Monday, June 25, 2012

Transfers, Contras, and DJs

Ahoy! How goes the good fight? Spencer Eaves got married!?!?! I was supposed to be his flower girl! C´mon!!!   I’m sorry to hear about the flooding. Lucky for you there was probably a year’s supply of food left by your kids inside the carpet—there’s always a silver lining, right? Wow, sounds like it’s a busy week this week. Don´t worry, just take a deep breath, look at everything and say "whatever dude" and just go for it. Everything seems to work in that manner. It’s gonna be an awesome, successful week for you guys (Mom) I know it!
I’m hoping it'll be a good week for me as well and by the way as I’m writing you now you can probably tell the news of transfers, I’m safe! I’m here with Adams and still kickin'. Muñoz left and Langston is getting a kid. Should be party! I’m hoping to work insanely hard this transfer. The last transfer has been hard for me because I don’t think enough got done but this transfer I’m going to keep the motto "things are gonna start happening to me now!" I just felt so bad about last transfer that I want to kick into full gear this next transfer. So if you have any good tips on how to motivate people into working hard, please, do tell.
We have had a lot of success this past week by trying a crazy, upfront but successful approach.  We just go to the door and literally say, "Hello, were talking about God with the people here. Can we come in?" We get in every time! It’s really cool. So we’re banking for a lot of success with this, we hope.
I went to Centro today to drop off Muñoz and I withdrew some money and I saw Zulauf!  Other than that, nothing much has been happening. The yoga is pretty fun so far. My back is starting to feel a little bit better each time. Still haven’t gotten to the point where I can sit on my head but we´ll save that for much later.
There was a wedding last Saturday and the DJ (who’s in the branch.....we have like 13 DJ´s in our branch) just kinda ditched out so I got to take the DJ reigns and try it out. T´was fun stuff! I got to try and listen to see if any of the Spanish songs had swear words in them. They probably all did, I would reckon but it was eventful and fun none the less.
We have this drunken, old Nicaraguan Contra vet who always wants to talk to us incoherently but very animatedly. Yesterday he stopped us and wanted to talk but we said we had a cita (appointment) up the street and couldn’t talk right now. He said he was going up the street too and said he would accompany us. Thing was, we had no cita up the street and, what’s more, had no idea what to do. He was about 5 feet behind us talking to himself.  We finally lost him by finding some old investigator’s house and darting into it to get away from drunky and it worked!  We also had a lesson with the old investigators—2 birds with one stone right there!
Well fams, that’s about it for this week. Now for quezzzztions!
  • Who was the Elder you were having “the moment” with in last week’s picture?
That would be good old Elder Langston at the father’s day party. He is about the coolest kid on the planet earth. He has a little over a year in. He’s a good scout. Don’t worry, we have these moments all the time.
  • How are you getting on with the language?
Better. I’m like at the 95% I can understand anything and 80% I can say anything. I’m gonna be stepping up my language practice a lot this transfer. Perhaps I'll get so good that when I get home I’ll restore a camaro with an Argentine girl and then practice skiing with her for the K12 to beat Stalin! I know I can!  (You'll have to watch Better Off Dead).
  • Are you reading your scriptures in Spanish?
Yes, I am. Not as often as I should but yes. Is this a good way to learn more because I heard it is. If you have any advice on that, please, do tell.
  • Is the ward mission plan getting in gear?
More or less. Our ward mission leader is a 23 year-old that acts like he is in an eternal state of waking up from a bad nap. Hopefully he´s gonna get trained soon from president but we’ll have to see because I want to get this plan rolling!
  • Have you had to wear your winter coat yet?
Yeah, I broke it out once cause we had a really cold week but now we are on a chill, good, normal temperature that I’m loving. Every other Argentine is busting out the llama socks and balaclavas but I’m feeling fine for the moment.
  • How are the referrals and contacts going?
Good, good.  The references are coming in slow but it’s been good so far with door contacts by the way we´ve been doing it.
  • What’s church like at your branch?
We have priesthood first where we usually have to teach the class. Nobody’s there for that but when Sunday school comes around it seems every single person in Chijra is there and they have it in the smallest room possible. Like, I think it would be more productive to hold the class in the janitor’s closet. After that we have a relatively normal sacrament meeting with offbeat monotone hymns and all that jazz. I really love Sundays here. It’s so crazy sometimes it’s just funny.
Well family guys, you have yourself a terrific girl’s camp/dog sitting/flood repairing week. Just let the boat do all the work. You can do it! Its gonna be sick! I’m gonna plan to have a good, great, successful week as well (liver free!). Thanks for always writing me guys! You are f'reals the best. Have a smashing week! I love you so much. It’s all good!
Con amor,
P.S.S. Happy birthday tomorrow Mom! Sorry about the hectic week this week but you can do it! You’re so right. Like my personal friend Tom Monson once said: "Prayer is the passport to peace". I’ll be praying for you this week to have great girl’s camp experience and to guess the right answer to the mystery meat they’ll be serving (some kind of beef). Thanks for always praying for me. I can feel it all the time. Thanks so much for everything you do Mom. I love and miss you so much and I hope you have a most smashing birthday, it will be!
Your most favorite son,

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