Monday, January 14, 2013

Check Out My Tan Line

Hey hey. Its Monday once again and I’m so happy I get to hear and write to you. I don’t have that much time but I’ll write you guys something quick. Sorry I couldn’t get you the pics last week. I found out the problem. A lot of the computers here have viruses and my card got one that I can’t see the pics on my card. They are still all there but they just don’t show up on the computer. Strange. We’ll have to figure that one out on another day but just not to stress, the pics are still there on the card!
This week was great; full of nothin' but the good stuff. For lunch one day this week we had mundungo (innards) empanadas. Which were actually super good. I hate mundungo in any other form but dang, the empanadas were impressive. They were highly complimented by the catholic "3-king parades" which have been going nonstop around the clock. You have to look it up but man! It was cool at first but after the 9,000th time of trying to teach a lesson while having them pass by with their drums, flutes, and dancing and playing for blessings, I tell you what... It always seems to happen during the spiritual high point of the lesson, that’s when it gets old.
I’m glad the letters got there. I hope you enjoyed them. I got the package you guys sent me with the chocolate orange and stuff. It was much appreciated—tank ya', tank ya'! As another package request, can you send me my sunglasses? I have a great need for them and now we can use them. I had a pair that were perfect. They were in my car. I’m not sure if they still are there.
I’m back in Jujuy which means 5 billion times the sexual-harassmenty snakes. They hoot and holler and sometimes, when you're trying to talk to people on their doorsteps, they’ll call at you from the street as they pass by. It’s not like it's wholly unpleasant or anything while you’re trying to talk about the gospel. I’m gonna file suit.
It’s still at least 10,000 degrees here. Though the heat really doesn’t get to me, it does sometimes. Elder Corrales and I were walking in the desert part of our area yesterday almost dead. I think it was somewhere around the area of 44 degrees Celsius (110° F) there the other day.
So I've got a year in the country now. It’s weird reading my journal entries about being in the same place one year ago. I read about old investigators and its giving me the ganas to go back and visit a few—could be fun!
We had a baptism this week. It was a kid named Julian. He’s 14 and his friends are members so the other week I gave him a book of Mormon then a few days ago he said he knew everything and wanted to get baptized. So now he's all done and baptized—most excellent! Good kid, that Julian. But other than that it’s just good times in Aeroparque. I love my comps, I love Spanish, I love the food, the people, the mission, the gospel, and all that good-timey stuff. Well, onto questions...
  • How does a mini mission work?
Its kids in the mission boundaries that are of priest age that when there is a shortage of missionaries they come in and fill the slot, they become a mini missionary. We had "Elder" Frias for example....but only for like 2 days cause they needed him in another area.
  • How much bigger is your area now than it was before?
Like double the size. We have the communist "Tupac Amaru" neighborhood as well. Which includes a neighborhood called "Che Guevara"...the commie guy. But it’s good. It’s got potential.
  • Are they expecting to be getting new missionaries in the country?
Yes, they got a group of like 15 or 30 coming in pretty soon. But that’s just the word, ya know
  • Have you learned to like eggs yet? Or at least hate them less?
I can stand them. I don’t like them but I can stand them. I like them with a nepolitana (my favorite dish here) I’ll send you a pic of our lunch we had today that we picked up in Centro...You see it’s got eggs on like eggs?
  • Any bugs in your house?
No, not much. The few mosquitoes but really, it’s pretty chill
Well well families I best get going. There’s gonna be a bunch of changes by the time we chat again. So do pray that it will all be alright. I know it will. I know if I just trust in the Lord and just go for it then it’ll al be good. Though it is nerve racking. I’ll just try to do my best to let the boat do all the work. I love you guys. I’m so so thankful for your support. You are more than amazing! I hope you guys have a great week. Keep on keeping on and just being great. I love you, it's all good!
Con Amor,
p.s. The pics are of my tan, my lunch, and Elder Carrillo’s super-fake counterfeit Pokémon cards he bought. I about busted a gussett reading them. They are a good laugh. The other is Julian’s baptism. In pic we have (left to right) Elder Carrillo, Hermano Erquicia, Hermano Armella and his cute (reminds me of Molly) daughter named Luz, Julian, Joaquin (he baptized Julian) he's a cool kid, he plays guitar and we jam from time to time. Next we have Elder Valero who is my zone leader and just about one of the greatest people on the planet earth. Such a cool kid and one of my best best buds. I hope he´s still here if I do the whole DL and kid thing 'cause he will help me out a ton. Also the other zone leader is Elder Eve who is also super and is my good bud. Oh, and I’m also in the picture, at the very end...just saying.
Fish-Belly White

Take that, Lipitor!
Gotta Fake 'Em All!

Julian's Baptism

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