Monday, February 13, 2012

Feliz Día de San Valentín

Family family!

How’s it going? Glad to hear everyone is fantastic and doing so well and is all geared up for Valentine’s Day with all those tasty Hallmark-channel movies and such, what fun!
This week has been a crazy week! Nothing really happened Monday through Wednesday but on Thursday I had to go to Salta and do my papers (because I was an alien) so I luckily got to go with Elder Zulauf because he had to do his papers too. So we went to Salta and it took a billion years for the office elders to pick us up and we spent the night and their horrible pench then waited all morning so we could do our papers. I finally got my papers all done and went back to Jujuy on Friday.
It was a really hectic week and  with that Salta adventure but next week is shaping up to be pretty good. We are looking at a few baptisms this week and I’m very excited about that. Nothing really exiting happened this week except today I got just about the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life. An elder told us about a lady who cuts missionaries hair for free.  It turns out it was actually 30 pesos for a haircut that looks like the lady said, "I want this guy to look like he has permanent helmet hair". But it’s all good! Our whole pench got the same haircuts so we all look ridiculous, ha-ha, so I don’t really mind it. It sure makes me miss Traci cutting my hair. Well, if there’s nothing else more for me, it looks like its question time!
·         Did the baptism go through?
Alas, the baptism didn’t come to pass last week but we are, for sure, planning on this week. We are praying really hard for another baptism by the end of this transfer. That would be soooooo sweet!
·         Did I have any cool adventures this week?
Pretty much just the haircut and the Salta adventure are all that happened this week. I´m sorry that I’ve been lacking on the cool stories as of late. We saw a fight in the street the other day and it rained a ton here so the streets turned into rivers and we got to go in a member’s house and have some hot chocolate with chunky milk...yum! I got to get another really good Milanesa sandwich and, believe it or not, a Milanesa sandwich is nothing without a sunny side up egg on it.   Sounds nuts—mentally nuts—but its soooooooo good!
·         Who is in my district?
Elders Rasmussen, Shaw, West and the 4 Hermanas (sisters) from El Carmen.  It’s a pretty tranquil district. And speaking of Elder Rasmussen, he is in that MTC documentary KSL did a few months ago. He was getting his haircut in the documentary and had to have subtitles for him because they didn’t give him a mic (ha-ha).  He said his family teased him relentlessly after that.
·         Am I learning to find my way around?
Yeah,  I’m getting the area down pretty well. It sounds like they call the streets here manzanas, which means "apple"...I still have no clue why they’d call them that.
·         What do I like best about the place?
I love the really nice members here—they are so kind and patient, I love them.  The clouds here are amazing!  They are so big—it really is pretty incredible! Oh and you got to love soda here—es muy rico!
·         Are the stars different here or is it too cloudy to see?
It’s been cloudy these last couple of days but most nights you can see them, they are sure different from the ones in northern hemisphere but are pretty.
·         How does the whole clapping at the door thing work?
You just clap outside a door or by a window and the people answer. It’s the poor man’s doorbell, I guess though I don’t know why you couldn’t just knock on the door
·         What are some of the strangest things I’ve seen?
Man girls, crazy bus drivers, the mic at church that makes everyone sound like they’re Boris Karloff narrating the “Grinch”.   Drivers here, in general, are all pretty weird and crazy but I haven’t seen anything super crazy yet.  I will for sure tell you guys when I do.
Well family, it’s been soooo good to hear from you! I pray for you guys all the time and I know you guys do the same for me. Thanks so much for all your prayers and sacrifices to get me here. I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day. I love you all so much, it’s all good!
Con amor,
P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom! I Love You too...Te Amo!

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