Monday, February 27, 2012

Sounds of the Sabbath

Oh that Fam of mine!

Wuz up? Glad to hear everyone is superb! Sounds like it was an awesome week for you guys! I had a pretty good week muh-self! It seemed long (oh, and by the way, dad, as I’m writing this the Heineken beer commercial with the Punjabi swing music is currently being blasted in the cyber) but it was a good week.

Yes, we have a new Elder in our midst, Elder ****.  He is a very small, dainty man and he is pretty cool. He knows absolutely no English except for the phrase "Yeah baby!" that he loves to yell. He also loves to play “Sounds of the Sabbath” music (you know, the ones with the lyrics that always seem to have something to do with "the seed of Abraham").  As I’ve mentioned before, everyone south of the equator seems to have no perception volume control so when they play music, they really crank it up! If I get much more of this music at this volume, I will personally find Ryan Shupe and hit him in the eye with that dang Rubberband of his. Other than that, the kid is pretty chill.

We had divisions this week with both the zone leaders and the hombres jovenes (or young men) and it went somewhat smoothly. I got to lead out the lesson and it was surprising how much Spanish I knew! And not surprising how much I didn’t know. But it was good, good stuff.

Yes, I did see Mo Jennings in a mall in Centro and we met up and talked there.  He is a way chill kid. Yes, my hair is buzzed and, while I’m religiously putting on sunscreen, I’m still getting tanned—who’da thunk!  I’m also getting a bit skinnier lately as well and I think when I get home I could look like Pearl’s boyfriends from SpongeBob (the one who she said was “long, tall, and handsome” but, in fact, was a nerdy sardine). With the buzzed hair, glasses, and a short-sleeved white shirt I kind of feel like I should be working for Mission Control at NASA in the 60´s but that’s great! I hope.

The ward is doing good:  The elders are still the only ones singing in sacrament meeting, everyone thinks we are 25, and everyone thinks my last name is the most hilarious thing ever because the Spanish translation of "the end" is "el fin". Allphin also reminds our bishop of Alvin and the Chipmunks so every time he sees me will say, in a tiny voice, "Alvin!" Personally, I wish he would do it in Dave’s voice.

The drunken people are still drunk.  We have a park we call “drunken man” park where I saw a guy down a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol. I could only applaud and yell "PARTY!” as the paramedics got to work on him :(

People have really cool vineyards around here. They have vineyards that are over head. It’s kind of hard to explain but I’ll take a picture of one. Who knows? Maybe we've stumbled upon a whole new way to make our grape juice....and booze. But well, that was my week. I’m tired all the time but happy and if there is nothing else, I guess its question time!

  • Do we get the Ensign down here?
They have the Liahonna here (in Spanish and English) but an Ensign would be very nice from time to time (:

  • Do I get to teach much? Any cool experiences with teaching?

I put in my 2 cents with lessons and I get to lead them sometimes. We are teaching this lady named Laura and we taught her this great lesson where the spirit was incredibly strong and was just undeniable it was there.  We gave her commitments and everything but she is kind of a tough nut to crack cause she’s been investigating for almost 2 years now. But we have had some nice lessons so far. Our progressing investigators are super cool and they are really patient with me and my learning the language.

  • How are my clothes working out?

The clothes are working out *click* “real nice”!

  • What do we usually have for Sunday dinner?

Sunday lunches (and every other lunch) is about the same kind and quantity of food. We usually have a Milanesa with cheese or eggs or we could have empanadas (and pretty much just every tasty thing).

  • Do we eat the same things every day?

I do eat about the same things but my eating clock is screwed up. We eat a MASSIVE lunch then like little snacks throughout the day. So the days we stay home for lunch are grueling for my poor stomach. But it’s all good, I have lots of snacks and what not...especially these things called alfahores (dulce de leche cookies), they are soooo good.

  • How am I getting on with the dogs?

Me and the mutts are getting along fine. If I don't look at them weird, they won’t bark. But the cats! They are another story...

  • Where did I meet up with Mo Jennings?

Like I said in the letter, I ran into Mo at the mall. He is serving in Centro Jujuy so he’s not in my zone but we’ve talked with him a couple of times, he’s way cool.

  • Have we done any service projects?

We did one service project were we shaved tree branches to make a roof (I got to use a legit machete) but other than that, really nothing much. We moved some people’s furniture in their house but a lot of the people around here like to do things themselves so we have to work to find service projects here.

  • How do I like my new roommate?

Other than the Ryan Shupe poop music and the awkwardness of not knowing a ton of Spanish on my part, he’s a great, funny kid!

  • Is it still hot?

It’s supposed to be getting cold soon, from what I hear, but it’s still a little bit hot as of now.

Well, well family. I best wrap it up about now. I really love and miss you guys so much. I pray for you all the time and I’m so grateful you always pray for me and go to the temple for me. What an amazing family you are. Thank you for your letters and for everything you do. Until next week! I love you sooo much! It’s all good!

Con Amor,


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