Monday, August 13, 2012

When Bad Things Happen To Good Shoes

Dear Family Matters,

Oh how goes it? Splendid? I hope so. I love hearing from you guys.  P-days are just so stinkin' amazing for this very reason. I'm glad it was a good week.

We had a good week this week too (except it was so insanely super hot for awhile) full of good times. It started off with a new name I have been called. Now here they have multiple names for the missionaries: Hermano, Señor, Élderes, Che (and the goodly amount of names the drunks call us that are so slurred that it really defeats the purpose—keep trying me hearties).  Anyway, we went into this “authentic Argentinean garb” store this week where the guy called us "Padre" and, goodness sakes, I thought it was about the coolest thing ever. I felt so highly distinguished and still do!

In investigator news we had a lesson the other day with one of our investigators named Jessica. Jessica is a 14 year-old goofball who’s crazy but loveable. We had the Ten Commandments lesson with her. When I teach the Ten Commandments I like to teach them using hand symbols. For example:  When it’s commandment number one, I hold up my hand with one finger pointing up because its one finger for commandment number one which is: We have one God. All the commandments have hand symbols—I learned it in the MTC. It was designed for little kids but I started using it for the adults because it actually helps them memorize the commandments.  We did this with Jessica while explaining commandment number 3 (and putting 3 fingers together over your mouth like you just said a bad word because commandment number 3 is not taking God’s name in vain).  About 5 seconds after teaching her this she broke it so we reminded her not to then 3 minutes later she broke it again. Repeatedly through the lesson, she kept trying to remember not to say it and every time she said it she put three fingers over her mouth—good girl.  She just has to work on this. It so true, though, that’s the human mentality: We are told not to do something but we do it anyway (but we always try to choose the right because we know its right). So true.

In sad news:  My dear, beloved Eccos have finally met their end. After trying to wait them out for so long and just getting blisters and tripping in front of a bunch of cool high school kids, I had to throw ‘em out and switch to my Brazilian mailman shoes. They are good and bulky but I do like them. Good shoes, those Eccos, RIP.

Yesterday there was a bit of luck. We stopped by the Millians to get something and what was on the TV?  The closing ceremony of the Olympics. And, “who was on this” you may ask? Why none other than Oasis, Captain Annie Lennox, Russell Brand, Kaiser Chiefs and yes, MUSE to my complete surprise! I was so excited to see them that I was jumping up and down. I was telling the Millians that they are one of my favorite bands.  So good to see them! Unbeknownst to me, the Millians were filming me jamming along in my chair as I watched Muse and all the other bands play. Nice! But yes, that was the week. So good and so chill.

I hope you guys have a great week this week and it is most successful. I’m really so thankful for you guys, I’m thankful for your sacrifices for letting me be here. I’m so very happy to be here doing the work. It’s hard, the language gets to ya’ sometimes but it’s good. It is. I love you guys so much, it’s all good!

Con Amor,

Christmas Shoes

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