Monday, August 12, 2013

It's A Boy!


Hey guyz! How’s it happenin'? Disappointing Lindon days? Yeah, that’s usually how it is. Lindon Days kinda lost its magic for me when they took out the crazy, dirty Tom Petty-looking biker guys guarding the inflatable bounce houses. The wonder of childhood, I tell you.

This week was a bit off of the ordinary from the rest. Last week, on Monday, I got a call from the assistants and they said "Hey dude, you're preggers!" Yep, I'm training! They said I had to go to the offices in Salta on Wednesday morning with Rosano and there I get to pick up my kid and Rosano will leave with another missionary to go to the province of Santiago del Estero. So on Tuesday, Rosey boy said his goodbyes and, early in the morning on Wednesday, we left for Salta.

By some miracle a group of missionaries finally got their visas.  I got to the offices and there were 3 others training. We had a little capacitation then I met my comp. He is 19 year old Trevor Allan from Springville who has been in Mississippi for 9 months waiting for his visa. Because of that he doesn’t really speak Spanish but he’s a great kid—a football, basketball, and baseball player at Springville High who even lived in Spanish Fork for awhile. Cool kid, he reminds me a lot of Spencer Harris.  After I got him, we took 2 buses back to Yuto and got settled. 

We had a good week. We talked to a lot of people and found a few really good candidates for baptism. It was kind of a hard week for church because the presidential elections took place yesterday (Sunday) so nobody was at church. Bummer man. But it’ll be a better week this week for sure. Pray that it will be and that we’ll have a baptism. So yeah, that’s the week. My comp is adapting well but I can see the culture shock (food, language, etc) but he’s doing great. Keep him in your prayers as well. 

So, questions?

  • Are Vanessa and Elias a couple?

Yes they are.

  • Does Vanessa’s family feed you often?  Does she speak English?

Yeah, like every Tuesday we eat there. She speaks a sort of English but just the basics. And really, no one speaks English around here—just the textbook "Open the window", "Yes teacher!", "My name is...", “How are you?".....So no one really speaks English in Yuto. I talked to a guy in Ledesma who lived in Miami and spoke English but real English speakers are rare to come by.

  • Did you ever get your birthday packages?

Yes, I finally got them when I went to the offices. Thank you guys so much! We are going to make the brownies today. Thanks again, they were a grand surprise!

  • How are the A_________s doing?
Very, very good. I got them a new member package in Salta that has the basic stuff for new converts (a triple, Our Heritage, Gospel Principals, etc) They really liked that. I also got to bless their house yesterday which was nice. They kinda have their up and down moments, those guys, but they are doing great. Thanks for praying for them and templing for them. I tell them about that and they are always so, so grateful and are praying always for you guys too.

Well, that’s about it. It’s going to be a good, interesting week. Pray for the both of us—that we can see a baptism this week. We are working with a few people: A kid we call "Super" (who’s name is Juan) a kid called Jorge who is the boyfriend of a member here, and a lady named Gabriela who is the best friend of an hermana here. And, of course, the rest of the familia B_________. Pray for them (that we can find, teach, and baptize them) and we will work with them (and pray for them) a ton. Thanks for all your prayers and templing and everything. Have a bomb week. I love and miss you guys a bunch. Love you. It’s all good!

Con Amor,


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