Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MTC Week 3

A hoy-hoy, familia:

Wazzup? Everything is still great here at the MTC. The food is really good (‘cept the spaghetti cause the noodles look like tapeworms...sorry I had to say that mom) but everything else is great. The Spanish is coming along slowly but surely--I hate conjugating verbs so much!!! But hopefully I’ll get it. They started us with investigators and it's pretty stressful ‘cause the language is hard to say sometimes and all the teachers have a different way of teaching and they say to teach their way. But other than the language and learning how to teach, those are really the only stressful parts.

I told you guys I joined the choir and nobody else in the district, except one other elder, wanted to do choir. So me and that Elder (Elder Leechman) went early to go sit in the choir seats to sing at the devotional. Turns out there were no choir seats left so we decided to sit a few seats from the front row. And, lo and behold, Elder Christofferson came to speak to us at that devotional. The coincidences were uncanny.  He was raised in PG and went to Salta on his mission and his main message was, no joke, word for word:  "It's all good"....Yeah, it was pretty much amazing. 

On another apostle note, Elder Nelson came and spoke to us for Thanksgiving and that was cool. Oh, Thanksgiving was really great. We did a little service project were we made first-aid kits and then we had our sack lunches and then we got to watch the movie “17 Miracles” and for a special treat they gave everyone.....popcorn....grrrr!  But other than that, I loved Thanksgiving.  

My companion is named Elder Tyler Zulauf. He is from Norco, California and he loves basketball and sports which is great ‘cause I hate sports. But really we do get along just great. His personality reminds me of Doug. Like, he’s  just a cool, funny guy and we get along great. I told you before his dad died just a little bit before his mission which is really sad but he knows that he'll see his dad again and he is really an optimistic guy.  For all I know he is doing ok. I forgot to tell you this but the second day at the MTC Elder Zulauf was really sick from nerves and stress and stuff (who wasn’t sick, really) and President Claybaugh asked me to give Elder Zulauf a blessing. I was really nervous ‘cause I’ve never given a real blessing before but I gave him a blessing that he'd get better and he did. Kind of amazing how great the priesthood is!

I got the Cokes and the cinnamon rolls and the cookies, gracias! Everybody in the district LOVED them!  Well, that’s just about all this week’s events. Just super busy and, at times, hair-pulling stressful. But it feels good to be here. I still miss you guys so much. They played  “As I Have Loved You” for one of the devotionals and I just about died. But you know, 2 years will go by just like that!

I love you guys so much.  Thank you for all the letters and packages and your prayers. Keep praying for me ‘cause this week is gonna be a hard teaching week! I will write you guys some letters today and send home some printed pictures so look forward to that. I love you guys so much and I’m so thankful for all of you in my life.

Si se Puede!
Con Amor,


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