Monday, March 25, 2013

We've Got Some Poodle Meat In The Freezer


Hey there! how goes it all? kickin', I can only presume. What a cool week. That’s great to hear about Emily getting married. Major props! And that you, Dad, are serving with the legendary Tom Russell. Tell him I said "sup".

Man, what a week this week. A common thing that’s happens en-route to district meeting is protests!  Where a bunch of angry workers throw tires in the middle of the highway and light them up so you can’t drive past.  This always seems to happen like, a mile from the chapel so we have to walk all that way to district meeting. You can imagine I'm very happy and pleasant when this happens.

I can’t remember if I told you guys but everything here is made of wood and is built like a lean-to. I'll have to snag a pic of these houses. It’s impressive like, the majority are houses made of wood and whatever else can be found. There are also just miles and miles, mountains upon mountains, of orange groves and they smell soooooo good! We have a lot of abandoned country lanes in our area so it’s nice to just walk with the sun setting in the distance and a warm wind hitting you while you're smelling the oranges—Kerouac had nothin’ on this.  But the weather here is either very, very cold or very, very hot and sticky. Right now it’s hot and sticky...I’m waiting for these first days of spring (fall really) to kick in. I want cold. I miss cold.

We live near a club that’s just up the street from us. Every weekend you can’t get to sleep until around 12 or 1. I haven’t heard Chris Brown played so many times in my life. It’s sad, really.

There’s not much happening with investigators here so we are hunting for some more and praying for some more. My comp is kinda remembering and forgetting the investigators he had here. It’s a bit difficult but it’ll work out well.

We had leadership capacitación in San Pedro (the largest city near us) yesterday. President was there and he gave all the presidents, bishops, and counsulars a capacitación. We rode in a super sketchy van to get there. There was like, a hole in the floor below me which made it fairly hard to take a nap.

After the capacitación, to our surprise, there was a regional satellite conference broadcast to all of Argielandia. Hermana Stevens, Elders Bowen, Clayton, and Nelson all spoke. It was so cool and, guess what? I had no clue but Elder Nelson speaks Spanish and he gave his talk in Spanish!  It was way tight and we all felt the spirit something good. Elder Clayton said something interesting. He said when we are doing the things we are supposed to be doing (praying, reading, going to church, keeping our covenants and commandments) then we can figure out our problems when problems come to us. We’ll be so blessed and prepared by the Lord that we can find a way around difficult situations. I just thought that was a nifty thought.

We also bought an oven! Yes! We have an R.C. Willey-type of joint near us so we bought one there. This is like the 56th time I've bought an oven in my mission but it’s so worth it.

My love for the Book of Mormon has been in full force this week. F´reals, I love studying it and reading it and, the best part, just finding all the gold nuggets this amazing book has. There are just numberless verses and amazing promises and blessings. I’m scanning over the very beginning of Alma that I’ve read so many times but I just like to swing by periodically and read it. Good stuff from a good, true book. That’s about it for the week I’m afraid. This upcoming week should be pretty eventful but till then, Q´s?

How long has your companion been in the mission?
  • He’s got Zach’s time in the mish. He’s a cool kid and was actually Zulauf's comp in Tucumán. He’s cool but can be a bit of prideful fella yet he's a good egg. It’s really just kinda like being with the brother from 50 First Dates. For example: I find him periodically taking pictures of himself with pouty face poses...I wish I was making that up.
Do you walk a lot in your area?
  • Yeah, still lots of walking, just a change of scenery—country lanes, hills, highways, and whatnot.
Was the pig skin you ate cooked?
  • I hope so...
Do the members feed you there?
  • Yeah, we eat with them just about everyday. Its a bit of more humble circumstances here: Chicken and rice (mostly rice), sandwiches, etc...I’m at the point in the mission that any hesitation to try out foods has been replaced by a mindset of: "Well, it looks like food, I’m hungry, I’m gonna eat it".
How many are in your area?
  • 2 in Yuto. Just us 2...
Do the skies look very different there?
  • Oh yeah! Like, you can find the Southern cross and everything. It’s way different. I can identify a few constellations I learned in school and not much else but yeah, its different.
How’s it going as 1st counselor?  What kinds of things do you do?
  • Good. For now its assigning people to do stuff and giving people their Liahona´s and it's relatively smooth goin'.
Are your leather scripture covers done yet?
  • They are still in process. They guy said its probably like a few months before the end of my mission that I’ll see 'em so I’m guessing around June or July-ish.
What’s P-Day like there in Yuto?
  • The norm: Wash, clean, write, and sometimes we hang out with the member kids and play guitar and piano. The other week we played a bit of soccer but its just the norm. And, yes! We do have a washer and its like a rich-person washing machine. It’s not the cylinder washer. It’s like one that has a lid. It’s amazing.
Were your sunglasses okay or should I try to send a different kind?
  • No, no. They are perfect! They are just right!
Well family. Good chatz and what not but I’ve gotta peace. I’ll just have you guys know that its all good here in Yuto and that I’m having a ball. Please pray that I have some more tolerance for my comp and that all will be well. I love you guys so very much. Have a great week! I love you, its all good!

Con Amor,

Country Roooooads...

Our Pench in Yuto

The Chapel

We welcome you today, to our pri-mar-y

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