Monday, December 3, 2012

Pear Show

Dear Frangly,

Yes. I am tearing out my hair and wailing uncontrollably in front of all the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) playing punks after the news of you all going to the Killers concert. AHHHHHH!!!!!! Man, what a teaser and what a week for you guys and all. Man, oh man! I'm really sorry to hear about Chalmers Bayless. Please give my regards to Wendy Sue—she´s in my prayers.

How was the 1st Presidency devotional? I wish I could have seen it. We were at a sacrament meeting in San Lorenzo during it--bummer. But it was all good; we had a great week. I forgot to say that last week they had the primary program. It was nice and made everyone all teary eyed and such, good show!

We had Elder Viñas come for mission conference and it was super cool. He´s such a good, good man. He said something that really impressed me: In a sense, he said that many times we see the “golden missionary” who seems like the perfect teacher, the perfect speaker—just all around perfect. Then we look at ourselves with our weaknesses and say that we aren’t much of anything (because, like Elder Uchtdorf said, it's much easier to see our weaknesses than our strengths). But Elder Viñas said that we each have our timetable of progress. If we are doing the right things, relying on the mercies of God then it´s all good. He is so very nice. Then, all the sudden, he whips out the recent convert sheets and lists of converts for each area and randomly calls on people talk about what their current status as a member is. Low and behold, he calls on the La Loma district to give a report so I had to stand up in front of the whole mission and give a report on our area. It didn’t want to make me pass out or anything and luckily, I was prepared (but it felt kinda like when the scene in Better Off Dead when Lane Meyer is called on to come to the front of the class to do a math problem). But it was all good. I saw many of my good mission buddies at the conference. Elders Ricks, Lepez, Muñoz, Garcia, Bleazard, Scipert, etc. it was nice.

We are making great progress with the Familia Ruiz, especially with Mauro. He is such a great kid. He really wants to get baptized but we are seeing some opposition from his mom. She says she doesn’t want him to get baptized but shes not being super stubborn about it so I know she will eventually let him be baptized. Pray for them—that the mom will have her heart softened, that she´ll let Mauro and the rest of her family get baptized.

I got a package today. It wasn’t a Christmas package but another one from November but with Christmas candy in it. Thank you so very much. We were on our way to Elder Clawson's pench to pick it up and in the taxi they were playing "That Thing You Do". It was a blast from the 1996 past and a good little gleeful moment. I had a mini freakout when I heard it. I now have all the Christmas packages except for number 5 but I'll keep a steady eye out for it.

Well it´s the last week of the transfer and wow, it went by fast. Elder Rasmussen, my dear papi, is going to die this week along with a ton of my best good friend missionaries. I'm probably not going anywhere (pray I don’t go anywhere this transfer) but just in case, this is the transfer warning none-the-less. Well, that’s just about that, queztions?

What are you using to get up in the morning? Is it easy?
  • The alarm on the phone. How I absolutely hate (with a passion) alarm clocks but they get me up. I'll say its getting easier and, really it is but I highly doubt that the human body should be getting up so early everyday. Sorry, its my natural man but I'm a good boy and get up on time every day.

Are you getting to know the people in your neighborhood?
  • Oh yeah, the bread store lady always knows what we are going to get and we are currently teaching a guy that works at the cyber I'm at right now. Heck, its a regular Mayberry...minus Andy, thank heavens.

If you needed to buy new shoes could you find them easy enough?
  • Oh yeah, we live right outside Centro and I could go to the mall nearby and get some new kicks if i wanted.

Any favorite slang?
  • Oh heavens, there are so many:

Fwahhh! = Wow!

De Diez = Cool

Porquería = Bunch of garbage

Me allegro = I´m happy

Dalie = Hurry!

Pear-show! = The word for dog in Spanish is "perro" but the people use the Catellano "juh" here for double L´s or double R´s (and many other consonants) so when they say "perro!" it sounds like "pear-show" but its in like a pirate accent, horrid!

Papí, maestro, vacino, che, changito, papa, primo, voz, etc. = Dude. All the words have slightly different meanings but are used to say “dude”.

Don't count on the spelling. I'm trying to show how they sound but I love these words and much more, I'll make a bigger list for sure some time.

How do you typically contact people?
  • When we see them just hanging out on the street in front of their houses, or people jamming, trying to start their car, or when they need help with something. Heck, just the other day we saw a kid alone and we simply said "sup" and sat down and talked to him. Through talking to him and getting him to talk about himself (what he likes to do and such) we started talking about the gospel and he accepted a baptism date. There are lots of ways—some more better and less awkward then others. I love the jamming one the best.

Well, parentals, I'm glad all the photos I sent last week got through--me allegro. I best be heading. We are making cookies for a noche de hogar we are doing tonight. Elder Inman and I made some cookies and just about cried. It's been along time for the both of us. Okay famzy, take care. Les amo muchísimo. Thanks for your packages, letters, and most of all your love, prayers and sacrifices. Have a great week. Share the gospel, love one another, pray, eat, love. (or whatever the heck that movie is) until next week, I love you all, it´s all good.

Con amor,


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