Monday, July 30, 2012

She's A Brick--House

Dear Family Matters,

Goodness sakes, it’s so good to hear from you guys. I love hearing about all the activity going on and to hear we have had yet another smashtasmic week and that the Mollster has reached the ripe old age of 2. The happiest of belated birthdays to my favorite monkey.

Great week! Chuck full of good stuffs. We did see a little bit of the 'lympics as well. On Saturday we went to a menos activos (less active) family’s house to help finish Did you see all the brick houses in the picture I sent you guys? Pretty much all the houses here look like that, including theirs. We went to the house and made the cement and layed some bricks. We had breakfast first and we watched the Olympics and saw some of the men’s tennis, women’s rowing, and women’s kung-fu fighting—all of which featured Argies in them. It was so cool to watch and, yes, it’s the only time in your life when you can say, "Wow, men’s single somersaulting looks like a cool sport". As we were about to drink the tea (that was given to us for breakfast) we asked: "So, what type of tea is this?" They showed us the box. It was legit tea. We said "Ah, dang it but we can’t drink this kind of tea". They said, "Oh that’s fine elders. We forgot missionaries can’t drink tea"........Uhhhh? We tried nicely explaining that yes, as members we can’t drink tea. I still don’t think they wanted to face facts so they awkwardly shrugged it off in that really embarrassed “What-do-I-do-now”? Kind of way. Like when Ashlee Simpson lip synched on Saturday Night Live but, alas, without dancing. We did, however get the house all bricked and had a very good day!

We were walking on this one street yesterday night when I felt we should go see this guy named Bruno. Now Bruno we talked with once last transfer but haven’t seen, heard, or thought of him since.  We could never get hold of him...ever but, none-the-less, I really felt like we should try and see him. Turns out he was home!  We had a super good lesson with him and I feel really optimistic about things with him. Cool dude.

We had a lot of success this week; we just worked really well. The kids in the branch just got back from EFY: Teachers, Priests, and “Junior Gleaners” alike all went.  We got a lot of references and a lot of help from them. It was a nice blessing this week.

We were at a lunch this week at a member’s house and they put in the 3 Stooges. We thought, "Not the 3 Stooges!!!" It was a movie which I guess is relatively new.  It had Will Sasso and a fake Jim Carrey in it. IDK if it’s ‘cause I haven’t seen a movie in awhile or what but I was dying watching it. It was so ridiculously slapstick and stupid that I was crying and almost on the floor.

Other than that fambilys, this week was a good, chill, most excellent week. Now for ¿questions?

Have you got your birthday package yet?
  • Nope, not yet. I wonder because it’s a box if it’ll take longer or something. As of yet, nothing but I'm always on the lookout!

Would you suggest anything you think Zack should take to Paraguay?
  • My comp has a camel back I’ve always envied because, alas, the big, giant man-purse from missionary mall just was too annoying and sluggish for me. I bought an ok backpack at Chango Mas the other week but I would suggest a camel back to carry your scriptures and pamphlets in. Also, I haven’t had a big use for water bottles these days. Even though they give you a nice water bottle at the MTC but, then again, IDK about the water situation in Paraguay. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else. I’m gonna send dear Zacharias a letter in a little while and I’m gonna send it to you guys.  I think it’ll get to you while he is in the MTC so if you could send it to him with tray of cinnamon rolls or something, that would be swell!

Did you exchange pleasantries with your President at zone conference?
  • Just the mandatory slap on the behind.
How are you sleeping these days?
  • Great! I found a better mattress hiding in the pench so it’s been most heavenly.
So, what's for for dinner?
  • Ramen, believe it or not. We found this supermarket in Centro that sells chicken ramen at 5 pesos a bag and Snickers as well. Other than that it’s usually cereal and yogurt in a bag—and that, oh so heavenly, Malta.
Well fambles. I best be peacin'. Idk why Coldplay is always on in the cyber (The Scientist is playing right now) when I’m signing out but I guess it always adds a good touch. I love you guys so very much. Just as a warning, its transfers next week. I don’t think we are going anywhere but, just in case, here is the warning in case you don’t hear from me Monday. I hope you all have a great week in New Mexicans. I’m so thankful for all your sacrifices and prayers. I know you guys are being so very blessed for that. I’m so thankful for you guys. Thanks for the letters, the pics, and everything. Until next week. I love you, its all good!

Con amor,


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