Monday, May 6, 2013

I Hate Stewart

Hey diddly! How goes it all? Choir concerty, FHE and such? I’m glad, I’m glad. I’m just sitting here in this cyber on this lukewarm day, swatting at bugs while the cyber’s phone is ringing off the hook with the “Fur Elise” ringtone that’s slowly decaying—like the birthday card in Wallace and Grommit's "The Wrong Trousers".

This week has been an interesting one: A busy week full of (for the majority) giving blessings and setting people apart. Lots of opportunities like that to really get the spirit more. They were really great. Well, with the exception of one. Idk if I told you but we have the branch president’s dog that always ALWAYS follows us and I can’t stand this dog (his name is Stewart) because he attracts all the other dogs to fight with him and constantly attacks cats and chickens.  Nobody in Yuto can stand this dog—well, except my comp and the branch president. So we went to this Hermana’s house to give her a blessing and she had chickens. I was giving the blessing and right during the very beginning of it there was a very loud commotion—buckets being kicked over, chickens squawking, dogs barking, the sound of a lady yelling angry cuss words while hitting something. I peeked to see what was up and Stewart had a chicken in his mouth and everyone was trying to get it away from him. There were feathers everywhere, it was a disaster. To make things worse, I was like, right in the middle of the blessing. There was no concentration from any of the participants. We wanted to like laugh ‘cause it was just too ridiculous then we wanted to kill Stewart. I quickly finished and took Stewart home. I will never be a dog person.

We helped the same family cut a branch they wanted down from their giant rubber tree. I saw a youth in the ward doing Tarzan swings from the vines and—I don’t know what I was thinking—but in my mind I it was like, "Oh, a rubber tree. They must be so strong.  I think I’ll swing from that branch." So I did a Tarzan move to try and reach said branch.  In pure hindsight what happened next was inevitable. The vine broke and I fell on my back and bottom. But it’s cool, it’s cool. Nothing is broken and I’m fine. I’m sure there is a talk in this somewhere but we´ll just have to see where it goes.

We planned a baptism for Evelina (that lady I told you about) but it didn’t go through this week. I’m not so sure about her mental capacity. She seemed kinda loopy before and so we put it off.  Just a few days ago she told me "Hi, I’m Evelina. It’s good to meet you"....yeah...It was altogether awkward but it was all good.

Man, I gotta tell you guys like this week has been something impressive. Like, I’ve just been doing the best I can this week: Trying to be a good example, saying that we gotta get better at some stuff and really, I can feel a difference. I really felt better this week just trying to do the best I can no matter what my comp wants to do. There are some goals and things that have worked just instantly but others that are going to take time and I guess that’s ok. There have been a couple of scriptures that have helped me big time. One is in D&C 88:78 that says: "Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you." I thought about that and it’s like, “Wow, I need God’s grace like, always and He can bless with His grace in so many ways. I think if I do that: "Teach with diligence" and just try my best to do that then it will really help me. Another scripture for confidence was in D&C 121:45. Where it says "Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly and then shall thy confidence wax strong before the presence of God." It’s very true. If I’m keeping my mind positive and focused and filled with the good stuff then my confidence will be strengthened and all will be well. I hope so.

It’s difficult with this kid because he has the most massive ego/pride that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just painful. He always wants to be the super stud and wants to be everyone’s friend but at a level where it’s: "Dude, we can be friends with the members, absolutely, but on a missionary level. We can’t just go and hang out and chill with them and watch TV with them, etc." He just wants to chill with the members, do his exercises for an hour and a half, or listen to electro music. Then when we teach he´ll go on about temples and sealings and such and this would be the first visit and people have no clue what the heck a temple even is. I know he’s kinda new so I can understand but he´s really not teachable. He already "knows it all" and refuses to be obedient or listen to what I say.  I’m for sure gonna talk to president in interviews about what can I do for this. But yeah, if there’s any advice please, do tell.

Know that I’m doing better and feel a lot more confidant and so so so so much better than I felt last week. I’m just kinda lost on what to do with this situation but yes, I'm guessing patience and enduring to the end are gonna be key here so it’s all good. That’s basically about it for the week and all. Quin-tins?
  • What time does your church start?
9 am every Sunday. It used to be in the afternoon here but it just got recently changed to the mornings.
  • What’s good to drink on these hot, hot days?
They have Coke, Sprite, and Fanta (orange, grapefruit, and apple only) in glass bottles that you can buy and drink there at the store then chill for a bit.  After you take the bottles back it’s only two pesos and they are so sugary tasty.
  • I can’t remember, can you drink mate now?
When Elder Viñas came he said we can drink mate cocido which is like, the mate in the little tea packets but, alas, we still can’t drink the good stuff—mate yerba which is the mate in the cup. We will keep praying that the ban will be lifted. One day!
  • Do you need us to send anything?  Do you need new shoes or shirts or anything?
Know that I’m totally set on shoes, shirts, pants, clothing, all that. I’m 100% OK but I’m in short supply of good Garnier shampoo and melatonin so maybe, like in a future package, I could get that. Super thank you!

Well familys, thats about it. Man, oh man, I love you guys so much. I love your hands-on willingness to help and pray and just do it all. I really loved the part in Elder Holland’s recent talk when he said, “Hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes.” I know that to be so very true.  Millions of thank yous. Oh man, the cyber is about to shut down and I didn’t get to read Carly’s email. So sorry. I will get to it next week. Gracias equal Carlita, un abrazo! But well, I guess we´ll talk this Sunday guys. I can’t wait. I love you all so much and it’s all good!

Con Amor,

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