Monday, May 28, 2012

Facebook Frenzy

Hey Diddly!

How goes stuff fams? So, so good to hear from you! Happy Memorial Day! Glad to hear you guys are just chillin' it today. We are too. Its p-day but its Elder Adams’s birthday. We went to Centro this morning and had breakfast with Speakmen to celebrate. We had blue cheese Paninis and Cokes and told crazy stories. T’was awesome! We made banana bread when we got to the pench and just chilled. The ward planned a party for him a little later tonight so we're stoked for that. I bought him Starbursts (which are a rare find here) for his present. So far today has been legit.

This week was good but a little hard. This area is a difficult area. Don’t get me wrong, it has potential to be good and I love it but work-wise it is a little difficult to get hold of everyone and to find new people. But we are planning on having a smashing week this week so keep praying we’ll find people and hope for the best, this area is tight!

I’m glad that sending the pics worked out last week. I was thinking maybe they wouldn’t but I guess they worked. By the way, I got to say I very much dislike that light blue tie I’m wearing. It’s broken, for starters but I'm always wearing it when pictures come around. Idk, maybe it’s a curse.

We had nothing but parties this week: Muñoz´s birthday, President Millan´s birthday, investigators who could only meet after a birthday party at the church. We were at Muñoz´s birthday at a member’s restaurant for lunch and the Boca game was on. Idk if I told you but in Argentina you can only like two soccer teams: River or Boca. And Boca is the way to go! I’m a big fan. We watched the game and they got into the semifinals to win this game which is basically the Argentine World Cup. Everyone was jumping up and down and going crazy. The whole town was in chaos! Good fun!

Elder Langston has this book by Elder Bednar called Increase in Learning. I was reading it and it’s really cool. It also has a little movie that comes with it where he answers questions in this seminar and its big question to everyone was President Packer’s quote: "Which doctrines, if understood, would change attitudes and behaviors." It was soooo cool and really helped me to understand how to better teach the doctrines. In the MTC they gave us these books that were the fundamentals in teaching and, at first (for the first 5 months) I thought they were really pointless. But lately I see they are so cool and really work and I think would really help out the area. Sorry, that seemed nerdy I know but when you start to get in the system this stuff, after a while, is just as cool as a new Arcade Fire album. Other than that stuff, this week was really nice and fun but not a ton of stuff happened. It was more of a plain (but very nice) week. I guess now it’s onto the questions.
  • How are things with investigators?
Good good. We have a little family of 4 named Joaquin and Miciella who love to talk and talk and talk and talk. And then a lady named Fernanda and her little girl who she is very close to being baptized (we are hoping for next week). And then these 2 punky little girls. One very nice and wants to get baptized but the other one is kinda shaky on that. Other than that we need to find more peeps! We have a plan to do a massive references attack with less actives and new members this week, though.
  • Is it still raining a lot?
Nope. It rained all the time in Areoparque and I always carried an umbrella but here its just been windy but I haven’t seen any rain yet.
  • Is the teaching going well?
Yes, It’s going superb! We make these scripture chains to help investigators and those are really fun....I know it’s nerdy but here it’s cool. You understand
  • Do you have Spanish grammar books to study?
Yes, I have a few books and they help me a ton (especially this Spanish book they gave me at the MTC that’s new and its kinda long-shaped. THAT ONE IS SO TIGHT! But speaking is really just the best practice, I think. Its weird, I’m kinda going in reverse. I can speak pretty well but listening has been my struggle as of late (usually its the other way around) so do keep in your prayers that I can listen better and pay attention better and I’ll be doing my best.
  • Can you get cake mixes there or do you want us to send you one?
Yes, we have cake mixes here. They are crazy about cakes here. You’ve got every kind of cake ever available here. So I think I may be good on that but thank you so very much!
  • Someone with an Argentine name wanted you to friend them on facebook.  Do you want to?
Everyone is nuts about facebook here or as they call it "face" but they pronounce it "FAAYYEEce". Um, I’ll get back to you on that. How is my facebook doing, by the way? Any hackers? Lots of Amigos trying to be my buds? Don’t even try to use my Farmville!

Well, anyways fam, its been real. Can you believe that high school graduation was only two years ago!  F´reals. time is nothing; that was yesterday. I’m so glad everyone is doing alright and had a great week. I’m so thankful for everything you guys do. Your letters, your prayers, everything. You guys are more than amazing! Have a great last week of school. Pull off a good end-of-the-year prank and always remember that I love and miss you all so very much. I love you! It’s all good! H.A.G.S!

Con Amor,


P.S. I sent a letter to Carly and Brain, and Grandma and Grandpa Carter and Allphin maybe a little more than a month or so ago and I just sent two other letters off to Austin Sherwin and you, Mom, last week. Obviously the latter two letters need some time but any word on those other letters? I’m hoping they made it all there is what I’m worrying about. I didn’t put the sender address (my info) on the letter cause they said we didn’t need to (just saying). But any word about those would be great, thanks!

P.S.S. Also a shout out to Bro. Sandberg for the letter (I never thanked him yet for the letter things he sends us, very nice of him) and a big, big thank you to Craig for the money he puts in my account. He’s the bomb! and also, thank you very much for your guyses letters as always. Your’re all *click* real nice!

P.S.S.S. I should have said to you Grandma for your birthday last week "you’re my girl, the boys all know!" ha-ha I love you so much.
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Stormy San Salvador

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