Monday, July 8, 2013

In Hot Water

Hey Scrammily!

Oh man! How are youz guys! Glad to hear it was a burn-free, semi e. coli free week! I guess hamburger-flavored water wasn’t the best idea to attract more people to Lindon.

As for me, it was another normal week here in Yutopia. We went to the Familia A------ house on Tuesday to share a scripture with them. It was none other than the trusty favorite: Hebrews 10:32,35-36. We talked about how, even though we have trials or things that seem to weaken our faith we must remember when we were illuminated by the spirit and when we know that things are true. Because they are and we have a great reward in store but must be patient to receive it. After we shared that scripture the Hermana A------- sat back in her chair, paused for a bit, and told her husband: “Oscar, go out and find out when the first bus leaves for Ledesma tomorrow. We are going to go get baptized”.  After being wide eyed for a moment, we ran over some last minute preparations with them, called Pres for permission, and we baptized them Wednesday morning. We had to have their baptism in Ledesma because our baptism font is being replaced but yes, they are baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to say that the baptism didn’t come without a fight. After we got on the bus and got to the bridge in Ledesma, what do you know...they cut the road! Since the Hermana can’t walk long distances due to her health, we told them to wait at the point of the bridge and we ran, ran, RAN! Alllll the way to the other side and talked to a taxi guy who said he would take us so he drove us over to pick up the A------ but then only took us to the road block and said we had to get off there and it would be 16 pesos! So I gave old generous Mr. Grinchscroogehitlertaxidriver his pesos and we had to maneuver our way through the road block (which was a pile of burning bus tires) and found another cab to the church in Ledesma. As we got there the elders of Ledesma were filling the font. We had the service, it was small but sweet and we entered the font.  For the first time in my mission the water was so boiling hot we couldn’t get in. F´reals, I’m used to baptizing in Titanic-cold water then all the sudden we get the hot pots! We had to put buckets of super cold water in the font to even out the temperature but we got it all leveled out and good. They got confirmed yesterday and even bore their testimonies in testimony meeting. There is nothing better than to hear the testimonies of your converts but my goodness, that was a trial. I guess it’s like in Ether 12:6 where he basically says, “Miracles don’t come until after the trial of your faith.” I think, in a way, the Familia A-------, the missionaries, and others had to go through a series of trials before we could see this miracle. I am more than grateful for prayer: The prayers of us, the A-------, members, other missionaries, and you guys. Thank you very, very much. The family A------- is very happy and content that they have ended their search that they have been on for so many years. Thanks for the advice about what I can do. I am so very grateful for it and please keep giving it. I love it.

The district is doing very well. We got word that the district is probably going to double soon, perhaps by 12 missionaries....I may faint but it’s ok. We will keep doing the best we can, like you guys said, and it’ll all be good. Thank you.

I got my “trunky papers” today in my email which means I got the papers scheduling my travel plans home and such. I am sure the secretary will send you guys these papers as well. I believe I get home like the day before Thanksgiving or something like that. I don’t know but meh, it’s cool. I love the mish and the thought of going home is kinda weird. I love and miss you guys so, so much and I love the mish, and don’t take this the wrong way, but its almost kinda like I don’t want to go home. I do! And don’t get me wrong, but I just love the mish, you know what I mean? It’s kind of what Elder Scott once said when he said something to the effect of: “The 2 hardest moments of a young man’s life are when he leaves to go on his mission and when he has to leave from his mission” I accept, and welcome, and am most happy about the fact of coming home but it’ll be sad for me to leave the people, places, faces, and calling I have come to love and appreciate so intensely. I am sure all the returned missionaries know what I am talking about...but hey, I still got 4 months! Whatever happens, it’ll all be good. It will be a great time!

Yes, it’s the last week of transfers. Please pray it will all be good—whatever happens—it will. It will be the best last 4 months ever, of course! Well then, questions:

How do you locate investigators and less-active folks in your area?
References!!! That’s the good part of the mish. I remember entering Argentina with the idea that “Dang, I bet I have to knock a whole bunch of doors the entire time.”  The reality is that there have only been a very few times that I had to knock doors or do street contacts because we luckily have always had an overwhelming number of references. And reactivating? We sometimes go along with the members to find a house of a less active. We always make a time to pass by less actives. Why, just yesterday a guy that hadn’t been to church in 10 years (I believe) came to church with his family! It was super good to see him (:

  • Do you like polenta yet? two bites.

  • How do you keep your comp motivated?
Example setting and gentle reminders like telling him that all the popular kids are being obedient! Just stuff like that.

  • Seen any armadillos around or is that just a myth?
The only hint of an armadillo I saw was a charango (musical instrument) made from an armadillo. I was tempted to buy it but then found out it’s probably illegal to take to the States...bummer.

Well famblys, have a great week and all. It’s Argentine Independence Day tomorrow so go down to that Argie restaurant and buy an empanada (or a factura or something with dulce de leche) in solemn remembrance. Thanks for all your prayers and everything. I really do feel them and I am super grateful for them. Pray it’ll all be good this week and the week to come. I love you guys so very much. Have a great week. I love you, its all good!

Con Amor,


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