Monday, September 23, 2013

Back To The River!


Goodness snakes, how goes it?! Man, your crappy weather sounds just like our crappy weather. It’s either Satan-burn-all-your-skin-off hot or uncomfortably cold and swaps from one to the other about every 3 minutes.

Yes, t'was a most eventful week—one that had some ups and others, downs. The good thing is that we had a baptism!!! Yes! We had the baptism of Gabi (Gabriela’s son). It went amazing! We had it in the same spot as his mom’s baptism. It went super well! My comp got to baptize him and almost all the rama (branch) attended. It was really nice. Gabi was (and still is) super stoked about what happened.

And yes, it was zone conference. It was a pain in the rear to try to get all my district (which, keep in mind, is only a total of 4 now) together as a guy robbed Ledesma of their phone last week.  Ledesma is like the "city" so that’s why they got robbed.  They didn’t get hurt or anything, the guy didn’t pull anything on them he just said, "Gimmie your phone" and so they did. They called me from a phone booth to tell me and ever since then it’s been a hassle communicating with them but, miraculously, we got everyone together and headed off to zone conference. WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!! To begin, I got my last package which had the root beer barrels.  This is the best  as they don't have root beer here so when you give them to people it’ll either be super tasty to them or really nasty and they`ll say it tastes like Bengay and gag—classic! Then we learned about how to teach more with commitments and such. I loved it!! To top it all off I got to give my final farewell to the zone (which, to me, didn’t feel like it was happening) it was a punch in the tummy moment of "Oh man, I’m going home :( but we just gotta live it up until the end. It’s all good.

On a good note, we are planning another baptism this upcoming week. A kid named Ishmael. He´s a spunky 13-year old and we are teaching him and his fam. I’m stoked about that. Also, Elías got released as the secretary of the branch and now its Vanessa’s dad who’d name is Mario. I love that guy. He is so funny. His attitude is a continuous one of when Will Farrell and John C. Reilly go do their interviews in Step Brothers and the secretary says, "Alright Brenan and Dale, you can come in for your interviews now" and Brenan says, "Actually, we will be doing the interviewing around here" and they are dressed up in Nike Kicks and tiny tuxes....Yeah, that would be Mario.  His theme is: "Actually, we will be doing the interviewing around here". Great guy.

I’m sitting here listening to the cyber lady’s music playing and it’s actually a pretty cool cover of Harry Nielsen’s "Without You" by what sounds like the boys from IL Divo. Not sure for sure but one thing is for sure, the women folk here are under the spell which we call “Il Divo”. All I have to say is what Dr. Brule would say in a situation like this: "Just a bunch-a hunks!” Well, that’s about it for the week. ?`s

  • Have you been learning how to cook any of your favorite Argentine dishes?
YES!!! I’ve learned how to make the Argie pizza and asado. Paola has an amazing recipe for Empanadas from Tucumán that I really need to try. Elias's parents have taught us how to make some stuff. I really need to know how I’m gonna make Milanesa.  My favorite dish here is a food called Nepolitana and it's most tasty. I realized I’m going to come home around Thanksgiving and that might be a good or bad thing. Continuing on the food theme: I don’t know what’s gonna happen with American food when I get home, especially in large quantities. I’m afraid I’m gonna pull a Violet from Willy Wonka, we´ll just have to see…

  • You going to stay in touch with Elias on his mission?  Tell him we'll be praying for him, his parents, and Vanessa. 
Oh, heck’s yes. I love that kid! And yes, I’ll be sure to tell 'em that. We are all in a state of "No! It can’t be! The day seemed so far away!" I recall feeling exactly like that. Boy oh boy. But he´s stoked, along with everyone else.

Well frimlys, have a most kickin' week. Pray for us that it’ll be the same here and that all will be good and we´ll go through with our goals and all. The entire branch sends their best and pray for you guys always. Now I best go back to the pench, kick off my shoes and meditate...hey..its p-day after all. I love you guys, its all good!

Con Amor,

Russ and some of his zone.

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