Monday, May 27, 2013

This Kid's Got Guts

Fam Drescher!

Hey guys! so whats up and all? So your finally taking down the great porch. That’s OK, I guess. I was also kinda sketched by it myself but it will be nice and ready, and strong enough to withstand the weight of my beach chair and cooler full of cold drinks as I begin my summer tanning in 2014...get ready!

Man, oh man, has it been an interesting week. I've had a food experience week that even the great Andrew Zimmern would sink his teeth (not tooth) into. Yesterday we had an asado filled to the brim with kidneys, intestines, liver, and cow stomach and I tried 'em all. I wouldn't say I particularly enjoy eating any of them but I can eat them without making a sour face, spitting it into the hand of the closest adult next to me and saying "MEHHHH!!!" with my tongue out. I actually really enjoyed the intestines, they are super chewy but have a really good flavor; t´was much enjoyed.

Today I am making cinnamon rolls and they are all rolled out and are rising as we speak, waiting to be cooked. They are really looking good. It's very interesting cooking in Argentina because there are no standard-unit measuring cups or anything...there aren't even metric system cups here so you just have to eye everything and substitute. Like, here in argieland there is no Crisco so we use cow fat instead (and so on and so forth) but its good fun.

It was a normal, smooth week. We had a baptism. We found this family in the old investigators section of the area book and we have been teaching them for awhile. We are really close with this one girl named Veronica (Kramer's girlfriend) but we have also been teaching her little sister Fernanda and got her baptized this weekend. We really hope that with the baptism of Fernanda it will really help Veronica to be baptized because she's still kinda iffy on stuff. A good strong spirit was felt at the service and we hope that was a good step forward for her. 

Well, I'm-a hit up the questions as my letter has much to do with those questions.
  • How are your investigators coming along?
The Belmontes are good. They actually called us last Monday and said, "Do you guys have lunch tomorrow?" We said “No” and they said, "Can we make you guys lunch?" They did and it was so cool. They are really getting into the branch and the activities we have. Javier went to Tucumàn this past week (with his little brother José who we are also teaching) so we are expecting him to come back the end of this week. Isaac and Juan are doing well. Their mom is coming back from Buenos Aries this week so we are gonna talk with her about she and her boys getting baptized—they want to but she is just kinda iffy. But its totally cool, man.
  • Any sisters in your district?
We have the 2 hermanas in San Pedro (with their 2 mini missionaries) and the 2 hermanas in Belgrano. One of the hermanas in Belgrano is a new missionary named Hermana Jeffries and she lives in Highland and knows some of my A.F. friends but, most importantly, is that her family were neighbors to the Ostlers and were in their ward and she knows all the gang (including Dón Don). So that was a cool, right?
  • Do you do any door clapping in Yuto or do you get a lot of referrals.
Not so much clapping because it's such a very tiny town. But yeah, lots of sweet hooks ups and such. I think I said before that everyone knows everyone so you ask one person for a reference and you get the whole town.
  • What do you do for FHE?
A few games and movies sometimes. That includes the flour game where you put a cup of molded flour on a plate with a candy on the top of the mold and you have to cut it without making it fall. If it does fall you have to get the candy out using your teeth only and you get flour all over your face and stuff. It's crazy man (I can't remember if I told you guys about that game) and you can make it doctrinal by saying, "This molded flour represents our faith. Every time we "cut" our faith by not reading our scriptures or praying (or etc etc) we cut down our faith. That would be my advice to all future missionaries is to learn how to do fun family night evening activities like that.
  • Any area you would like to serve in before you go?
  • How's church going these days?
The usual: Dogs chasing through the chapel so that you have to round them up and kick them out to have church, racing off and breaking in to members houses (with their permission) to get bread for the sacrament, people coming out of the crowd to give their talks then sitting back down in the crowd afterward, Cumbia music blasting from the next door neighbors house during class time. But for reals, I really cannot imagine church any other way, it's literally the best!

Well, cool, cool kiddies. I best be heading out. As you know, this is the last week of the transfer. Who knows what will happen but pray that it´ll be all good. It will, for sures. I best get to seeing about those cinnamon rolls now. Have a great week. Thanks for everything! Be Hinkley and all. I love you, its all good.

Con Amor,

Yes, it got cold!

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