Monday, April 22, 2013

Snakes Alive!

Hey Family!
¿How goes it? I hope all is well in the home front; it sounds like it is. This week was a relatively normal week. Well, first off, there were no changes this week—I’m still here with the same comp and what not. I guess that scripture in Isaiah has got some reason to it (55:8) cause I have no idea what Heavenly Father is thinking (I say that in the nice way) but I guess we´ll just have to see....but anyway, onto the week.
We did divvies this week with Ledesma and I went with Elder Murray to his area and worked. It was fun working with him. I hope I get to train—seems like it would be a great experience. After we did divvies we came back here to be in a trio for a day while Elder Solomon (Elder Murray’s comp) went to Salta to finish his papers.  As our area is so far from the zone leaders we have permission to go and do baptismal interviews and such were the circumstances that week. I went back to Ledesma to accompany Murray to Ledesma while my comp stayed with a member.
While I was in Ledesma I got to do my first baptismal interview. It was actually great, I really enjoyed that experience. It was for a kid the other elders were teaching. Good show it was. When I was there I also got my stuff from the bolsa (pouch from the mission office) which included my scripture covers, ha-ha! And they are not as Trish from Napoleon Dynamite-looking as I thought they might be. I’ll send some pics of them in the drafts.
We ate a large amount of liver this week. It seemed almost all the lunches had it. It’s good if you like chewing on rotten-tasting leather, I guess. As luck would have it this week we had our baptism. In a river, I might add. It was soooo cool. Very, Oh Brother Where Art Thou-like but with a change of scenery. It went really well, the baptism. It was a very hot day and, as we had to walk in the mud to get the right spot to do the baptism, I stepped on a bee while I was walking there (without my shoes). He only got my toe but it quickly developed a nice Elephant Man look to it. Then, as I was walking back (I had my shoes on then) I almost stepped on a snake and this snake would turn out to be a viper! I didn’t get bit but I did get to see a viper! So how 'bout that?! Sorry if you just fainted, Mom.
This week really went so much easier than last. You know, I could feel you guys’ prayers so much this week. My patience, my body, my soul—everything that was troubled seemed to just chill down and I could function. I know that it was a tender mercy from the Lord. While things didn’t shape up the way I thought they would today, I guess the only thing to do is press on. Yeah, like things are always supposed to be easy. And while I really don’t like the situation, I’ll keep going. Just pray that I can do it for another transfer and that all will be well and it will all be good in the end. It will.
Thank you guys so so very much. Well, questions?
  • Do you ever go to any cool places on P-Day?
We are supposed to be going to a park with the elders from Ledesma sometime soon but idk when. But mostly, it’s just stickin' around.
  • What are the demographics of your branch?
Women and youngsters pretty much. Like, the only priesthood here is 5 or 6 of us. That’s a big area of focus, bringing in the priesthood here.
  • Did Paula’s baptism go through?
Like I said, it was great! She came up from Jujuy to Yuto and we got her baptism and confirmation all done and worked. She was very happy.
  • Spanish texting, eh? Do they use any shortcuts like “LOL” and the like?
Yeah, I’ve seen of a few like "E2" (ay-dos) which sounds like "adios" and to say "hahaha" is "jajaja" cause they “j” makes the ”h” sound.
  • Has it cooled off any since autumn?
No...I think it’s got hotter since it started.
  • Your dentist called. Are you flossing every day?
Si señor. But I’m gonna be in need of some good American toothpaste soon.
Well famz. That’s just about it. It’s been an interesting turn of events I guess but hey, I guess what Elder Wirthlin's mom says is true: "come what may and love it". Sure, things are not always gonna be how I want them but it’ll all work out. I just pray for the strength and power to keep on keeping on. Pray for me on that. Thanks for all your support, guys. Lots of love—you’re golden. Till next week, I love you, it’s all good!
Con Amor,
p.s. I got a letter from you Mom about registering for classes. I need everything so want to take generals and stuff for winter semester if that’s ok. I don’t know much about the details but yeah, any more questions about that, just hit me up.

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