Monday, September 3, 2012

I Gotta Go, The Christmas Tree Is On Fire

Sup dogs?

Pretty good? So good to hear from everyone.  What a good letter day, I do love it. Love to hear life marches on and that it’s super hot in Utah as well.  It’s just so stinkin hot here but it was a good week none the less. It’s almost primavera, which is spring and it was so nice yesterday but now the weather has just decided to be really, really hot!

I kicked off my week by getting a haircut. It basically looks as if I went in to the barber and said, "Hmmmmm...I’ll have the Jeffrey Dahmer, please." Sorry but it’s just a bad haircut. I had to fix what I could with my scissors and now it’s starting to fill in.

It was a somewhat normal week but with a lot more progress. Ol´ Bruno is coming along quite nicely. We fasted that he might be able to come to church and feel the spirit and just what do you think happened Sunday, you ask? He showed up and felt super good! I’m stoked. He is such a good humble guy. The branch is really helping him feel like a friend. The people that help in the branch are 100% at it. Such good people. So keep praying for him and such if you would. That would be nice. We also have an investigator who is a friend of the Millians named Dolores. She is an ex-investigating Jehovah’s Witness and she is legit. She has a son who’s 17 and we talk music and such when we are together. We are hoping for some progress with her as well. There’s also this other former J.W. kid named "Angel" who is a friend of Andrea (a member) came to church yesterday and we are hoping to talk with him more. Good kid. We are also making progress with Florencia and Jessica (well, for the most part Jessica—she’s a goofy kid). Other than that, that’s about it. As always, we are trying to find more and more so the good fight goes on but it has been a good week.

Thanks for your prayers and fasts and such. I could really feel them and I know they helped a lot as well. What good guys you are. Well, other than that fam, the yogurt is still liquid and the 10 year olds are still buying cigs here but don’t worry! I get them to give me at least one for the road. Speaking of which, I got to hold a genuine Cuban cigar the other day at a store. Be jealous! Doesn’t make me want to smoke but it was cool to hold the holy grail of tobacco products. Now onto them questions:

  • What does a typical p-day consist of?
Wake up, go to Centro, buy Pringles and Tody cookies (which are legit) buy some other groceries at the store by the pench, go to pench and watch a church movie or sleep, soccer sometimes, write you folks, and end! Pretty normal stuff but hallowed be the name of P-day, that’s for sure.

  • Did you ever get your birthday package or is it still in Salta?
Today I met up with the ZL´s going to Salta and gave them the money to pick it up.  With all do luck, I’ll get it tomorrow (;

  • Some time would you post a photo of your pench and the washing machine?
Next week for sure!

  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in Argentina so far?
Oh dear, so many things. Soooo many good things.  I’ll tell you something that happened last week: On my way to church, within the space of 15 seconds (no joke ....15 seconds) a virgin parade passed right through us, we got yelled at by a drunk guy, a Fiat cut off everyone in a roundabout, and a drunk guy was peeing insanely in the corner..... That’s what I love about this place, just so many “what the heck?” moments but I love every single one of them, I really do, ha-ha. This place is alright!

  • Any advice you’d like to pass on to Zach?
Tell him to read the Book of Mormon and PMG in Spanish, have fun, and (in the words of Elder Jennings to his old comp Elder Redd whenever he got stressed out or anything) "don’t even fret dog" and that he’s awesome!

Well family I gotta go; the Christmas tree is on fire. Thanks for everything: Letters, prayers, etc. I love you guys. Whoa, 10 months this week (I think) that’s just too crazy. Keep on keeping on. Pray for me, Grizzly Adams, investigators, the area, and the drunks. Well, ok, maybe not the drunks. I think it’s sufficient that Adams and I go pass them singing "God Help the Outcasts". I love you and miss you so much, family. You are so great. Have a great week. I love you, its all good!

Con Amor,


p.s. Tell Carly I met someone named Carlito. Hopefully she remembers that reference from Jimmy Neutron.

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