Monday, October 28, 2013

A Witch's Brew


Sup? Yes, its Lunes again and it’s still just—so—hot!  You don’t even know how much I’m looking forward to snow. There was like, NONE while I was in the MTC so I’ve had 3 years without it. I’m stoked to get back and love it for 5 minutes before I get sick of it. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my tan/melanoma.  Man, I’m pretty bummed old Metal Machine Music (Lou Reed) died. It’s not fair that Mick Jagger keeps on living and Lou-Lou Belle doesn’t.  But glad to hear things are a'Halloween'n with a witch's brewww! Here the kids just ask us about American Halloween and wonder if such a thing is really legal. I mean, free candy, after all!
It was the end of the politic madness this week. AHHH!!!!!!!!!! Yes, and I’m way thrilled about it: No more horrible campaigning! Seriously, they have these cars that go around playing super-loud propaganda and some idiot that was driving one of them was following us.  When we thought he wasn’t around we´d go try and contact somebody and he would just pop right around the corner with the loudspeaker blaring so we couldn’t hear the people we were talking to. AHHH!!! I hate it! But yes, it was a good week despite it all.
We baptized Nauhel but didn’t get him confirmed because ridiculous political campaign made it so we could only have church for an hour and his family couldn’t come the first hour.  But its good, we´ll get him confirmed next Sunday. We met a lot of good, new people this week including a young couple named Paolo and Belen. They are way chill and have a 2-year old little girl. They are progressing quite smoothly and things are going well with them.  Even though Sunday was a disaster we still had a good week.
So my district includes the areas of L______ 1 and L______ 2.  Turns out L_______ 2  is in complete rebellion.  F’reals, they don’t call to verify, report numbers, or even work. IDK why. I’ve talked to them dozens of times and so have the ZL´s—even Pres. has talked to them.  I’m going on divvies with them tomorrow to find out what the heck is going on because nobody knows what’s happening with them. Not even L______ 1 knows what’s up and they live in the same pench with them!  So wish me luck on that.
Can you believe it’s gonna be November this week! Gnarly, huh? We just keep on passing the time but it’s cool, we’ve got a great week heading for us so pray it’ll all go well. ‘Til then, queztonz?
Do they do much for Halloween there?
Nope, but on Canal Disney here they do play the greatest movie made (right behind Citizen Kane and The Godfather) namely, Hocus Pocus!  They kinda have  Día de Muertos here but nada que ver with the Aztec-inspired celebrations in Mexico.  I think everyone here  just visits the cemetery.  The cemeteries are cool. They are all crypts and such.
  • What do you want to do before you come home?
Not get sunburnt,  baptize. I can’t really think of any last thing to do. Maybe just eat some of the "You’ll never, ever, ever, ever find this in America" type of foods—cows head?
  • How are your friends, the Alderetes, doing?
They are doing really well. Oscar came to church yesterday and we stopped by and visited them. They send a lot of saludos your way
  • Do you get thunder and lightning in your area or just rain?
Just rain.  I remember in my first area we had the craziest thunder that would shake the whole house (and exceedingly sharp lightnings).  Here it’s just rain. I may have heard thunder a couple times here in Yuto, though.
Well that’s about it! I’ll send you guys a couple of more letters then I’ll be home. Until next week, thank you so, so much! I love you, it’s all good!

Con Amor,


Big Time!

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