Monday, January 7, 2013

Return Of The Native

Hey family,

As I write this, a chunky kid’s big rear is ever so close to my face as he watches his friend play Assassin’s Creed next to me. It’s just the right touch to start an inspirational letter. How the heck are you guys! it’s good to hear from you and that you all had a most happy New Year.  We celebrated our Nuevo by buying Neapolitans and watching the movie 17 Miracles (which, the second time that I saw it, I did not burst into tears— stiff upper lip and what not....Ok, maybe just a little teary).  Afterwards we went on the roof and watched the fireworks and welcomed in the new year.  It was very nice.
It’s good to be back in Aeroparque. It’s now all one area so I now have to get to know the other area buts it’s all good. My comps are awesome. Elder Corrillo is from Tennessee and is going to end his mission at the end of this transfer.  He is super chill and funny.  He’s got a Spencer Harris vibe to him—awesome kid.  Elder Corrales comes from Peru but lives in Buenos Aires and is just about one of the funniest and best kids on earth, way way cool. We had a great week.  In fact, we had 2 baptisms:  Karen and Anai.  They are two teenagerly gals that are so so very nice and sweet. The baptism went well and I lead everyone in the intermediate hymns. We sang like 6 hymns because it took everyone forever to change.  My arm almost fell off from conducting but it all went well.  As a last minute thing at church yesterday (I mean like, we were up in front of everyone and someone asks me to confirm her) I confirmed one of the girls.  It was a nice moment. 

Church was an interesting experience. I got lots of hugs, “how are you”s, and almost besos. I saw all the old group including my converts Ivan and Esteban. The fact they are attending just brings a great peace and happiness to me. I’ll tell you more in the questions but it was really nice to go back.

We got a mini missionary today. His name is Elder Frias from Salta. He was in my last stake. He’s a cool kid. He has one of those evil villain soul patches—dope! He’s just a great guy. 

Yes, this week was filled with work work work. It’s good to be here and working hard. Well, qeztions?

Is being a threesome great?  How are the boys?

  • It’s great, really great. We all get along so well. They are both so chill and cool. We make smoothies every morning for breakfast so if that doesn’t say "We are the 3 best friends that anyone could have" then I don’t know what does.

Do you think you will stay with your Peruvian companion there in Jujuy when Elder Corrillo leaves? I imagine he will leave next transfer, right?

  • Well here’s the thing, here’s my fear.  Elder Corrales has like 8 months here so he’ll probably be jetting out at the end of transfers too and the zone leaders are telling me it’s a possibility that when my comps leave I’ll become district leader and maybe get a kid. I kinda want to pass out every time I hear that. I’m feeling relatively calm about it but I say that now... Pray it’ll be all good, ya know?

Are you in the same pench that you were in before?  Are you in the same ward?  Same bishop?

  • Same everything: Same pench, ward, and good ol’ Obispo Sardinas! He is such a cool guy. He gave me a big hug yesterday at church and had me bear my testimony and reintroduce myself at sacrament meeting yesterday. It was cool.

Can you go back to the turtle man’s house, Spanish it up and explain that you are now great at the language? 

  • Speak of El Diablo—I saw him at church yesterday and he says, "So, Elder Allphin, you’ve come back to punch me, hahaha”.  We laughed and hugged....Oh little does he know what’s about to come—justice!

How is your bed?  Do you have air conditioning in this place?

  • Great! And yes, the magic of the air conditioner is still here.  How I am ever, ever, ever so grateful for it.

What’s up with your old friends Maxi and Noiella?

  • Oh....they are in problems. They had their baby! He is so chunky. His name is "Tizano". The problem is that Maxi has gone back to some old habits and they have family problems. We are working with them again. They still haven’t been baptized or married. They are fervently in my prayers.

Well, well family. That’s about it. I’m gonna try to head to another cyber to drop off some pics for you guys but I just want you to know I love you. You're all so amazing and mean so much to me.  Have a great week. I’ll pray for you and you pray for me. I know you always do. I love you guys. it’s all good!

Con amor,


p.s. The computer is being dumb but I got the owner of the cyber to upload these two pictures for me.  The one is of the baptism and the other is some frog or toad we found.

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