Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm Finally Legal!


Well well. It’s, again, a great thing to hear from you guys. How’s it all going? I'm glad New Mexico (down here, the X is an H sound so it’s like: ¨Meh-he-co¨ also they say Texas ¨tay-has¨) was a blasty, blast full of Cook-doo (a mispelled name that was written on a Dairy Queen cake we bought for Russell's birthday few years ago.  It should have been cookie dough) and sweet tea herbage in Durango and that all my good buds are home! Give Wade a slap on the behind from his good buddy Russ as well as Nick.  

Yes, the news is that I’m going to be 21 which means I will get to soak up all the benefits of being 21. Let’s see: Drink, gamble…Wait, I guess not. Then again, with 21 years under my belt I can adopt a child, supervise a driver with a learners permit (Anna), and most importantly, attend concerts at the Urban Lounge. I don’t know what I’ll have to do first—maybe all at once. Take a note! The first thing I’ll do when I get home is have Anna drive me to a concert at the Urban Lounge with my newly-adopted African son “Mankini” but those are just pipe dreams for now. Thank you for the wishes!

Well, to start off, we got the transfers and I am staying here...along with Rosano. I am completely shocked but, you know, it’s all good. I guess it means the Lord still has more work for us to do together I guess. It’ll be a good transfer. Even better than the last ones. I’m not bummed and actually kinda relived. There’s nothing worse than the night-before-transfers knot in the stomach, “Who’s going? Who’s coming?” I’m only glad to say I’ll be dealing with only a couple more of those. I’m still DL and the district is mostly the same. 2 hermanas that I started the mission with “died” or completed their service and went home yesterday so there’ll be some new hermanas but there weren’t a lot of changes other than that. With all the visa problems I don’t know if there were a lot of people who came in.

It was a good week this week. Not a lot of news to report on. After the capacitacion (training) that Anna, Lou, and all the missionaries in the world saw (posted by a ward member on facebook--that is why we have the photo below), we have been forming and reforming our ward (or branch) councils and working with them on how we can be more efficient and how members can help out more with the work. We have some ward missionaries now so that is always great.

Church was great yesterday. It’s a branch that keeps you on your toes. Like being in sacrament meeting yesterday and during the meeting having the BP tell you “Oh, and can you give a talk?” So that’s nice. I got to give a talk with no prep. We talk like every month or so but this emergency talk was new.

The investigators are going good. We are still teaching Paula and she’s doing great. We are going to start a big finding/search for newbie investigators this week so pray we’ll have the energy for all that. But really, not much to report on. We are still going forward with everything and always trying to do our best and better. Pray that we can do it! But yes, onto questions.

  • I know what time you have to get up but when do you go to bed?

It’s supposed to be 11pm (the rule) but Pres says with when we are still doing (stuff like filling out the area book, calling areas, numbers, etc) then it’s cool that we work past 11 a little bit.  I usually get done with calling the district, planning, etc. at like, 11:30-45pm. But it’s cool, you just kinda get used to always being tired.

  • What has been your favorite area so far?

OOOO, that’s tough but I might say that La Loma was maybe my favorite. Each area has its own things but La Loma was just full of great adventures and people. La Loma is really where I learned to work and have my missionary gears kick in. That, and just all the crazy things that happened there: Trying to find Matt Damon’s house, finding a bakery that had brownies, Christmas drunks, and lots of other stuff.

  • Have you built up a tolerance for Cumbia music yet?

NO!!!!! NEVER!!!! JAMAS!!!! It’s like, I’m so convinced that a deaf cat could make better music. There are maybe 2 songs out of the 3,678,267,192,278 Cumbia songs that sound the same that I like—kinda. But man in the words of Homer Simpson, “It’s...just...awful”.

  • Any bugs bothering you?  Finding any spiders in the baptismal font these days?

Nope. It’s cold now so that means there are luckily, no bugs here. But when it’s hot here there are these little mosquito-type bugs that bite you and you don’t even notice until you look down at your blood covered legs and faint. I don’t know how they do it. But speaking of baptismal fonts, we got a new one this last week!! Say good bye to baptizing in that dirty old bug trap we used to have—we got a new plastic-y smelling font. It’s so new and I’m so happy.

  • What’s your favorite Part of Preach My Gospel?

Hmmm. Well, chapter 10 is always a gem. And I love chapter three as we are always using chapter three. And chapter one. It’s a tie between the three chapters but man, I love PMG!

Well fambilys, I gotta peace out now. Have a most splendid week. Celebrate my b-day there in the home country. I'll try to figure out something to do here like eating live chicken necks or whatever the heck they do down here. A party, I heard, is already planned so no worries. Have a great week. Pray for everyone here:  Investigators, converts (The Fila. A_______ especially), the people we haven’t found yet, and us. I love you guys so much. I love you, its all good.

Con Amor,

Yuto Branch Presidency
Russ and a party of favorites

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