Monday, October 22, 2012

Hollywood Argentina

Dear Bradys,

Well, Lady Gaga’s "Just Dance" has just started playing in the cyber so it´s indeed party time! How’s it going everyone? I’m sorry about the new carpet in the family room, that’s a bummer but I’m hoping the shaggy leopard-print carpet that will be put in its stead will fit in just nicely. It´s so nice to hear from everyone.

Speaking of ticking like ticks:  I was at this house the other day sitting down next to a hair care machine (I don’t know what exactly it was but was for hair) and I looked and about 5 to 8 ticks came crawling out...slowly in my direction. I kept leaning over farther and farther in my chair as they were crawling towards me at a slow (yet somehow fast) pace during the lesson. Luckily the lesson ended when I was like 2 seconds from falling out of the chair. It was fairly fun.

Guess what? Happy belated Argentine mother’s day, Mom! Yep, almost every country in the world has mother’s day in May except Argie-tina. They had a mother’s day celebration yesterday in church. It was nice. I could have joined in with the primary kids making handmade, hand shaped, bedazzled pot holders but alas, I had to the teach gospel principals class instead.  Next one for sure, right?

I told you we live in Hollywood, didn’t I? I have to take pictures with some of our investigators and recent converts. We have one recent convert named Oscar who looks the spitting image of Morgan Freeman, we have an investigator named Nestor and he looks like Jack Nicolson, and we have a new guy named Martin that looks (and acts) like Doc from Back to the Future. Good, good guys. It’s just their resemblance to those actors is creepily uncanny.

We have some good investigators as of late. We have a kid named Martin that we talked with about the plan of salvation. When we started taking about the resurrection he was kind of getting excited. He then told us he had a sister pass away a few years ago. He said he had a dream where he was in heaven and he saw her in a perfect state—with a body, a glow, etc. He asked us, “Is that true? Having a body when you get to heaven?”
We happily told him yes it is. He was very happy and excited about the message so we are hoping for the best with him.

Other than that it has just been HOT!!!!! I mean it just seems unseemly hot these days. We are keeping cool. though. We have a good fan and a lot of cold water but, dang it, it’s just so hot!!! Milk was a bad choice. Well that’s pretty much it this week.

  • How’s your bed it this new place?
Look at the picture. Just classy!!! And yes, it’s very nice. It´s really new.
  • Are the people more friendly in Salta?
Oh yeah. A lot more random holas from out of nowhere. It’s a much more friendly folk here.
  • Do you do a lot of contacting?
The siesta is dead time!!! We try to visit with menos activos at this time but really, everyone is awake at night so the golden hours are like 6 to 9. Crazy! We do come contacting at the doors but man, it´s really all about the references.
  • Do you have a big store there?
Carrefour! I think that’s how it’s spelled. It’s very nice. Very Wal-Mart-y.
  • Do you remember that we love you every minute of every day and have great faith in you and your abilities? (Yes, that is a mom question.  Just don’t want you to forget).
Yes :)

Thank you so much guys. I’m so thankful for you guys. It’s always so nice to hear from you. I miss you guys so much. But I hope all is good and dandy, as it always is. Have a great week and until next time. I love you, it’s all good!

Con Amor,


P.S. Its transfers next week (blast!) so just putting that always fun transfer warning.
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