Monday, September 17, 2012

La Loma!


How’s it going? Wow! What a cool week it, sounds like--Mary’s wedding (which, do tell her I send my wishes and a high five) and such! How cool! It’s so very great to hear from you guys.

Man, have I got to tell you about this week. It’s twistier than an M.Night Shama-lama-dingdong movie. First off:  We had zone meeting and, thinking I was gonna get the birthday package, I got two other packages instead. But it’s all good; they were filled to the brim with goodies. Who knows what’s the deal with the b-day stuff but its all good, nothing to fret about. Thank you so much for the packages. Its was so very nice! I also got a letter from Ethan and one from Holly. Its was so good to hear from them, too.

That backpack I bought from Chango Mas (the Argentine Wal-Mart) finally broke. It was literally hanging by threads so I'm back to the dang man purse again. As it was Adam’s final week, the members threw a party for him, complete with apple flavored soda (which does not taste like apple at all) and classic rock hits from the sixties and seventies. Elder Angell and I danced to them the whole time--it was good fun. President Millian brought this fake snow stuff which is essentially shaving cream but, if it gets in your eye, then your eye will be bloodshot for....ever. Well, pretty much. They sprayed that stuff around and it was super cool and fun for the members.
And yes, as you know I killed Adams. Yesterday we packed up everything and said goodbye to everyone. It was really pretty sad, actually. After we got back to the pench I got the call from Elder Shoeman (our D.L.). I was expecting him to say who my new comp was and yes, I found out who my new comp was....after they told me they are consolidating Chijra into one area and transferring me to La Loma in Salta (which is pretty much in the capital of Salta). Yeah, it was a shocker. The area we are in is always in flux:  Sometimes it’s Chijra 1 and 2 and sometimes its just one. Now its just one. It made me a little sad and frustrated but I know its all for a reason so I just said "whatever dude". I gave the other elders the info of the area and got to packing. The members of the branch called and visited me before I left then I got on the same bus as Adams and headed to Salta. It was sad. The Millians called me another part of their family; it was really hard to say goodbye to them (and Debbie, and Andrea, and Fernanda, and all my best friends).

I got to Salta this morning and waited in the terminal where I saw some of my old buddies like Elder Ackerman and Elder Lopez) and I met my new comp. His name is Elder Larsen, he’s from Logan, Utah and he is way cool. He has about 13 months in the mish and his just an all around good, chill, kid. He’s got a ton fire to do some work so that will be nice to have--I’m stoked to be with him. The pench here is really nice.  It’s a loft and I’ll have to send some pics next time. Salta is HHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But its almost spring so I guess it makes sense. Well family, yes, what a change it has been but I’m totally feeling chill about it. So far so good with everything. I’m stoked to work and just have a blast! It’s gonna be tight! Now for them questions

  • Did the president and missus approve of the condition of your Chijra pench?

Yes! They just said to clean out the giant iceberg that was in the freezer.

  • Are you staying well?

Yup, so far so good (:

  • Is peach pizza a main course or a dessert?


  • Did you give Adams an appropriate send off?

Yes:  A firm slap on the behind and a pat on the head as is standard with every farewell.

  • What have you been studying lately?

Book of Mormon! But in Spanish. It’s funny; you can pay attention better reading when you read the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Granted, they use a lot of funky old words but its still good. I’m in Alma 37 right now. Man, I’m telling you, these 30´s Alma chapters are gold!

Well family: New area, new province, new comp and its just awesome--fret not...I’m so happy (:. I’m so thankful for your prayers and sacrifices and letter and just everything. You are all more than amazing. I’m so thankful to have such a good family. Well I best get going now. The dripping beads of sweat are going to fry this keyboard if I’m not careful. Thank you so much guys. Lots of love! Its all good!

Con amor,

Russ and Elder Carlson

The Lords of Chijra

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  1. Is Elder Allphin still in La Loma? If so he may be companions with my son Timothy Inman:)
    Exciting, this is my sons first transfer in Argentina, He has been in Tucuman, Tucuman for the past couple months. :)Can wait to hear about their adventures and progress. :)
    Cassia Inman
    Murrieta Ca