Monday, August 26, 2013

The Motorcycle Diaries

Hey, Grimlys!!

Sorry this letter will be jet fast but man, oh man, its good to hear from youz guys. I'm glad to hear the wedding was a success. I told my comp about the possibility of an anime wedding and he was in full support. We both have the same anime background—that is, we loved Pokémon back in the day. We had a whole day where we talked about the games on the Game Boy and everything came back to me. Who knows? I could come back from the mission and fall hopelessly in love with Pokémon all over again.  Dreams do come true, you know?

This week was most excellent. My convert Paola got a calling to be first counselor in the primary presidency and is thrilled beyond belief. She reminds me of Dwight Schrute in the sense that, when Dwight was the "assistant regional manager" he was, in reality, assistant TO the regional manager. She is thrilled, happy, and introducing her friends to hear the gospel. We are talking with one of her best friends named Cristal. She had a teenage son die a while ago and we are teaching her and she is progressing really well. We are also teaching this lady named Gabriela and her son Gabriel. They made lunch for us one day and Gabriel made a ceramic pot for my comp and these rockin' bamboo wind chimes for me. I tell you, they would be the envy of grandmothers everywhere. I’ll have to send you a pic of them.

Transfers were last night and both Elder Murray and Hermana Jefferies left and their comps are all going to train which means everyone in the district is training—it’s a genuine nursery up in here. It’s really cool. They are all going to get their kids this Wednesday. I also have this really cool story about my cell phone but I’ll have to tell it later so remind me about it next week—stay tuned for the cell phone story, okay? Now on to questions!

What’s your favorite thing about training?

All the who-lou-dock-moo-frau´ (reference from Best Two Years about the difficulty of learning the language) and stuff like that. Just seeing myself, where I was so long ago. That’s the best part and just helping him take over the area and do stuff on his own. The kid is a stud and is doing so well and progressing so well.
  • Anyone we can pray for?

Cristal, Gabriela and Gabriel, Alejandro, and just everybody here but those guys in particular.
  • Did your rope-swing bump ever disappear?

Yeah, it’s last! I remember it wasn’t going away then I totally forgot about it and when I went to check it. It was gone! Yeah!
  • What’s your favorite thing about Yuto?

The Yuto accent!  It’s such a bad slur of coca leaf-Spanish so I’ll come home speaking like an Argentinean hillbilly but I do love that accent and just how Yuto is so tranquillo. It’s all good here!
  • I sent marshmallows as package filler.  Are they truly a novelty or is that an urban myth?

It’s a novelty. Elias has been eyeing them for quite sometime he really wants those legendary "s´mores".

Will you get your temple recommend renewed before you come home, in Spanish, even?
  • Yeah! Already did it in my last interview with president.

Well fambilys, thanks for everything. Sorry its short but I’ll be hitting you guys up more next week. Until then, I love you guys so much. Pray for us that all will be good. And keep on keepin' on. I love you, its all good!

Con Amor,


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