Monday, February 20, 2012

Whoopee, It's Carnival!

Russ and Mo Jennings from P.G.


What up!? It´s so awesome to hear from you guys and it was sooo nice to chat with you for a second, Mom :)

The bolsa got lost last week and we got it back this week and I got to read all your letters. And then, just barely, we saw the ZL´s and they got me some more mail which included some letters from Grandma Molly and Grandma Ann so I look forward to reading those today.

It´s so good to hear you guys are happy and well, it always makes me feel so much better to hear that life is normal as usual back there. That’s so cool you guys saw Ethan! I hope you gave him one of those awkward kisses like the one Michael gives to Fredo in the Godfather II, that would have been sweet! It’s also cool you get to help the priests out this week with mission prep stuff.  In all honesty, I really, really, really wish I took more advantage of PMG month and seminary and stuff like that—f´reals.

Sorry I haven’t been sending written letters as of late, I’ll for sure start writing more letters when I get the chance. These last few p-days have been hectic but today will hopefully be pretty tranquil so I’ll try to get some letter writing in today. Also Mom, I talked to Elder West about sending packages home and he said that it should be less than 1 kilo and if it’s over than it costs 600 pesos so, when I get the chance, I’ll send some light-weight souvenirs home for everyone.

Well, on to the week.  This week was eventful. The baptism I thought was happening this week for us is actually going to be on the first Saturday in March (so cross your fingers for that) but this Saturday Elder Joey "Razz" Rasmussen and I went to El Carmen and baptized “the most interesting man in the world” (you know, from the Dos Eqquis commercials) like, he was that cool!  His name is Ramon and he is the ultimate grand old Argentinean man. He was a gaucho and climbed the Andes and has a million crazy stories. It was a really nice baptism and the spirit was very strong there (despite the fact that, during the whole baptismal service, a dog was running around in the church and tried to jump into the baptismal font.  It was like the plot to the next Homeward Bound movie—I can see it now!

Yes, it is Carnival this week. Every single store is closed and everyone goes around armed with fake snow and water balloons. It’s quite the sight (I’ll tell you more about it in the questions part of the letter). Other than that there’s really nothing new. "Someone Like You" by Adele is playing 24/7 on the streets and in houses along with and Dad’s favorite singer Lykke Li, Coldplay (thank heavens) and Justin Beiber (thank HEAVENS!).  But what is being played the majority of the time (no exaggeration on the 24/7) is music called "cumbia". Listen to cumbia on YouTube and, after about 5 seconds into any song, you will want to break the computer, guaranteed.

Interesting people abound.  There are the drunken guys (burrachos) who always want to talk and have us forgive them of their sins—which is a blasty blast. There are also these people called "The Snakes".  Snakes are ridiculous girls who are insanely flirty (and not at all attractive). I'm fairly certain that even a cadaver could find a girlfriend among the snakes. Also, we have the kids who love to say, in broken English, "hello" "how are you" then try to swear in English but never get it right—it’s oodles of fun. The Jehovah Witnesses are always out and about and actually stopped by our neighborhood this week to give us a pamphlet—nothing but awkward.

Oh, and by the way, our hair was so bad that our pench decided there was only one way to fix our hair so we joined the ranks of skinheads and Sinead O’Connors everywhere and buzzed our heads.  Yes, I know... I took pictures of my horrible, old haircut but our hair was just sooooo bad that there was no real way to fix it. But on the bright side, it feels so nice!
Yes, it is the end of transfers and yes, I am staying here with elder Rasmussen (YES!) but Elder Shaw had to go so it’s a little sad but nice to have a new man in the pench. The new elder is Peruvian so it’s nothing but Spanish in the pench from now on but that’s ok, I need the practice. My Spanish is almost up there with Peggy Hill’s now. Well that’s all for me this week, its question time!

  • Is Carnival going on right now?
Yes, Carnival is happening as we speak.  We passed by some parades and got sprayed by this fake snow stuff that smells like pee and 7-up (I'm pretty sure that’s what its made of) but Carnival hasn’t really affected us yet but it’s going to get in full swing today so who knows what’ll happen.

  • How did Zulauf and I get to Salta?
We took a nice air-conditioned double-deckered bus to and from Salta—it was sooo nice!

  • What is the apartment like?
The pench is super nice, big rooms, two bathrooms. I took pictures and movies of the place so when I send the sd card awhile from now you can see the pench, its awesome!

  • What is my schedule like on Sundays?
Sunday we take the bus to go to church at 9:30 then every other week we have ward council meeting.  After church we always eat at the familia Largos house and they are very nice. After that we go home, study and chill for a little while then, at about 5. we go out and teach. I love Sundays!

  • Do you walk a lot?
We do walk a lot...a LOT! But the Eccos are keeping up and doing just fine.

  • Are you keeping out of the lightening?
We stay away from the lighting for sure but yesterday there was an almost-tornado in our area. I was very excited to finally see a tornado but it tuned out to be just a normal storm. That Fujita-San got the best of me yet again, dang it!

  • How is the Spanish coming?
The language is getting better. I’m doing divisions this Saturday with a nice native kid in the ward but I’m nervous about it so if you could put that in your prayers it’ll be awesome but yes, the language is going good.

  • How is the whole getting up early thing going?
It surprisingly easy to wake up now, it’s like 7 a.m. is the new norm for me, it’s nice!  Because of siesta our hours in Argentina are from 7:00 to 11:00.

Well, well family, it was so nice reading your letters and answering you. I’m going to go back to the pench and write some more letters. I miss you guys a bunch but knowing that you are happy makes me so happy. Thanks for all your support and prayers, I can feel them everyday. I love you guys so much and I hope you also have a terrific week. I love you all so much. Have a great Carnival! it’s all good!

Con Amor,


P.S. A shout out to Bro. Sandburg and Mark and Edna for the letters! and the most happiest belated birthday to my best good bro-in-law-friend Brian Taylor!

P.S.S. the blog looks awesome!

P.S.S.S. I just barely got another email that says my package arrived in Salta...HUZZAH!

P.S.S.S.S. I love you guys so much!

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