Monday, October 29, 2012

Santiago (The Guy, Not The Place)

Oh Familyz:

Man oh man, what great, gladness it is to hear from you. Glad to hear we all had such a smashing week. Our week was pretty good. We had ourselves a baptism! Yes sir, his name is Santiago Cabello (James Hair, if you translate that to English).  It went great. He was very happy to be baptized. He seemed very content. The service went great. Larsen and I had to kill like five gigan-titantic puppy spiders in the baptismal font (I stood closely by peeking over the baptismal font ledge while this was happening). After that, we got things underway. The service went really well. We confirmed him yesterday and that also went very well. It was so nice to have a baptism again. Santiago is a great guy. He´s one of those Argentines that’s loves to talk with their hands, great stuff I tell you. 

We went to San Lorenzo yesterday which is just about the most gorgeous place ever. We had sacrament meeting there and it went fairly well. We got some assistance from some of the members out there and it was just awesome. It rained a little and we heard some rolling thunder in the distance so it was just as tranquil as last time—so good. 

Well, here comes the big news. We had transfers yesterday and we were thinking that nothing was gonna happen. So wrong. We got the call:  Larsen is going to Santiago del Estero (for the summer—pobrecito). We also got the call that I’m getting a new comp: Elder Inman from Murrieta, California...he has 6 months in the mish...which means....I’m now SeƱor comp....CRAP!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! He´s a way cool kid. We dropped off Larsen at terminal this morning (which while I was there I talked to one of my very best buds in the mish, Elder Lopez from Concepcion, Chile and he asked me if I knew an Elder Torgersen. I said, “Yes, of course, he´s in my ward.” Elder Lopez said that Josh was at his family’s house the other day and he sends his best.  How cool, right?  

I got the package you guys sent to me with the goodies, soup, and drink stuff in there (thank you a billion) and after that we picked up Elder Inman. He´s a really nice kid. He knows a good amount of Spanish which is great but now (and I hopefully imagine everyone felt like this when they became senior comp) I feel pretty scared. I get the responsibility for all the senior comp stuff now. I hardly slept last night. I know I can do it to the best of my ability but I’m feeling pretty inadequate and baffled at the moment. I still don’t know the area super well so if you can pray big time for me it would be so much appreciated. The new district leader is a good friend of mine named Elder Clawson (he was comps with Zulauf) so that makes it a little easier but yeah, deep breaths I guess. Please, any advice would be very much appreciated. It’s sometimes hard, ya know. I hate moments like this when it just kinda feels like life is whizzing by and you’re stuck somewhere doing something hard. I know I can do it if I just pray, be humble, be good, be Hinckley… It’s just kinda hard sometimes, ya know. Well, enough of that. It’ll be a great week. It’s all good. Just deep yoga breaths.

And ?´s

  • Are there more new converts or “lifers” in the ward there?

More or less. We have some recent converts that are still having a hard time getting to church but the ward is really working with them. The ward is really not that strong and it kinda takes some pushing on our part but it keeps moving along.

  • Are we to understand that you do not have air conditioning in this apartment?

Oh no, but we do have the next best thing: A fan! So we got that going for us.

  • Do they have a Halloween or Day of the dead celebration there?

I haven’t experienced it yet but I imagine they would. Everyone is very curious about U.S. Halloween, though; they are fascinated by the candy factor.

Sorry for kinda the downer letter. I’m just beginning a whole new chapter and I have to adjust to every new chapter. Just keep me, the area’s success, my comp, etc., in your prayers. I know you guys are always praying for me and I can really feel the effect of those prayers. You guys are more than amazing! Have a great week! I love you and it’s all good.

Con Amor,

Bautismo de Santiago

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