Monday, December 10, 2012

Is It Hot Enough Fer Ya?

Dear Tanner family,

Man, oh, man and good stars, family! It’s good to hear from you. I’m writing this while the Simpsons or "Los Simpson" is on in the other room of the cyber and it’s the episode when their church sings "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"( or however the heck you spell and pronounce it) and I’m just up in stitches about it.  Wow, what a week you guys had. Gearin' up for Christmas, I suppose. That’s pretty cool. We had ourselves a good week as well. I’m still in Salta, phew, and all is well.

We received news from president Levrino that the iron curtain has been lifted somewhat and we can now drink mate cocido. It’s not mate mate but close. Oh what a grand day it was. I bought a pack fully realizing that its 7,000 degrees outside but none-the- less, it’s a breakfast thing. That, and President said that we can use Skype to call home! Wow-wow wowie! So cool....I have no clue how to Skype—what is required for such a set up and all—so if you guys could give me some info on that then that would be great.  But pretty cool, huh?

Yes! It was a good week this week. We are planning a baptism for a girl named Camilia. She’s going to be baptized the end of this week if all goes well. She’s a shy, but very nice, girl. Her Mom loves the church and is a member but really couldn’t go to church because she has leukemia and lives in San Lorenzo, so so so far from the church. We’re pretty stoked about that.  It’s gonna be good.

We were on our way to church yesterday and, right in front of the church, this super-super plasteredly hammered drunk guy on his moto just biffed it face first in the street. We ran to go help him. Luckily some police were nearby and saw it happen too. The guy got taken to the hospital and his wife came and picked up his moto and started pushing it back to their house. We talked with her. Her name is Belen. She is such a sweet girl and is really concerned about her husband’s drinking.  We pretty much told her that it probably wasn’t a coincidence that her husband biffed it right in front (literally on the steps) of the church. We said this was probably a wake-up call and that we should talk to her about our message. Belen said it was cool if we stopped by later in the week and talked to them.  A few lessons learned here: One is that alcohol is just about the worst thing for you ever ever ever and just being here has sealed the deal that I never ever want to drink ever.  2:  Wear a helmet!  And 3:  God really works in mysterious ways. Whether it be God or drunkiness with what happened to the man, his family’s gonna be taught the gospel. How 'bout that, huh? Other than that, really just a chill, good week:  Teaching, preaching, all that stuff, and it is 5,000 degrees out. But, any questions?
  • Did anything ever materialize with your English classes?
No, a lot of people here talk big: "Yes, yes, yes, I’m going to that class for shures.  Si, o, si.”   But no.  We are helping people sometimes with their homework in English but the classes kinda tanked.
  • Are the people down there worried about the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world thing?
Yeah, there are some who are pretty freaked out.  A member yesterday was telling me he read in the news that someone already heard one of the trumpets from the Book of Revelation (I must have been asleep). But idk when it’s supposedly gonna happen. I heard so many versions from so many people here (it’s gonna happen the 12th, or the 22nd, or the 21st) and it’s gonna be a spiritual awakening, not the end of the world or something like that. It’s likely that John Cusack and his family will be the only ones to survive and they’ll make a movie about it. That’s my theory.
  • Do they give you medicine so you don’t get parasites?  It that a problem there?
As of now, nope. I heard it’s sometimes a problem but not really more than anything.  I did hear (and it’s just a rumor) that when you go home, you take like a super, worm-killer pill and then after you’re home you take a pill called "the bomb" that’s a super laxative.  That’s yet to be confirmed but it would be cool!
  •  Are you keeping cool and hydrated?
Yes! I’m using a lot of those tasty drink packets you guys sent me to keep me cool. I love them. I hope it’s okay but sometimes I share bits of my packages with like investigadores and stuff. They LOVE American goods:  Cookies, gum, candy, etc.  We made Hawaiian punch (from one of the packages you guys sent me) at the filia. Sanchez’s house the other day and they were just blown away by it. I was too. I miss America.
  • Do you need anything?
I’m totally content on like soup, ramen, mac and cheese (hot foods). But I would love some more drink packets like PowerAde (blue flavor), fruit punch and stuff.  And candy like Reese's or chocolate stuff and gummi "after sacrament" snacks like gushers, and the like. That would be wonderful. thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tell Grandma Ann and Grandpa Mick and Steve and Chris Thank you so much and bless their souls! Give them all a hug and a high five from me. I love them

Well, well. I best be going to prep for another family night. Family nights are just like the best things on earth.  I’m glad we were always having family nights and stuff—so much fun!  You can really feel the love and unity of everyone after family night. I hope you guys are doing something fun as well.  We are going to make cookies and watch the restoration video with the filia. Ruiz. 

Have a great week, family. I love you all so much—for your letters and love and everything.  I know you always are but do pray for our investigators, area, and for my comp, me with everything. I love you guys so much, have a great week and, until next Monday, I love you. It really is all good!

Con Amor,

The Life of Riley

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