Monday, July 9, 2012

Do The Parrots Have Large Talons?


This is going to be about the fastest-typed letter ever. We have been trying to find an open cyber all day cause its the 9th (Argentina's Independence Day) and it has been a hunt for sure. So sorry if this is a quick letter. But, oh well. 
Hello! Glad to hear from you guys and that this week has been a smash! Ours was too. It was the ninth today and we played some soccer in the morning and mostly chilled at the pench. This week was, without exception, insanely cold! It was just so cold! No joke. A fog set in all over the city one day and it was inhumanly cold! Did I mention how cold it was? We have flocks of parrots that fly over the city and they got lost in the fog so all you could hear was parrot squawking. It was horrible. It sounded like thousands of Gilbert Gottfrieds--what a mess.

We were walking down the street and this one guy summoned us to come over. He had been drinking but he asked about us and we told him why we are here. He said that was cool. He then proceeded to tell us he is a neo-Nazi....awkward. I heard he had a band playing in his house and I told him I play guitar and we talked about music a little. His favorite band is Guns 'N Roses (if he was a real skinhead he would have listened to Oi). I gritted my teeth and said “cool”. But he is cool with us being here and is not a threat to us. But yeah, Nazis, am I right? We went to a birthday party at the familia Millian's and the same lady that made us liver milanesa was there and she made bizcochuelo which is a cake they have here. Once I had some I knew I was in trouble. I kept denying I was sick all night until I finally had to make a dash to the bathroom and I chucked it up. Nice huh? I thought you would just like to hear a good barf story. I wasn't sick after that, though. It was just a fun little food poisoning trip. Well, that was pretty much it for the week yous guys. Now onto q´s.

How do you want us to forward email from other people?
  • Dear Elder would be the best for that I would think.
Are you keeping warm?
  • Yes, with 2 heaters in the room and my dashing sweater vest, I have been able to survive.
Are you getting a say in planning?
  • Yes ma'am! we made some planning goals as of recent so that's helped a lot
Did you have your Fourth of July BBQ?
  • Yes, it was sketchy and, hopefully, there wasn't any carbon monoxide in the pench but we did and it was very tasty. We had steaks, and this stuff called Chorip├ín which is like this sausage sandwich stuff that's most tasty and that's about all we did.
Well famz, I gotta peace out but I just want to tell you guys I love you a lot and I'm so very grateful for you guys. 8 months...crazy, right? It's still a blast. I hope you guys have a great week this week and that all is good. Thank you so much for your prayers and advice, I'm always so grateful. Until next week (with a better letter) I love you guys, its all good.

Con amor,


p.s. could you get me Jeff's MTC info and make sure to tell him to get the peach Fuze in the vending machines and the m&m ice cream cookie sandwich....sooooo gooooood.

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