Monday, May 20, 2013

Man Cold!


Hey there! Goodniss skates, how goes it all? By the way, before I forget, that picture of the chicken you sent me is how ALL of the chickens here look. Good to hear it’s all good and such.

It has been quite a week. It was a bit of a rough week health wise. I have just barely recovered from a deadly man cold! It was fun: A whole week of snoring, boogies, Selma and Patty-like coughing, Sudafed, and all. I was feeling horrible but we got out and worked. I went to Ledesma to do an interview and feel asleep in the cab and I think I snored during the ride and the cabs here are full of peeps. When I was doing the interview I like couldn’t hear because my head was so full of guck. I just kinda had a Rocky Balboa after-a-fight face on for a week but I'm all good now, it’s out of the system. I think it happened because Yuto just absolutely dropped into cold, cold (well to me it was cold which is saying something) temperatures. The folks here start putting on jackets when its 40 Celsius (104 F.) outside. I can’t imagine what most are doing now with this temperature change. They’re probably all dead.

We did have another lesson with the - - - - - family. We started teaching just the 3 of them and, while we were teaching, 8 of their family members came in and we were teaching the WHOLE family! They were really getting into it and we all felt the spirit big time at the end. The aunt of Javier (the - - - - - dad we are teaching) asked if we could give her daughter a blessing because she’s been seeing things and hearing things and kinda dark stuff like that so we did and she said she felt great, more relaxed. I hope it’s all good for her.

The  - - - - -s are going great. The whole branch is kinda hesitant to assist because the - - - - -s  are like the Kennedys of Yuto—every one knows them and they have money because of the lumber industry here.  Also, like the Kennedys, some have and some don’t have a great reputation but the branch is working on being good sports and being friendly and making them feel comfortable. They are a family who has so much potential.

We did divvies this week and I went to Ledesma with Elder Solomon, it was a good swap. Elder Solomon is a cool kid who I really get along with and we really worked well together. We were getting lunch together at a restaurant when on the TV there I thought I saw something familiar. Why, it was none other than jolly ol' Mike and Edd on Wheeler Dealers ¡en Español! it was a good episode, the one where Edd rigs up one of those Dupuy de Lôme-style dirigibles for Mike so he can sail over England snickering at the folks below with his cane, top hat, and mustache that he twists as he laughs diabolically. What a shame, that show has really gone down hill with stuff like that happening. Just thought you should know that Dad.

We had interviews with Pres this week. He is a really good guy, that Pres Levrino. He said to keep on keepin' on and be ever so patient. I like that. He also showed us a video of "Missionary Work and The Atonement". You can find it on YouTube. This clip really opened my eyes in a sense that, yes, the mission is hard; things don’t go right sometimes, that missionary work isn’t easy because, really, salvation is not an easy thing either. With this knowledge, I can be just a bit more patient; I can help my comp the best I can. If I do my best and help him to do his best, that’s all I can do. I highly recommend this video, it’s gold!

I also got my package at interviews. It’s was the one with the fancy creams and lotions (or face wash) and Reese's and stuff. Thank you, thank you! I have one request, though: Deodorant! Maybe some of that Old Spice coconutty whatnot. That would be nice.

Well that’s about it 4 this week. Quez-tons?

Other than Stewart, are there many dogs in Yuto?
  • Alas...yes. Although there are like a ton of pigs here too—just running around in the farm-y part of town. There are also horses that sneak into our backyard at midnight to eat the trees out back. You know: "secret eating"!

Do you know everyone Yuto now?
  • Just about. It’s just such a tiny town.

How are you doing with the cold weather?
  • SUPER! I love it but, at the same time, it’s messing with me. I actually feel cold outside and I'm walking with my jacket on and in my mind I’m thinking "Wow, it’s cold”. Then that makes me think “It’s almost Christmas!” F´reals, it messes with your mind.

How are things with the investigators?
  • So far, so good. We are working with that Veronica girl to be baptized this Saturday. She’s meeting some opposition from an aunt of hers who came out of nowhere and said "Don’t be baptized" but that’s not really worrying us too bad,  she’ll get through that. We are also still working with Juan and Jose. They were all sick this week too so we didn’t get to talk with them much but they are all walking well.

Are you making cookies for the folks in Yuto?
  • YES! I made some for the Familia Ponce last week and the next batch will be for the Belmontes.  As we were talking about American food the other day I told about making cookies and I said that you can make chocolate chip cookies here but you need to cut up the chocolate into pieces. Annabel said that there is a place in Ledesma that sells chocolate chips in a bag and she said she’d buy them and she did! I have them in the pench and I’ll have to be making them soon. Here, and for all of my mission the people are always asking the missionaries for banana bread, lemon pie, brownies, pancakes, and chocolate chip cookies. Running a bakery can be very demanding.

Did you have a good interview with the president?
  • Yes, the interviews went well. Like I said. Pres gave a lot of good advice said to keep hanging in there. I’m down with that. With the good mercy of the Lord I can surely do that.
Well Scramblys I best get movin', it’s about that time but do know that I’m so very grateful for all of you, thanks for everything. Keep on doing good and keep on prayin’ for us down here in Yuto. Have a fantastic 80th birthday, Grandma Molly, I love you!!  Have a great week everyone. I love you! It’s all good.

Con Amor,


P.S. Granted, I’m obviously on the other side of the equator but, none-the-less, is there anything I could do for you guys?

I gave this guy a piggy-back ride and got a free hat!

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