Monday, February 4, 2013

I Don't Mean To Bore You But...

Dear Creznens,

Well hey dare! How goes it? Good to hear you had a good week. That’s so cool to hear about mark and his fam. They are so cool. Give them the utmost props from me. 

I’ve got to say, Argentina is loaded with awkward teaching experiences, and in just about every lesson. It’s one of those things where they try to sidetrack you with stories that have nothing to do with anything so you just reply with something like, "Yes. I think that it would be a great idea to dress up your pets for a family photo.  Now, back to what I was saying about the apostasy..." Or if they just said something ridiculous that had nothing to do with anything you try to find the tiniest smidgen of doctrine in their commentary. 
For example: If they say that faith was the reason their son stopped picking his nose and then go on a 5-minute spiel about it, you say something like, "Thank you sister so and so. I too testify that faith is an incredible principle" or something like that. Teaching is an interesting thing. You’re gonna have those people but it’s just good to remember to always testify so the spirit can bring the truth to everyone.

But yes I’m typing youz guyz from the very cyber that I told myself a year ago that “It will be a cold day in infierno before I go to this cyber again”. Here in the cyber it’s a scene very similar to the one in the Grinch where he’s complaining about all the “noise, noise, noise, noise!” It’s kids playing Left 4 Dead at insanely loud volumes and 3-year olds swearing because their character died—now that’s class!
Man, oh, man what a week it was.  

I forgot to say that last week WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE! It wasn’t big or anything but dang it was tight! I was teaching with my mini and I thought someone hit the wall in the house we were in because we heard a loud “BANG!” and the floor suddenly felt like the Tower of Terror drop. It was so crazy. We finally realized "Dang! We’re in an earthquake!” So we hurried and got everyone of the house and the earthquake stopped. Not a lot of damage: A couple blocks out of place but man, was it just so crazy! I loved it!

By the way, before I forget, the ward here has a Facebook.  It’s like "Barrio Aeroparque" or something like that. I think I have got some photos on there so you can check 'em out.

Our mini left for home today so it’s just me and ol’ Mariño. Having a mini was fun but it was kinda like having a kid:  They always want to eat, sleep, drink, sleep. I had to remind myself that I was in those very same shoes once and how I was so thankful when my dear Papi (who just wrote me an email) and I got something to drink or something like that. “I am patience!”

It was a kinda tough work week because we didn’t get a lot of stuff done. The mini trio was kinda slowing us down so are hoping the work will increase with just us 2. But do pray we´ll have a good week. We had an investigator that didn’t show up this week as we were prepping for his baptism which was pretty sad. I got kinda down about that and I’m still kinda bummed it wasn’t a great week but it’ll be a great week this week for sure for sure! It will be. 

We went to Centro today with Elders Montano and Oyarzun and we ate my favorite pizza, peach pizza. It was soooo good. It was in this nice little Italian restaurant. As I was eating my pizza, a poor little beggar boy came up to our table, got down on his knees and started begging for money. I didn’t have any money with me, just my card. I felt really, really bad that I had to turn him away and that kinda got me down today. It’s a rule we can’t give out money but dang, It was just such a sucky moment. Other than earthquakes, tired minis, and being Scrooge it was a relatively normal week and yes, I do have time for questions this week. Yes!

  • Do you know how long you'll have a mini missionary?

Just till today. We may get another one soon but who knows. We had 2 weeks of minis. Mini Elder Torres just left to his house in Salta today in the morning

  • Can you find decent sunglasses in Argentina or do they mainly have big old Jackie Kennedy Onassis ones? Be sure and get some if they do or even if they don’t.

Down here the labels say "Ray Ban" or "Dolce and Gabbana" but they are as fake and truco as sunglasses can get. I’m not even sure they can be legally called sunglasses. Who knows?  The search goes on but be sure to send some just to be safe.

  • Do trainers make breakfast for their greenies?

The other way around.....ha! You know, I’m not sure. I know I will though, like pancakes or something or a big bowl of Cheerios and yoghurt. Something *click* real nice.

  • Anything new with Maxi and Noella?

We haven’t been able to see them in the longest time. We are gonna be in their neighborhood tomorrow to try and catch ‘em or something.

  • Any cool teaching experiences lately?

We have been trying a thing in the lessons now where we actually sing a little hymn or something before we start and at the end we kneel for the closing prayer. It’s really cool how you can invite the spirit and it just guides the course of the whole lesson. That, and Elder Valero and I did divvis and we did this crazy contact idea where you get on a bus full of people and, in an essence say, "What’s up? We are missionaries from the LDS church and were here to share a message with you guys and we´ll be coming around the bus to talk." Then we go around the bus and talk with the people, present them with a card or something, take down their address (which you can’t read later cause you wrote their directions as you were standing up as the bus was off-roading). it’s a fun way of contacting. We don’t do it much but it’s fun. As you watch the people hurry and jump out the windows of the bus or kill themselves like the people in Airplane did when they were talking with that guy who says at the end, "I don’t mean to bore you, but..." it’s all good stuffs

  • I am sending a package tomorrow if you have any last minute requests?

Reese’s!!!!!!! Lots of Reese’s products but not Reese’s Pieces (the little candies) they are just not good.

  • I bought a package of Valentine Brach’s candy hearts that I was going to send you (but I didn't).  I noticed on the package that they were a product of Argentina.  I thought that was a lot of work to go from Argentina to America and back to Argentina.  Funny.  Have you seen any Valentine candy?

I got a package this week (thank you!) but I haven’t seen any candy of Valentine's here yet but worry not. Ya’ did good!

  • Was that llama skin as gross as it looked?

Yeah, it skin stunk so bad. Elders Valero, Lang, and I burned it after Carrillo left. Carrillo bought it thinking it was gonna be something small (like a little llama pelt) it turned out to be an entire llama with bugs still in the fur and salt still on the pelt. It cost $35 pesos in total which isn’t a bad deal for 2 llamas, I guess. I about died laughing when he got the pelts. It was just so good! So awkward.

But yes familys. I best be going but I will be hearing from you guys later. I love you all so much and hope all is well and good and that you guys will have a great week next week. Pray that everything will be all good here and that we´ll have a great week as well. Happy Groundhog Day. Don’t drive angry. I love you, it’s all good!

Con Amor,


The Name Says It All

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