Monday, April 8, 2013

Argie Road

Hey Family!

Waz up? Man, oh man, wasn’t conference just the hooks? Wow! Was it tight! I’ll get to that in a sec but it’s always so good to hear from you guys. I hope this week was all splendidly good.
This week was the anniversary of the Malvinas (Falkland Island War) and Argentina is probably never going to get over it. It’s like a grand scale Robert Kearns vs. Ford but with the entire country of Argentina vs. Margret Thatcher. Like, the islands are still called the Malvinas on the map—everyone is taught this in school.  It’s a little bit touchy but I guess everyone’s gotta have their ‘Nam.

We did divies with the zonies this week. I went with Elder Thompson from St. George to his area called Embarcación. It’s a dinky little town like Yuto but with fewer street lights.  F’reals, it’s like, pioneer dark out there. It was really nice. It was good to be with someone who really wants to work and to be with someone really chill. It was kinda like spending the day with Austin Sherwin. He gave me a lot of good advice to help my comp. He was like "Yes, I’m sorry about your situation, he’s been like this with everybody. Just be patient and try to help him the best you can." It was some good advice. The trick is being patient and just letting the things that don’t matter to fly and letting the things that do matter, matter. I’ll try.
I got a haircut this week by this Joe Pesci (from Goodfellas) kinda guy. I was anticipating him saying, "Do I look like a clown to you?" the entire time.  Alas, it never happened but it’s a good haircut. 

Conference was a crazy good experience. I think I’ve said it before but I feel like I look forward to conference in the mission more than Christmas just because it’s sooooo good! We took taxis and rode buses for 2 hours to and from conference on Saturday. The English room had only me and Elder Murray so it was a fairly relaxed setting compared to how it’s usually been during conference in the mission. A year ago I was packed into a tiny room of like, 24 we’re down to two.  Sunday was a great day. The branch rented a bus so we all rode down together. We went to the plaza and took some pics with the Elders and our branch. We did the Abbey road pic which was a dream come true. Even though it’s horribly inaccurate it’ll somewhat suffice. And of course, it’s so memorable. While at conference I saw my mini missionary Rollei and he had a giant envelope in his hands. It was his mission call! He opened it in the middle of the conference break. He´s going to Curitiba Brazil! WOW! I have no clue where that is but man that’s cool. It was such a awesome moment when he opened his call. What a good kid that Rollei. 
Man, I loved every bit of conference but Elder Holland took the cake. His talk was an uppercut to the soul. It was hard not to tear up at times during his talk—I loved it! That’s always gonna be a goal of mine:  To try to get to know my Savior more and more. To try to have a better testimony about Him, His mission, His life, His sacrifice, everything. It’s obviously a lifelong pursuit but, as we learn more and more about Him and have Him planted deeper and deeper in our testimonies, then this life and the life after will be something grand.

On that subject, as I was doing my study this morning, I came across a scripture that really impacted me. In 3 Nefi 9:22.  In this chapter we read about the voice that comes to the people after their cities had been destroyed and they were in pitch black darkness. It’s the voice of Christ Himself and, in the very last verse, he says something amazing:  If we repent (or in other words, try to be the best we can because, as we repent, we acknowledge our faults and promise to try to do better) and come unto Him as little children (or if we are humble and willing to be taught and helped) then such is the kingdom of God. He then says something here that is incredible: Christ says "For such I have laid down my life"...that got to me. He loved and still loves us so much that he gave His life so we can accomplish this goal. If we repent of our mistakes (through His atonement) and be as little children (to be ready to learn and follow the gospel of Christ) then we will be saved. He did so much for what little he asks us to do: To follow His gospel, to keep His commandments, to come unto Him and follow Him. He leaves this promise at the end of the scripture. He says in effect, "Just repent, and come unto me and be saved."  What an incredible thing the gospel really is. To know, as imperfect human beings, that we will make mistakes, that we can be lifted up to and become a little better each time then, in the end, become perfect. What a gateway to true happiness that is. What a great knowledge to know that we are being helped by our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It’s more than words. Man! If only everyone could know about this. Well, I guess that’s why I’m here right? Now anyways, onto dem questions…
  • Did you get to see all of conference (even the priesthood session) and where were you?
Yep, I did! I saw them all in a classroom in San Pedro (Argentina, not California.  Sorry Grandma).

  • Have you been able to sample all of the locally grown delicious fruits?
I still haven’t tasted sugar cane and, oh how I dream of the day when I can try it. When our bus stops along the road by any of the thousands of non-existent towns, we always stop by a sugar cane field and it’s only like, 10 feet away from me. I’m going to send a member to go find a stalk for me. I’m getting close.

  • Are you staying well and sleeping well?
Yeah! Really well, actually. The health is good and all. I haven’t blown out any knees so I got that going for me—which is nice…

  • Did the SD card work? 
Yes, I have heard some of the music so far and am awaiting the joys of what else (like the conference talks) on there.

  • Are the townsfolk nice in Yuto?
Oh you know it! It’s a regular Argie Mayberry (minus Goober Pyle but I think that’s really for the best).

Well familys that’s just about it. Man it’s hard to think I got 7 months left tomorrow and one more conference... a bit sad. But all the more excuse to be missionarying it up I guess. It’s a good life ya know. I love you guys. Have a great week back in school. Be Hinckley. And all that. I love you. It´s all good.
Con Amor,


The Yuto Crowd At Conference

Dieter, My Dieter
Abbey Road

Argie Road

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