Monday, March 11, 2013


Family timez!

Gosh darn it! How are you guys? I'm glad to hear it was a good week. Down here it was a week with more unexpected twists than an M. Night Shamalamianman movie.

We started out the week having lunch at the Familia Armella’s house on Tuesday. They have a little girl named Luz (short for Lucy) and we are about best friends. She has about Molly’s age maybe a little younger and is a whole bunch of fun. We played “throw the toys violently on the floor and scream” and, of course, the “purse” game where we have to put everything we find in the toy purse and then take everything out. We also played "Al-fee!" She can’t say “Allphin” so we have to settle for the next best thing. She will whisper “Al-fee” and then I say it again a little louder and then she says it a little louder and then, when it’s as anticipated, as loud as ever and she will hop up and shout it. It’s a grand time you know.

We also did some service in the week. We dug a draining ditch for an investigador who has arthritis. We were essentially digging up sewage, whacking out bamboo roots, and possibly getting dengue from the skeeters.

Well, some news. We were both expecting new missionaries right?....Well, we were at the house of Maxi and Noelia, teaching them a discussion, and we got a call from the zonies—not enough kids are coming. The mission had to make some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes and I’m leaving Aeroparque for another city in the province called "Yuto". I was, and still am, more than heartbroken. We were sitting right in the middle of Maxi and Noelia's house so we said our goodbyes right then and there. It was about, hands down, one of the saddest things I've ever done in my entire life. Everyone was just crying and it just seemed so unreal. I didn’t even see it coming. Maxi gave me one of his little baby boy’s shoes and said that he’ll hold on to one shoe and I hold on to the other shoe and we will wait for the day when these two little shoes will be back together.  We shared a very special moment. We all told how much the gospel has impacted our lives. I just hope beyond hope that they will be baptized. Its one of those things that’s just gonna make me think for ever. I’m having a feeling that thought is gonna haunt for a long time. But MAN! C’mon! I was here such a short time and I’m more than crushed to leave but I packed my bags, said "ciao" and hopped on the bus to Yuto.

My companion is named Elder Rosano from Uruguay. He is a funny kid. He’s like a mix on Matt Bezzant and Adams.  He seems like a chill, cool dude. The area is also really cool and the pench is perfect! Yuto is just a small town. We have a branch and I’m the first counselor in the branch presidency, apparently, so that’ll be interesting. I’m not sure if I’m DL, I don’t think I am but we’ll see.  Sorry this is kind of a short letter. We have to get going to an activity in a little bit but just know that I’m all good and safe and sound in my new area and that all is good. Questionz?

I cant’ remember.  Do they do daylight savings time in Argentina?

Argentina would cease to exist if you dared touch their time. The country, I’m quite sure, couldn’t function if they had it.

Are your shirts holding up?

Yeah. No matter how much bleach or cleanliness, they are still getting yellow. But that just means more experience.

What’s for dinner?


Is summer turning into fall yet?

No, maybe, I’m not sure. Here I’m closer to the tropics and it’s really humid and the sugar cane is in full bloom. So nahhhh. Here, not so much.

Do you play soccer anymore?

Not much. I think the missionaries in this area play more soccer but, for the most part, only the younger missionaries play soccer. Everyone else’s is having their knees fall apart.

Well fams. Sorry for the short, quick email. Its just one of those crazy “I never saw it coming” change days but next week I will have a fuller report, I’m sure of it. Please pray that everything will be all good and normal and all good. It will be. You just know how I feel about changes. Well family, I love you all and miss you all so so very much. Have a great week. I love you! It’s all good.

Con Amor,


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