Monday, October 14, 2013

Drink 8 Full Glasses Of Scorpions Each Day

Hey y´all,

How goes it? It's going pretty good here. Lots of rain which is kinda good, kinda bad. I like it in the sense that its not so horribly hot but bad in the sense that it got my scriptures wet and I gave my rain coat to Elias to take to Brazil. It's cool. I have my umbrella-ella-ella still but its kind of a pain.

This week went relativity well except there was a massive fire by Yuto and it cut the power and water for about 3 days but the great part was that for all those days it was awfully hot and with the smoke clouding the valley it made for a nice greenhouse-type feeling over us so it was even hotter and we got ashes all over our clothes. All this with no AC. I ever so envied the Vesuvius victims, lucky bums! Due to the power out (during which I was singing "Power Out" by Arcade Fire for those 3 days) at night it was impossible to work because the whole city had no power: So, DARK was the night!!! A lot of the work we have here is in the sketchy parts of town so we didn’t dare to walk there at night. But later we got power and water back just as it started raining. I'm soooo happy!! I missed the water so much. The baptism didn’t go through, alas, but we are planning on maybe 2 this upcoming Saturday. Pray for that.

The branch is doing fine. We had the primary program yesterday which was an adorable train wreck. I got to lead the kids in singing their songs. We sang "I know my Heavenly Father loves me" and a whole slew of others. I say we were supposed to sing that song but the kids were actually singing another song as I was singing that one. After the meeting I got to set Gabriela apart as the 2nd counselor in the primary presidency and I got to give Gabriel the Aaronic priesthood. It was a cool moment. They are doing so, so well and are gonna be a big help here in Yuto. And well, that's the news from Yuto this week. Quesztionz?

We heard that the fires drove the animals out of the jungle. Did you see any?
Kinda...with the lack of water and light I went to go pick something out of the sink and in the dark I saw something in there. Thinking it was just a cockroach or something I went to go get my flashlight to see it (as we haven’t had cockroach problems for a long time here). Turns out it wasn’t a cockroach but a scorpion! Nice! I always wondered what they were putting in the water here so now I know.

Well, that's about it. Thanks so much for writing. I love you guys a bunch. Keep on praying for Yuto and all. Have a smashing week. I love you. Its all good!

Con Amor,

Raise your marshmallow stick!

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