Monday, June 4, 2012

All The Fútbol News That's Fit To Print

Hey, hey, hey,

How’s it all going? Again, it is so insanely good to hear from you guys! I love to hear of all the adventures from the home front. Glad to hear all is well! Things are going pretty good here as well. It was a relatively normal week.

We started out this week by getting a reference from the ZL´s for a little house in this place called Alta la Viña. It’s a good 4 miles from our usual working spot but we decided to try it out. We got to where this house was and after we taught that house we decided to talk to the neighborhood. This whole neighborhood has never seen missionaries before! They didn’t even know who the Mormons are! We pretty much found El Dorado. Their little neighborhood is tucked behind a catholic seminary so nobody really knew it was there. Later this week we're going to work with that place more, good find!

We had this investigator named Nicole we were working with. She was a little weird but teachable. She was 16 and she had a cute little kid and she seemed interested in the church. We taught her on Saturday and went back on Monday to teach her and her grandma answered the door to tell us she disappeared. Thinking it was a lie to get us away (because people here lie like that sometimes). We tried again the next day and her mom came to the door and she told us that she went to a party Saturday night and never came home. The police had an investigation and everything. She was legitly gone. Later we found out from her family that she ran away from the party to go party for a week, to get drunk and do drugs and ditch her kid to go party....That’s where our sympathy for her kinda went down the drain. She is in rehab in Buenos Aires because her parents put her there but it doesn’t look like we’ll be teaching her anymore, alas.

Idk if I told you but Zulauf is in my zone. I think this is his last transfer in Jujuy but it’s still good to see him. I talked to him a couple weeks ago when the whole zone got together for interviews. It was so dope to talk to him, he’s still good old Zulauf.  That kid is my hero.

We are expecting a baptism for Fernanda, our investigator, this weekend. She is super stoked to be baptized.  She even taught the gospel principles class this week on Sunday and did great. I’m pretty stoked for her! Also in the news is that the Buenos Aires templo is going to be rededicated in September. We are gonna watch it over video at the stake center when it happens (like we did when we saw the Winter Quarters, Nauvoo, Draper, etc. dedications) so that should be cool. Word is that we are super close to splitting the stake in Jujuy. Once we do that then our mission qualifies for a temple. YAHHHHH! How dope, right? We just need a little more priesthood holders and tithe payers but hopefully we are getting close!

Word on the street is that Boca is going to play River soon for the Copa Argentina. Now I'm not sure if this is true but if it is then it’s going to be a crazy game. That’s basically the game of a lifetime down here. I also heard that Boca plays Real Salt Lake every year so when I get back we def gotta hit that up. Also, I heard Argentina is qualified for the world cup in 2014 in Brazil. 2 most excellent soccer announcements, eh?

Other than that, it’s been a pretty plain week. I guess its time for questions while I listen to the guy next to me listen to a Cumbia version of “Everything I do I do it for you´´ by Bryan Adams.........and yes, it’s about as terrible as it sounds.
  • Do you do a lot more walking in your new area?
YES!!! We do a ton of more walking; about 10 miles a day. We have 3 neighborhoods in our area: Campo Verde, Bajo la Viña, and Alta la Viña. We work mostly in Campo Verde cause its bigger, closer to our pench, and is the most successful area. Bajo la Viña and Alta la Viña are good but really hard areas cause they are very far away and they are very rich over there so it’s pretty tough to teach there.
  • How’s your chapel?
Really nice. It’s a branch but we have a good-sized meeting house. We have a big, U.S. style chapel with a basketball court that is only used for soccer and yeah, it’s just a nice house. I'll have to take some pics to send to you guys next time.
  • Do you go to the jungle often?
Every now and then. It’s a steep and humid climb into the jungle so on a hot day it’s horrible to go through but when it’s nice and cold it’s a good hike and it’s easier to get to houses to go straight through the jungle.
  • What’s your comp’s name?
Raymond Joseph Adams.  His initials are RJA and his middle name is Joseph...sound familiar? He goes by Joe back home. He is currently very stoked cause Boca is heading for the Copa Argentina.....and he says “hi”!
  • Do you want anymore gum?
I do like gum but the humidity kills it down here so you have to chew it fast. But I do like gum, preferably the fruit flavored gum cause its super good, thanks!

Well family, I best be heading out. We have a noche de hogar planned out for tonight in just a bit so I’ll just finish up quick. I just want you guys to know how much I love you and how I can feel your prayers all the time. My listening got sufficiently better this week. Thanks for your prayers on that. Keep praying I’ll keep working hard and find opportunities to lift people up. I’m having a blast! Keep on keeping on. I love you guys so much and miss you all so much and I hope you have a smashing week this week. I love you. It’s all good!

Con Amor,


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