Monday, July 29, 2013

Everything Is Cool--And Cold

Ned the Head!

How are youz guys?! Good to hear from you again and all the events that have been happening. I must say, I am thoroughly jealous of all of them: Virgil’s graduation and concert! Dang! I hope their new album "Candlelight Virgil" was a smash hit as it should be and that Molly’s party was as jumpin' as ever. Tell The Grandma Ann and Grandpa Mick that I send them lots of "saludos" as always. Glad to hear all was well and good.

It’s been good here in Yuto, bit of a crazy week but it was still good. We had divvies with the ZL´s and it went fairly well. We made a lot of goals of how we can help my comp to be better and such and those goals are working. There’s a lot more excitement in the work and we worked a ton this week.

Tomorrow I'm not going to be in my area for days, I think. I’m going to do divvies with Ledesma for half a day tomorrow and all day Wednesday and then I have to go to a conference in Oran on Thursday so I get back to my area Thursday in the afternoon—bummer but its cool.

Speaking of cool, we had a baptism this week! Yes! Paola was baptized on Friday (as she couldn’t be baptized on Saturday). We had planned an activity that day (Friday) at the church for our investigadors so everybody was already at the church so we didn’t have to get everybody in at the last moment. I got to baptize her and it was really nice—and super arctic cold because we had a polar wind come through Argentina and it lasted till Friday. She was confirmed yesterday and she’s totally a member! What a cool thing.

Well, that was pretty much it for the week. Sorry it’s a short letter. The rule now, for computers, is that every companionship has to use only one computer at a time so we take turns writing. It’s a bummer but yet it’s a rule. So yeah, the letters might be a tad bit shorter than they usually are from now on but it’s cool. Now questions:

  • Are you helping Elias prepare for his mission?  When does his brother get back?
Yes! He’s going out to do divvies with us and stuff. He’s the mission leader too so we are always working with him. His brother gets home in 2015 in February or something like that.

  • Does Yuto have a patron saint?

Yes, but I can’t remember who it is. It may be the Virgin of Guadalupe but idk if it’s her for sure.

  • Where’s Elder Zulauf these days?

He is in my old zone in Salta in this area called Palermo.

  • Who can we pray for?

The Familia Belmonte and that we can have a baptism this week!!! Thank you for your prayers.

  • Do you know much about your comp’s background?

Yeah. He was born in the church there in Uruguay and likes handball and other sports. He’s got a sister and yeah, he’s just a normal kid. His country is the best in the world, of course, and I get to hear about it every day.

Well famz, have a great week. Again, sorry it’s a short letter. Pray that we’ll have a most splendid week and that we’ll baptize someone. Thanks for everything!  F´reals,the prayers and templing are amazing. Keep on with it! I love you! It’s all good.

Con Amor,


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