Monday, December 31, 2012

Adios 2012!


Hello-hello again. I do agree that, yes, 'twas a most splendid Christmas. I really enjoyed talking to you guys; it was the best gift ever. Can you believe we only have one phone call left! Crazy thought. I was so happy. I love you guys so much and I'm sorry I forgot but the most happiest birthday to ya' Lauren! wow!

Well, well I'll tell you, this week has had some crazy turns to it. We had another baptism of this lady named Cristina. She is 60 and she is so funny. She always insisted on having a tea time (mate cocido) at her house during the lessons. She got baptized this Saturday and was super content and happy.

We had a rather regular week this week. We ran in a lady from Scotland and we talked to her in the street. She wished us good luck in everything. She also gave us a great word of advice for the new year. She said this in her Scottish brogue” "Just look up at a star and say, t'ank ya." I think she was trying to say "thank you" but it sufficed. It was a cool little moment.

Some news though. Because of the lack of people here in the mission with all the visa problems they did some changes. One of these changes included me. The zonies called me last night to tell me they are moving me back to Jujuy—in Areoparque, my old area! So yes, I'm typing from that same old cyber and is just as ghetto as ever. I'm in a tri-compainonship with Elder Carrillo from Tennessee (who's going to end his mission) and Elder Corrales from Peru (who replaced me when I went to Chijra). From the looks of it it's gonna be good few weeks. Super chill guys and they send their best!

Well, I'm gonna make it short this week as we got some stuffs for the New Year. I hope you guys have a great New Year and that it's just a smashing as ever! And yes, I'll be home next year. This cyber is one I can't send pics so please don’t think I'm starving you guys of pics but next time for sure for sure. I'll hurry and do some questions now:

So, when you called on Christmas were you in the middle of the living room with everyone smiling expectantly at you?
  • I wish. No. I was in this super nice office room. It was totally chill and private and with air conditioning!
How was the live nativity?
  • We ended up with a ton of booked citas so we couldn’t go, blast it!
What did you end up doing for Christmas?
  • Nothing, just worked. We visited people and made cookies beforehand and gave them to people. It was super nice and chill. On Christmas Eve at midnight they had crazy fireworks that were just incredible. I have pictures of them—just so crazy!
Do they celebrate New Years in a big way in the land upsidedown under?
  • Fireworks, and boxed wine—always the best decision. Pretty much just that. Oh, and people have crazy big dinners as well.
Did you get to do any of the baptizing at your big baptismal festival?
  • Yeah, I baptized Florencia from the familia Ruiz and it was really nice. The water was spider free. I'll send you a pic of it next week.
Well famz, I'm heading out. Thank you for everything: Prayers sacrifices, and love. Please pray for me this week that all will be good. It will be. Well, I best go by by the house of Maxi and Noelia now. Crazy I'm back here; cool blessing. I love you guys, it's all good. And happy 2013!

Con amor,


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