Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Hey fams,

Sorry I have to cut it short today. We had a fun filled fantastic day; we met up with some elders (one of which was Elder Clawson, my DL) who got me my birthday package....from months ago. I don’t know what was up with the delay but I got it and I’m eternally grateful, thank you thank you.

We went to this place called "Quebradas" in San Lorenzo that is like a jungle walk. It was so cool and pretty. I’ll send photos. That has only, alas, left me so much time for cyber. I'll promise we´ll get more time next week. But” hellos hellos”.
Glad to hear from you all and to hear all is smashing . Our week was good; a little rainy (every day) but good. On the news of converts, Santiago (the guy we baptized) got the Melchizedek priesthood and is doing wonderfully. We are also coming along great with our other guys: The familia Ruiz, Eduardo, and this 12 year old girl named Martina who just came out of the woodworks and said she wanted to be baptized....we´ll alright! Sweet little girl. So we are working well with the investigadores. Camilia, our other investigador who lives in San Lorenzo said she wanted to get baptized on the 15th. We are hoping to see a lot of stuff happening—NOW! Or in the next few weeks.
We did have a Thanksgiving. It was during weekly planning. We had a pizza, coke, corn on the cob, and a cake of a marshmallow texture, it was tasty! I have a photo of it. It was most successful. I’m also sending a photo of an authentic argentine asado we had and ate a sandwich thing called "choripan" which is super, super good.

Elder ViƱas of the 70 is coming this week so everyone is gulping and straightening their backs. It should be good. Hopefully he won’t deliver too gnarly of a Cain dropping. We also got an email from the offices that says we might be doing Christmas phone call home on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day (cause p day falls on Christmas Eve so I guess it somewhat makes kinda not really sense) but I’ll hook you guys up with more deets in the next little while. Other than that, nuttin' much, same ol’ same ol’.....questions?
  • Are the members helping out with finding investigators?
The members are kinda shy on the work but we are working with them as much as we can to try to find people.
  • Is there anyone you would like us to pray for?
The Familia Ruiz (especially their son named Mauro) and Martina and Camilia. So that everyone can get baptized. They're such good folk. And just everyone one in general. That would be swell! Thanks.
  • How is your oven? Cooked anything good?
The oven part of the oven is acting up so we are gonna have someone look at it real soon. I WANNNA MAKE COOKIES!!!!
  • Did you do anything for a fake Thanksgiving?
Just that little dinner. We also watched some good ol’ fashioned church movies which was just a blasty blast
  • When you buy a Coke from a vendor are they cold or do they serve them at room temperature and think American’s are weird for drinking them cold?
Cold! The argies are crazy 'bout their fridges because they loooove their drinks cold—thank the heavens. They always have legit vendor fridges in the stores and even sometimes in their houses.

Well fams, I best be headin'. It is more than 1000 degrees in this cyber and we’ve got a family night. Have a great day, week, and all that and such. I hope you’re all good. I know I am. Thanks so much for your support, prayers, letters, and love. Until next week, peace-peace I love you, it’s all good.

Con Amor,
p.s. give Grandma Molly a hug from me for all her letters and such and for her support and love.

p.s.s. love you guys (:


Thanksgiving Feast


The Last Vision

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