was this dog next to me. I thought nothing of it until I heard a trickling noise, that’s when I realized that this stupid black lab was peeing all over my leg! Before I had time to smack it with a shovel (like in My Dog Skip) the owner came back into the room so I just had to gaze vengefully at the dog the entire time and hope that, somewhere in the cosmos of time, I will have the chance to punch it in the face. Speaking about my favorite animal, since its getting cold here people are starting to put sweaters and little shirts on their dogs to keep them warm.  It’s about as horribly cheesy a sight as you can imagine.

Oh, Mom. I forgot to mention but I believe you would love it here. Everyone spits. I mean everyone. I saw a lady in her 50s hawk a nice one the other day but fear not, I am not a spitter because I know my mom would have a thing or two to say about it if I did.

We had stake conference on Sunday and Elder Rubén L. Spitally (that’s absolutely not how you spell his name) from the 70 was there. It was nice. I actually think I knew what his talk was about. But he sounded and looked like a nice guy. The choir there sang "Be Thou Humble" which I know is a favorite of yours, Mom but, like every choir I've heard here, they all love to sing in monotone and in 6 different keys and always fail to hit the high note in the song. It was kinda like when those girls were trying to sing that mesh of songs at the singles ward music program. I believe you remember that all to well, Dad.

But guess what? WE HAD A BAPTISIM!!! Huzzah! It was yesterday for this kid named Ivan. He is a 17 year old punky friend of Esteban’s (the kid who got baptized a couple weeks ago) but he is so good and so humble and just needed the happiness of the gospel in his life. The baptism started at 9 (always an hour late in Argentina) and a youth named Nata (a way cool kid) got to baptize him. It was really nice. We were worried Ivan’s family wouldn’t show but exactly 2 seconds before he was baptized his mom and family came. He was so excited to see her and so happy. The baptism was a smashing success! We had empanadas and coke to celebrate (and Malta which tastes just like coffee cept its not. I like it, though).

Well, that was about it for the week. Things with me and my comp took a turn for the better this week. He has been more nice and open and more tranquil. I know it’s through the prayers of all of us and through our kind, dear Heavenly Father that things are getting easier. I had a great week and hope that next week will be even better. Thanks so much you guys. Now, onto some questions…

  • Do you know when and how you’ll call home for Mother’s Day?
Now, from what I heard, I think we call in the afternoonish part of the day and we call from the church and we can talk for like 45ish minutes ( I wish it was more). That is about all I know so far. I’ll letcha know for sure when I know more about it but I'm stoked to talk to you guys!
  • Any trouble getting your packages?
No not much. Usually someone goes to Salta randomly and I have them get it. So as that string of luck pulls through over and over we should be good. For example, my comp got my package when he was in Salta this week (thank thank thank thank you, family!)

How are your investigators coming along?
Good good.  They're doing good. We are trying to find new people at the moment but they are doing fine. Keep praying for them though.
  • So is it finally getting cold?
From the little story in the letter, that’s how the cold is and it’s…fun?
  • Are  you getting enough time to read and write your email?
Yeah kinda (it's now a strict only 1 hour...bahhh) so I might skip out this week on writing you back Anna and Lauren (sorry, I love you guys and thank you guys so much though, keep on keeping on!)

Well family, I’ve got to go, I’ve got about 2 minutes left. But I love and miss you guys so incredibly much. Thank you for your amazing letters (really, your advice is helping me soooo much) keep writing. Thank you for your love and prayers. I can always feel them. You guys are incredibly wonderful. I love you all so much. Its all good!

Con amor,


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