Monday, August 27, 2012

I (Heart) Lentils!


How’s it going? Nice to hear all is good and that Argie snail mail is slower than ever (we just received a letter from Russ that he sent the second week in June).  I sent a letter to Zach through the Argie mail service this morning.  I found his home address on the web last week so I’m sending it to his house and then, hopefully, the Hulseys will send it to him. I’m trying out the system. They said it should get there in 10 days so we´ll see.

You’re missing all the fun here! It was the "Éxodo Jujeño" last week.  Everyone dressed up as gauchos and rode horses around town. I thought the dressing up and riding horses was for the big parade thing they were going to do in Centro...but no. They just dressed up and rode around town. The horses got good exercise though. I saw one man walking his horses at a slow pace while he rode his scooter so there’s that.
 I’m just officially lost on the weather here. It was blistering hot for about a week then just 2 days ago it dropped like 40 degrees and it’s just so cold. Really, one day I left the pench in a short sleeved shirt and the next day I was in my giant navy coat but I’m keeping warm.

Today was a good day so far.  We met up in Centro to have breakfast with one of Adams´s old pench mates from months back. His name is Elder Carlson and he is a cool kid. He´s from Orem, went to Mountain View and played baseball there.  He knows some of the kids I know. He’s  way nice. Afterwards we went souvenir shopping since Adams is going home soon. He said his suitcases have plenty of room and if I have anything to send home I can send it with him so I’m sending home my SD card and some Christmas presents for you guys. It’s not like super big stuff but it’s some(hopefully) cool stuff.

I went to withdraw some money from the ATM because I thought the souvenirs were going to be pricey and I think I withdrew too much money because the souvenirs turned out to be not all that expensive so I’m sorry about that. I’m still on the hunt for a couple of things but yeah, just saying.

Bruno is going well. We had a great lesson with him the other day. He is really making progress. So is this other girl named Florencia. She is doing really well too. She even went to church while she was out of town yesterday. Huzzah! So cool! We are really putting a big focus to try to find newbies this week. It’s kind of been a hard week and all. But I have hope for a better one this week.

Well famz, now it time for ?´s

  • Was that pimento loaf on your Milanesa sandwich?  What the heck?
Yes, I know, its gnarly looking but its just so good! They also sell a hot dog that has cheese, celery mayo, chimichurri, etc and its just soooooo good
  • Do the branch members help you with referrals?
Kinda... 2 really help with the work: President Millian and his consular Daniel Corque.

  • Are the Argentineans aware that a Mormon is running for president?  Do they care?
No, not at all really. Around here not a lot of people even know who Obama is .

  • Did we see a foosball table, a pool table, and flat screen TV at your arcade/stake center?
Yes, what you saw is the institute part of the stake center. They have all the hookups, I guess.

  • How old are the dear elder letters when you get them?
About 2 weeks old.

  • Are the members still feeding you?  And what are they feeding you?
Yes, yes they are and when it’s cold out, that only means one thing: Lentil soup.......I can’t begin to describe my loathing for this dish. It’s so JUST NOT GOOD!

  • Are you still walking everywhere?
Yup...10 miles or so a day.

  • Now that you’ve been there 8 months, what’s your favorite thing about Argentina?
The food, the people, the ridiculousness of things sometimes. The whole thing in general is just so much fun.

Well well, that’s about it. Sorry for the blandness of the letter.  It just hasn’t been that great of a week. A lot of citas falling through and not finding people.  I’m really just hoping for a better week this week so pray for the investigators and such and it’ll be all good.  Again, sorry about the bum letter fam.  In general, it’s all good. It’s just one of those weeks.

Well fams, until next week! I love you and it’s all good.

Con Amor,


P.S. Do tell Steve and Chris and Craig a thousand thanks for their contributions.

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