Monday, March 18, 2013

Things Are Going To Start Happening To Me Now!


How goes it!? It sounds good. I’m glad everyone was burfdayed and that it all went well. A very Happy birthday to Papa and Anna! I’m sure it was nothing but the bee’s knees and that, in all actuality, Anna is turning 5 or 7 and is nowhere near 15.....15´s a cool age; you can finally get to vote, buy tobacco, get a tattoo and get hitched.  At least I believe its 15 that you can do all that stuff....or is it 12? Something like that.

While all youz guys partied it up on Saint Patty’s day by drinking Guinness and listening to the Pogues, I was here in my new town of Yuto. This place is amazing! It’s a small, dinky town in the middle of nothing and yet has everything! It’s got a really heavy Italian influence here so there is a surprising amount of Caucasians here. The town is really low key and tranquil. You can see the stars at night because there is absolutely no surrounding light. There is every kind of fruit EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen forests of banana trees, sugar cane, mangos, tobacco, avocados, grapes, etc. It’s crazy. It’s tropical. We have a banana tree and an avocado tree in our backyard. And yes, our pench is really almost perfect. We are faulting an oven but we are buying one soon but it’s really amazing. We have to take buses everywhere and not just like buses buses, like greyhound legit buses, to go to like district meeting (which is an hour away) but it is way, way tight. The church though is another story. It’s a rented out big old house. And to try to give you a feel of what it’s like, it’s kinda like having church in the cabin at the end of the Blair Witch Project. It’s a wreck but it’s the best we got and we are supposed to be moving soon. I’ll have it get some pics of it next week.

The branch is very nice. Our branch president is a cool, funny guy. The majority of the branch are women. Like, there is almost no priesthood here. I think it’s just us and president and that’s it for priesthood. I’m the 1st consular in the branch presidency here so it’s a fun job. You get to do interviews, conduct sacrament meeting, and all that jazzy jazz. I’m pretty stoked for that. The members are all very nice. We had this one crazy, super menos activo guy give us freshly killed pig skin to eat and we ate it...It’s all right. Very greasy but, I guess, all right.

We had zone conference this week. I also got the package you guys sent me with the sunglasses and all. Much obliged, thank you thank you. But the conference was very nice. We talked about just living up the mission life while you can ‘cause you’re never gonna have this time again. So true, it was a good booster for the zone, I think.
The comp is a good scout. It’s a little like living with the brother from 50 First Dates but it’s all good. I’m happy, getting to know the area, and content. Other than that kids, that’s about it.

I think I answered all the questions about my comp, the area, the branch, etc.  But I will answer the one you asked about how people down here feel about having an Argentinian Pope. Yes, it’s Popin’ good fun here with Francisco I in office; everyone is pretty giddy about it. But he´s Porteño so I’m suspecting we´ll be seeing a lot more wrist shaking, gold chains, and khakis coming out of Vaticanville.
Well familys, that’s about it. I’m doing a lot better. I’m kinda bummed about the move and not training there but I’m in a good, new area and yes, things are going to start happening to me now.  It's just changes and all, you know. Well, until next week, see you later. I love and miss you, it’s all good.

Con Amor,

Streets of Yuto

Lucy and Ricky's Bedroom

My Desk

Santa's Workshop

Front Room

The Study

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