Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild, Wild Life


How the dickens are you? Man, what grand occasions were brought to pass this week. Graduations (FREE BIRD!) new temple movies (my comp fainted when I told him that) and etc. By the way Dad, you look exactly like the district president in San Pedro. He’s a teacher as well. He’s my good buddy—President Rojas. I’ll have to snag a pic with him soon. That’s nuts that Spencer left and Zach and Cody...I mean Jeff… have been out a year. Gnarly.

I feel old but yet, I'm super stoked about everything, especially this past week (and what a week it was). I did divvies with a companionship in my district that’s having a bit of a rough time. We worked super hard in that area and made some goals with them on how they could improve.  And yes, they are improving! I’m super happy for them. They’ll be baptizing in no time.

We also had lider capacitation (leadership training) in Oran this week with Pres. It was AHHHHHHH soooo good! I loved every bit of it. We learned how we can do better verifications and whatnot. So very good. President even gave us a ride back to Yuto and so we got to talk with him for a good while. He’s such a great guy. He even stopped by the church yesterday to do temple interviews for the members there so we had sacrament meeting with him. It was fast and testimony meeting yesterday and during the awkward silence Javier (our investigator who’s is the son of Paola) said "Can I come up and say something?" President Levrino said "Yes, come on up!" Javier said, "Well, I don’t have much to say but I’ll read this part of the book of Mormon that the elders left for me to read.” It was Alma 39, the chapter that drops the Cain on sexual sin. We left him that because we were going to talk to him about the law of chastity. So he totally reads the whole chapter out loud. It was like at first: "NOOOOO!!!!" but it was really good because I think a lot of people needed to hear it. President Levrino thought it was the coolest thing ever and congratulated Javier for it.  President’s son Juan was there visiting as well. He’s about 15 and loves the indie rock so we talked about that for a good while. He’s such a cool kid.

The Belmonte’s are doing well. We are planning on getting Javier and Anabel married really soon so pray that they can do that because they gotta get baptized. We are working super hard and are so stoked and lost in the work. A lot of things have changed around here for the better and I love it. Pray that we'll have a baptism this week. Please!!!! But that’s about it for last week. Querstions?

  • Do you have any souvenirs you’d really like to bring home?

I’m actually diggin' the gaucho stuff they have here as well as dulce de leche de campo quijano and cool stuff like that.  I'll get just as much as I can bring home. I'll have to have a shopping day sometime soon here.

  • Are the Argentineans habitually late like a lot of folks in Latin America?

Only about 7 years behind everyone else. It’s like everyone has their own time and no one is on time.

  • Any exotic wildlife in your area?

I SAW 2 TUCANS THE OTHER DAY!!! It was so cool, they were just flying around and all. They looked tasty! And yeah, there are always parrots around here but they are the ratty birds that plague the area here and are very loud and annoying. But other than that its just a bunch of farm animals and chupacabras.

  • How are things with your comp?

Great! He is really changing! We are using our time wisely and are happy. It’s like the perfect balance now. Sure, there are always some things that annoy you about your comp but you get over it. You just don’t let those things bother ya.

  • If you can only use one computer when you write your emails, what do you do while you wait for your comp to write his?

Read...or read. I think I’ll bring some letter-writing stuff next time.

  • I’m getting your last package ready to send.  Any final requests?

Candy.  Yeah, just that. Gummi worms.

Well padres and all, that’s about it. Pray we’ll be baptizing and continuing to work hard this week. It’s been a good week. The district is doing swell and all. Keep everyone in your prayers. I love you guys and miss you bunches. I best go give my comp the computer. Whatever you need, do tell me. Cheers! I love you, its all good!

Con Amor,


"Long ago and oh so far away
I fell in love with you before the second show..."

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