Monday, October 7, 2013

Merry Michaelmas!


Dang it all, how goes it? Sorry about not writing to you last week but El Presidente said, “No Señor”.  Buts its cool.  I hope you guys didn’t think I was dead.

Last week was chill, it was St. Michael the archangel day (he’s the patron saint here) and with that comes the biggest bash Yuto has ever seen! Yes, that included (but was not limited to) gaucho parades, fruit salad, fancy drinks, and all ‘dem skankity-dressed lady folk. It was almost forbidden to go out in public unless you’re sporting fishnets, mega pumped heels, and spaghetti straps. Even if you’re a size 15 you will wear a size one. Deal with it!! Despite all the mayhem I managed to get some souvenirs (hence the money withdrawal) last p-day. I got a bunch of cool stuff for you guys so just hold out for one more transfer and it’ll all be yours.

The festivities were great except one thing—IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO TEACH OR TO GET ANYONE TO CHURCH THAT WEEK!!!!AHHHGEEERAHHH!!!! Even the members got sucked into the "church vs. fun-party" dilemma. There were only about 7 or 9 in attendance for Elias’s farewell but he didn’t care. We had a good last lunch with him. Pres. Levrino called to tell me of Elias’s plans. The boy left early Tuesday morning for Salta then onto Brasil. We had a last dinner at his house Monday night and said goodbye to him there. I'm-a  gonna miss that kid a ton but I know he’ll do great. Those were pretty much the highlights of last week.

This week? Not much to report on except conference was awesome. Man, I love Elder Ballard’s talk a ton—so good!!! We took a Balut bus up there Saturday with Gabriela and Gabriel (the recent converts) and Alicia. It was nice. We ate a ton (including a hefty bag of sunflower seeds). We got back late on Saturday. Then on Sunday we took a bus with the rama (branch) up to conference. We managed to get 3 investigadors there (A GRAND FEAT!) and had a picnic with the branch there. We took a picture for the Ensign magazine with all the conference attendees, so maybe that’ll happen. All–in-all it was great. It was an awesome conference (last mission conference) and I learned a lot. I really got the message of putting God first and being wise with priorities both now and in the future. Man, I dig conference a ton.

I got the news that my buddy Elder Jara from Buenos Aries is gonna come open another part of Ledesma so it will be Ledesma 1 and 2. I'm excited because he’ll be in my district. It’ll be awesome to have him there for my last transfer. And speaking of which, yes, today marks the beginning of my last transfer. I’m still in Yuto so I’ll die here. Today the head honcho inspectors from the South America area came and inspected the church house. They were really nice guys (they all had apple products *gasp!*). I was talking with one and he asked me about my time left. I told him I had a few more weeks. He then told me something that really hit me. He said "Keep on working, even until the very last minute!" Everyone says that but what he said after really got to me.  He said,  “Can you imagine what would have happened if Christ didn’t work the last 24 hours of his life?"....Whoa! Kinda puts the "enduring to the end" thing in a bigger perspective, no? I’m going to keep working on and on until I pull the same move that guy does at the end of the short favorite film of mine "THE PUMP". There’s still so much work to do and still so much time. So many people waiting! Pray that we’ll find them and we’ll have the energy and strength to do so. Well anyways, questions?
  • Did you have a favorite conference talk?

YES! Like I said I LOVED Elder Ballard’s talk about the missionary/member work. He impressed a lot of things from the capacitation that we saw in June that I really want to study and apply more. I also loved Dieter-Dieter’s talks a lot. He’s a conference fav of mine as well as is Holland. And I loved the talk McConkie from the Sunday school presidency gave. Lots of nuggety goodness there.

  • Do you get the chance to do much service in your area?

HA! *The Mrs. Krabappel laugh* no, not really. People here are kinda like the British guy the Griswold family nearly kills several times in European Vacation. They could be bleeding in the street (I’m not kidding. that happened once with a guy here) and they will politely say "No, no I’m totally fine! Thanks, though!".   A few months ago we moved a fridge from one house to there’s that.
  • So, how do you feel about riding buses now?  What is a typical bus ride like?
In the words of Sufjan Stevens: "There’s so much traveling!". I like bus rides. Granted, your riding on an old, rickety bus, with graffiti covered greasy seats but meh, you just get used to it. Here you really just get used to sketchy living. I can only imagine the cultural shock that’ll happen when I’m back in America.
  • Your branch president seems to be really doing a great job.
Oh yeah, for sures. He’s getting a lot done. The branch is getting a lot stronger as well.
Well that’s about it for the week. Have a smashing week as well. We are hoping upon hope to baptize Ishmael this week so pray for him and that we can keep finding people to teach. Thanks so much for all your love and prayers. Until next week, homies. I love you. It’s all good!

Con Amor,

With the branch at conference (and looking swell).

Gaucho Marx

Farewell to Elias


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