Monday, May 13, 2013

Monkey Business

Deary me family!

What is up! I must say that the call yesterday was nothin' but a hoot! I was so happy I got to talk with you guys and that everything is going well and everyone sounds good—and that Molly can talk!! That still just weirds me out. It’s a bit sad that is my last mish phone call but it was all good. I gave my best wishes or "saludos" from you guys to the family that let me use their phone. Good stuffs, I tell ya'!

Thanks for the advice for the comp. I have been doing that a lot lately: Praying that he´ll get better, gentle reminders and such (about having a purpose when going to members houses and that). There are still some things but the majority of stuff is settling down. I’ll do my best to talk with him and all. It’s true, there are second chances. I’ll pray for him and you guys pray for us. It’ll be a good system. I’m pretty sure it is.
Man, oh man, it has been a fantastic week! Like I said, we found like 4,000 (rough guesstimate) people last week and it was so cool. It started off with just one lesson: With a brother of a recent convert (Juan) and his friends. From them we got the other brother to listen (Isaac) and one of his friends as well. And through his friend (whose name is Jose Manuel and reminds me of Zach Hulsey) we found his brother (Javier) and his soon-to-be wife (Annabella) and his mom (Paula). They are all like, totally open and cool with us and want to go to church and all the activities and José and Javier want to get baptized. I told you when we talked to the mom she was like, "It’s not a coincidence that we met".  It was just the coolest blessing ever! I’ve been straight up giddy for about 3 days. You can’t stop da funk! We hope to continue working with them. What a blessing!!!

I told you that we always get the road blocked by protestors (striking sugar cane workers) on our way to district meeting. It happened this week as well except worse. It often happens on the bridge about a mile before Ledesma and then we walk the rest of the way but this time we were stranded in the freeway with a big line of cars and trucks and we had to wait forever to find a cab in the long line of cars. We finally found one and got to Ledesma but by the time we got there district meeting ended but it was ok. It’s common thing for with the missionaries in the surrounding area here. While I was there in Ledesma I got to do a couple of baptismal interviews and it’s was so very cool. I love doing those interviews because you can really see that these people want to be baptized and want to follow Christ. It’s so great to see that. But really, other than calls home, blocked roads, golden families and such, it’s been a relatively chill week and I’m hoping for another good one this week.  If there is nothin’ else, any preguntas?
Are you thinking about what you’d like in your birthday package?
  • A CTR ring would be great and just candy. I’m good for ties and such. I’m just missing like, candy and peanut butter.
You say you have monkeys in the area.  Have you seen any?
  • I haven’t seen them nor heard them but Oscar, one of our investigadores says he saw monkeys like the ones in the movie Río by the river that is close to Yuto. Also here we have "El Ucumar" which is supposed to be a Bigfoot-like creature that lives around here and causes all sorts of ruckus. Have I seen any monkeys yet? Alas, no :(....   but there is still hope!
Tell us about some of your investigators.
  • Those guys I told you about on the phone. Also, we have a lady named Veronica who has a little girl and she’s way cool and for sures is gonna get baptized. She’s kinda hard to hear during lessons, though. It’s (and I am not exaggerating) like talking to Kramer’s girlfriend (the one who makes Jerry Seinfeld wear the puffy shirt). I may myself have agreed to wear one but just don’t know it yet. Also, we have a guy named Luis who is in the process of getting married and is quitting coca and smoking. Then we always have Oscar who is an eternal investigador but lately he’s been really opening up with us. One of his sons is on a mish and the other one (Elias) is preparing to go on one—he’s got his papers in and everything. Oscar’s wife is super active but he’s just kinda got the John Lennon form of religion: "I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me".  He’s way good and we know that he knows everything is true but there is just a wall that needs knocking down. We are getting close though, I hope.
You told Carly you were going to eat a cow head?  With who?
  • With Oscar.  He is a 100% fishing/cooking/hiking/exploring/etc. guy and just knows about all of the best of Argentina. He says he knows how to bake a cow’s head. They are selling for 60 pesos so I think we are gonna go splitzys on it. I’m hoping for next Monday. We´ll see. I’ll be sure to give you a "heads" up but don’t lose your "head" over it, just use your "head" and you’ll "head" in the right direction beause the next great thing in life is just a"head" of us.  I’ll have you know no puns were intended in any of above.
Well familyz, I can’t thank you guys enough for all you do. Keep on praying for us, the investigators and all. Thank you for doing all you do. Have a most splendid week. As for me?  It is a cold, rainy day here in Yuto and I believe I will go make cookies while watching the President Monson: On the Lord’s Errand movie for perhaps the 143rd time.  I may have that movie memorized. I love you guys. It’s all good!

Con Amor,

Down by the river side

With the Yuto Branch

Right back at 'ya

No, this isn't Stewart

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