Monday, June 18, 2012

Now Them's Some Good Brains!

Family guys!

How is it goin? ¿todo bien? I presume so. Glad to hear its been another smashing week and another fantastic Father’s day. I would have to say my favorite Father’s day memory was when Grandpa and Dad all got presents and Lorraine didn’t so we had to cook up some last minute presents.  Now, that’s a Father’s day. I hope it was all good and hammock-y and barbeque-y.

I had myself a good week. Normal but good. It was a bit of a slow week: Trying to find references and all; contacting and such. On Friday I did divisions with this kid in my district named Elder Shuman from Murray (he was in David Archie’s math class). He’s a good scout. It was like being comps with Brian. It was so much fun and we worked super hard that day because he has a burnt-out comp as well so we did a ton of contacts and references that day to just try to find some peeps to teach. We worked so hard and it felt great. We like, doubled our weekly numbers that day, t'was awesome!

While Shuman and I were waiting at a house for an investigator we have named “Hermana Ocina" (I say that cause I have no clue what her first name is because she mumbles like nobody’s business).  As we were waiting for her to come to the door we started watching these chickens with their baby chicks. Chickens are always very entertaining here. You don’t find them very often but when you do they are always huddled in a gang wandering the neighborhood streets. As we were watching them, a dog came out of nowhere and started attacking the baby chickens. He had one he was right about to finish off so I picked up a good-sized rock and nailed this dog in the hip with a good sounding thump. After belting out a Scooby Doo yelp, the dog released the chicken and ran away. The little chick shook itself off and ran back to his mom. Another chicken saved! Good stuff! Other than the chicken run, not much else happened that day.

We have been walking to Alta la Viña a lot lately. My comp never likes to take the bus up there even though its about a 4-5 mile walk.......ugggggh! We are hoping to have a lot of success up there; it still has a lot of potential.

We do exercises every morning for about 1/2 hour and I thought about something while doing exercises.....what about yoga? So I asked this one hermana in the branch that teaches dance if she’s got any stuff for yoga and, yes, she does. She’s supposed to hook me up with some yoga stuff today and I’m going to try it out. You just watch, I’ll come home and I’ll have learned to touch my eye with my toe, it’s so happening!

It was drunk week here this week (it's a year round thing) but we have had more drunkys than usual. We had Willie Nelson’s replica with a 0.10 alcohol level come up to us repeatedly this week wondering "where the hell are my horses?!?!" Not threatening or anything but he would say it very slurred. I hope somebody finds his horses—soon.

I had a really good Sunday yesterday. The spirit really just got to me there at sacrament meeting and I was just so at awe of how good it felt.  It really got me to thinking how grateful I am for the gospel in my life. It was a good boost to get me to work even harder this week, yay team! Other than that kiddies, that’s about all we had this week. I reckon its time for some questions...
  • Have you had anything wierd to eat lately?  Have you had to fight any polenta?
Funny you should ask that. We went to this member’s house this week for lunch and I saw they had Milanesa for us. Now, here’s the trick with Milanesa: Once it has the breading on it, you can’t tell what it is. As I started to eat it I noticed it tasted kind of funky, like the texture of roast beef but the flavor of a really bad rare steak. I didn’t think anything of it until my comp asked what kind of meat it was. The response: “liver”. My comp said he just couldn’t do it and turned it down. Now I’m not saying I like liver but I did have 2 plates of it. I don’t think I like liver but I don’t hate it either. Also, on Saturday the branch had a Father’s day party at the church at which we all ate this dish called locro. Its like tortilla soup but lighter on the spicy side.  For the meat in the soup (since it was a special occasion because I don’t think its normally like this) they had organs. I saw the hermanas preparing it and I saw the big bowl of organs to put in the soup and I believe I saw a brain in there. Needless to say I had a good-sized bowl of it. I bet Campbell’s could make bank on this soup! Also, polenta is impossible to finish. I really believe it is the most filling food on earth. And yes, I’m staying well. We had Chick-Fil-A style sandwiches for lunch today that were most tasty.
  • How long has your comp been in the area?
He has been here for a transfer. He was with this elder for 3 weeks from Columbia that, from what I heard, sounded like he was the tiny spitting image of Liberace (I can only presume that he must have been adorable) and then he was 3 weeks with a mini missionary from the other ward.
  • Do you think anything will happen next week at transfers?
I’m not stressing about it all that much. I presume we will have another transfer together. He dies in September so it’s a good possibility I might kill him but, then again, we have had some random transfers in the past so yes, if you don’t hear from me next Monday you’ll know that’s what’s up.
  • How’s your bed in this pench?
Sucks, sorry to say but it does. If there is one thing I hate about here, it is the beds; the beds are horrible here. I have to do stretches everyday or else my back will hurt. I’m hoping some light yoga will help that. But fret not, I'm cool with it.

Oh, family family. T'is that time I’m afraid. I best be heading out. So I'll leave with a big digital hug and some pictures from the Father’s day activity we had at the church. I love you guys so much and I’m so thankful for you guys. I can always feel your prayers and your love. Thank you so very much. Have a fantasmic week. And remember, I love you all and, as always, it’s all good!

Con Amor


P.S. A most happy birthday this week Dad. Sounds more than groovy. Thanks for always being so awesome. Have a most excellent birthday filled with Wheeler Dealers, tiki torches, tequila shots, and all the good stuffs. I love you!
These brains are so tasty!

Russ having a moment

Feliz Dia Papa!

Russ and his lucky palm tree.
The laying on of hands.

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