Monday, February 18, 2013

The Best AA Meeting Ever

Oh Familyz,

How it is so so good to write you;  It feels so good to hear from you guys. So good to hear it was a good week and that all was well and that California is about to get rocked (and I don’t mean by earthquakes) I’m talkin' bout ol' Dillon Bauer. Give him a shout out for me (and the hug Will Ferrell gives his real brother in the Step Brothers movie).

It was, well, an okay week here.  Yes, we are teaching Maxi and Noellia again. We are planning to have a "family-night owing" with them tonight and that’s going good. As you know the beso (the customary salutation they have here where you half hug and kiss someone lightly on the cheek) is big here in Argieland and as missionaries we can’t give besos to the girls but with guys its fine (it’s not as appealing when you put it like that) but boy, have I gotten man-besoed a ton this week. From a recent convert, to a less active, to an investigator. ..and it’s like totally normal here but man, it´s kinda like the "I don’t know what to do with my hands" level of awkwardness kinda of deal. So yeah, anywhos.

We were at church yesterday and my comp was teaching gospel doctrine class and asked if everyone could give a short introduction of themselves. What unfolded was an alcoholic’s anonymous meeting. After people told their LIFE stories and cried, we had about 5 minutes left of class at the end. The people didn’t seem to mind so we called it a success. But yes, it was a good enough week. Not much to say.

I’m sorry but now this is going to turn into a vent letter. I feel just kinda bad. I’m here in Areoparque and I’m struggling with some things. My comp is a cool enough kid but is just well, idk. He´s technically my comp but he isn’t. We are waiting for our new missionaries. He´s okay but I kinda feel I’m with a five year old sometimes. Like, I’m all cool with being fun and funny (you know me) but there are times, things, and places where it is just not right to be insanely immature or to talk about certain things. He always wants to tell creepy stories and make those belittling comments like, "You suck, haha just kidding." He is continually complaining because he was originally called to Venezuela but do to visa problems he’s permanently here. He doesn’t really want to work and with all that it’s just bringing me down. I’m losing my will to pull him along and am having a tough time to feel the spirit.  Every time I want to change things it just doesn’t work. Again, he’s a cool kid but I’m just getting a little depressed being with him and not feeling the spirit like we should.  Any advice, anything I could do?  Please pray this week that:  I can have the will to work hard, focus on the work, forget myself, feel the spirit, work well with my comp, the area will progress, and we´ll find many people to teach. The area is struggling and really, I just need a boost in vision, to really focus and get in tune with things, especially the spirit. Sorry it’s a vent letter. It’s just, it’s one of those times. It’ll get better. It always does but for now "pray for dad"...or us.

Well, fambilyz onto the queztions:

  • What kind of cereal are you eating in the land upside-down under?

Frosted flakes, trix, fruit loops, cheerios, life, etc.  They are super pricey though. They have cereals kinda like those bottom-shelf Malt-o-meal ones so those are the ones to buy.
  • Do you see a lot of leather items for sale?  In the tourist shows of Argentina they always feature leather goods and I just wondered.

Yeah, here not much but in Salta, that’s where you can get some legit leather.
  • Are you a two-man pench now?

Yeah, it´s not as fun though. I miss the four-man pench.
  • Do they have to adjust your time to keep up with all the changes going on with missions?

Yes, I found out I will get an extra week. This transfer is 7 weeks (only this one) so I will have just one extra week. I don’t know how it’ll play out but that’s all we know so far.
  • Who are you teaching?

We are teaching the familia Leal who attended church yesterday and the hermano Garcia who also attended. The Hermana Leal is super cool:  A little old lady who just wants to feel the spirit. We also have the Hermano Garcia who is basically Bill from King of the Hill (same whimper and everything) but they are chosen guys. Oh, and also this girl named Sandra who lived in Salta for school but is living here again. We are teaching her the lessons and she is going really well. We hope to find much more people this week.
  • So what did you and the president talk about?

The usual:  Music, girls, sports, weather.....or wait, maybe not so much. No, we talked about how I feel in the mish, goals, if there’s anything he could do for the area, stuff like that. He’s just a very good guy.

Well my family, I best get going. Have a great week. Sorry for the bummer letter but pray things will get better.  I’m going to try my best this week with everything but your support will be amazing. I love you guys so much. This is the true church. This is the true work. Christ is our Savior and I’m so grateful to be a missionary. I love you guys. it´s all good.

Con Amor,


Peach Pizza--Steamy!

Power Lunch

This is the place!

Buena Vista
3 Liters!

John 5:39

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