Monday, June 3, 2013

Whaddaya Mean It's Summer?


Hey guys! Sorry it’s a little late. In Yuto we all have to take turns writing on this newly arrived 1985 Apple Macintosh so it was a bit long of a wait to write to you all today. I’m glad the end of the year was a smashing success—full of Lagoon days and last minute homework procrastination (the best!).

I’m content. This week was an interesting one. It was a normal work week. Lots of our investigators have come home from their vacations (seriously like all of them left) so we are playing catch up. They are all doing alright:  The Belmonte’s, Isaac and Juan, Veronica, José, Manuel, etc . but they could sure always use all the prayers they could get.

Not much else to report on this week. I went to Ledesma for a baptismal interview for a kid who talked to me about Eminem for 45 minutes straight.  The majority of the interview was spent on the great accomplishments of Marshal Mathers rather than the gospel. However, the kid, though a bit fritzy, passed and was baptized. But man, oh man, was it a weird week spiritually. I was getting like, beaten up by Satan this week. I fasted and prayed super hard to have the feeling stop and to feel better and stronger. Yesterday I felt like I was a mess; I took the sacrament and I didn’t feel anything, I broke my fast, nuttin'. I was a mix of "AHHH Bob Saget!!! Why don’t I feel the spirit" and butterflies in my stomach for transfers. We got the transfer news yesterday and Elder Solomon is going to Tucumán, my comp is staying here, and I’m gonna be district leader. After that phone call my anxiety went away, my bad feelings went away (I hope for good) and I actually felt okay. I feel pretty good about being a district leader. Like, it’s not a: "Hey, get me, I’m a DL" kinda thing but it’s a "I think I can do this, maybe" kinda thing. I’m not freaking out yet so that’s good. I get to do my first district meeting tomorrow and that’ll be fun (though I kinda feel like it’s gonna be a repeat of Lane Myers from the classroom scene in Better Off Dead). Pres emailed me some stuff for the district that I gotta read but I’m sure it’ll be good. Just pray for me. I’m feeling good and confident now but I’m gonna be needin’ some prayers if that’s cool.

Well, other than a normal week and President's twisted humor to put me in as DL, It’s been good. I’m cool with my comp staying another transfer, it’ll all be for the best; whatever happens is for the best...though it may seem like "what the heck?" I guess it’ll be good. 

Well fams, sorry it’s a bit short this email but yes...queztonz?
  • Has your rope swing contusion healed?
It’s okay.It’s still there but I don’t feel any pain or side effects from it and it’s not worrying me. When I get back from my mish I want an insane Japanese massage because my body is absolutely destroyed.
  • How are the investigators?
Just keeping up with them, passing by and trying to help them. I’ll get back with some more details next week.
  • Does your pench stay warm when it’s supposed to?
Ehhhhh. Though it is an amazing pench (mission wise) we are kinda border lining on having a fancy Liberty Jail-style feel to things. It’s never quite warm neither is it cool when you need it to be. Luckily, we have A.C. in the two rooms and a heater.
  • What’s your favorite thing to teach these days?

LAW OF CHASTITY!!!!....Nah, it’s like a tie with teaching the Book of Mormon and helping investigators feel the spirit. My favorite part of teaching is when they can detect and feel the spirit. I believe it would be my favorite thing to teach because without the spirit we would just be sharing a nice message. The spirit is everything.
  • Is it a vacation for the kids down there?

No sir. Here it starts in December because the summer here is December, January, February. It still kinda weirds me out to know the kids are going to school right now but kids here think it’s crazy you’re on vacation in the middle of winter.  This whole equator thing is just a big conspiracy.

Well family, that’s about it for the week. Man, are things just zipping by around here. We best get going and getting stuff done. I love you guys so much and hope all is well. Pray for the investigators, the area, missionaries, and me if you get the chance. Well, I gotta go set the Christmas trees on fire. Have a great week.  

Con Amor,


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