Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Second Letter From the MTC


                                                                                             November 15, 2011
   Hola Mi familia!

         Hey guys! Before you guys are shocked at how short this email is just let me tell you something. While I was doing my laundry I had a lot of time and a lot of stuff to say so I wrote you guys a big handwritten letter and I sent it before the pickup time for the postal service so maybe, hopefully, I’m praying you'll get that letter today. So again I feel really bad if I got your hopes up of me sending you guys an e-mail saying how everything has been but don't worry the letter that I sent is chuck full of EVERYTHING! that's happened so far. But I’ll write a few things that would be good for you guys to know. One is that I did it! I made it to Sunday! and that everything is going great and I’m getting into the groove of things. I did my laundry today and we are going to the temple at around 3.

The Spanish is coming along great, the conjugations are hard but I’m not stressing about it all that much. I am so busy all the time that it's crazy. And everybody in my district is green with jealous rage because I get the most mail (haha) thank you guys. Anyways you should be getting that letter in the mail either today or tomorrow, and again I’m soooooooo sorry that I sent the weekly letter I sent to you guys is via post office. I just had a lot of time to write everything I needed to say on a handwritten letter so fret not, it's a great letter. Be stoked!. Well I say it a lot in that letter but I love you guys soooooo  much. Words cannot express the joy I feel when I read your guys’ letters at night because they give me so much inspiration and encouragement and comfort, I wish I could respond to all of them.

I'm so glad to have such an amazing family like you guys, I’m so glad families are forever. Whenever I see the Provo temple my heart just pounds with joy that that is where we were all sealed together as a family and I’m so grateful for that. I love that plaque you bought mom that says "missionaries: people who leave their family for a little while so that other families may be together forever" what a great statement, I know that’s true...I hope you guys have an awesome day, I know I will, thank you for the letters and again I’m really sorry this email is short but you'll get that big letter soon and if you prefer handwritten letters in the future let me know, in my opinion, it's easier. I love you guys so much and I hope everything is going well. Count the Sundays till I get home! Remember "it's all good" and I’m doing great!

Con amor,


 *This letter was E-mailed and received 11/15/11

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