Monday, February 11, 2013

Rey Momo


What good times, man. It’s so good to hear from you guys and to hear about your week:  Grammys, concerts, and stuff. I feel like you do about the Adele thing. I’m half tempted to leave Jujuy and slay the beast. We still haven’t gotten over "Someone Like You" here in Argentina. I think it’s finally become the national anthem here. Oh how I wish I could say that was just a joke.  That’s so cool to hear about Mark and his family. Man, that is just the goal isn’t it? The Temple! Send them the highest high five from me.
Thanks so much for the letter and yes, It was a good, eventful week. Well, kinda. It’s Carnival this week which includes yet another relatively good excuse to drink a dangerously high amount of boxed wine and pass out in front of the local fruit stand.  There is also people throwing ”festival of colors” powder, oh, and fake snow. Yes, this fake snow is called "Rey Momo" and its sucks. It’s like sticky lemon-scented shaving cream that you can spray on people. We were in a middle of a lesson and our investigator whipped out a can of rey momo and sprayed us. I later got the can and got him back. It’s all good fun and games until you start walking in the heat of the day and the foamy rey momo stuff starts to get sticky so you feel this greasy, hot stickiness the entire day. But carnival is pretty chill here: No danger, just rey momo.

We had interviews with Pres. this Thursday pasado and it was good to see and talk to him. Our whole zone was there and man, our zone is so, so tiny. Like really, 16 missionaries. But it was good to see everyone.
We finally got in contact with Maxi and Noellia which was nice. They are actually doing really good now as they are starting to read and pray again. I’m telling you, the key in life lies with these things: Pray, read your scriptures, go to church— simply beautiful and beautifully simple. We are continuing to visit with them.

We had a great day at church yesterday. This guy we our teaching named "Garcia" (a little old guy who has a very sad life because his family left him) came to church from the help of his neighbor who is a member. He says he feels really good at church and loves the feeling of acceptance at church. We also had a lady come to church named the Hermana Leal. She is a super cool little grandma who came as a promise to us. While she was there she felt the Spirit so strong in sacrament meeting that, when she tried to explain how she felt, she couldn’t really quite express it. I can feel for her. There’s also this kid whose name is José and he’s the boyfriend of a girl in our ward. When he came 2 weeks ago I talked with him and gave him a little tour of the church and sat in the classes with him.  After that we had a lesson with him where we invited him to be baptized. He lives in another part of Jujuy so I hooked him up with the missionaries in his part of town because they can get to him to teach him easier and stuff but he will only go to the church in Aeroparque. Now, every time I see him, something  has changed. At first he had a gnarly, wachiturro haircut and clothes and piercings and stuff. The second week he dressed a little nicer with a great attitude to continue to learn about the gospel.  Then yesterday he just had an unbelievable light to him and no piercings, nice hair, dressed nice and with an attitude of a love for the gospel and an attitude of "GET ME BAPTIZED!" He´s not in our area so the baptism doesn’t count for us but who cares?  It was just so nice to get to know him and help him along the way. It’s just such a good thing, the Gospel and all. Way chill. But yes, that about does it this week. Queztonz...?
  • Just to keep track of the packages, did you get the package with the pills, and the sunscreen?
Yeah, that was the one I got last week.

  • How are your shoes holding up?  Do you get wet walking through the rain?  Are you in a rainy area?  Did you ever buy boots?  Would you recommend having them?

Great. Yeah, they get wet but it’s not bigs. Its rainy season here so it’s been raining almost every day but I have yet to buy boots. I really haven’t had the need for boots but other missionaries can’t live without them so I’m really not sure.
  • Are your clothes holding up okay?  Are you getting to be a pretty good ironer?   Is your new belt the right size?  Did your shirt fit?  Are the socks as good as we hoped?
Fantastic! I’m still holding on to the one favorite pair of gray pants I have but I’m thinking they are approaching their last days. But yes, the ironing goes well and the shirt fits great! And those socks are miracle socks. So incredible! Just like the kind mother used to make.  I highly recommend them.

Well famz, that about does it. Carnival is just about to be overrun by Valentine's Day but it goes on in spirit. Have a most amazing week and a most happy Valentine’s Day. The other day my neighbor was blasting the Best of the 80´s which included Pat Benitar, Bryan Adams, George Michael, Air Supply, and Extreme’s "More than Words".  I remembered you guys telling me that a guy sang that at a BYU ward back in the day because he said it represented his love for Christ. I listened to the words and yeah, I can totally see how he justified that one—not. I still don’t see why we didn’t sing "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics,  it’s just as deep in meaning! Oh well, there’s always my homecoming, I guess. I love you so much family! it’s all good!
Con Amor,

p.s.  I tried to send a Christmas letter to Zach in Paraguay and Nick in Guatemala but the letters came back to me. I guess they weren’t up to pouch standards. Maybe I could send the cards to you guys and you could send them for me if that would be ok. But I did get a letter from Zach the other day. It was so cool. Tell Sis. Hulsey to tell Zach I said "thanks man!" and I’ll be writing him soon.

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