Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweet 'Tater Jell-O

Dear Krinligton Family of Bellenwhacket, Indiana:

Elder Inman and I used to do that all the time. Its a spoof on those like fake fen-phen weight loss pill commercials and the people's testamonials of how great the product is but its always from people with non-existent names in non-existent towns like: “Hi! I'm Shy-Lee Meckenbrow from Runlinsbow, Nebraska and I've lost 25 pounds on the Melvadin system” or "I’m Jarintine Huggintaw from Grunshuckel,Mississippi and I've lost 683 pounds on the Dr. Burns 'Slim it to Win it' diet challenge" and so on and so forth. You get the picture....

Hello family! Its that time again when I get to say the “what's up?” and what not. I'm glad to hear all is good on the home front. I'm glad that sister Bayless is sitting by you at church so nobody will be taking my seat. We need to keep our pew safe from the Chitty and Smith gang for 8 more months (I'm not sure but I think that sounds like a great name for a big and tall store: "Chitty & Smiths: Just the right fit").

Yes, all is well here on the Argie front. This week was a rather interesting one; kinda crazy, man. We headed over to a member's house for a family night and her mom gave me something as a reward to represent all my hard work. Its a good llama-y handmade hat, a work that Jade Madison would surely be proud of--it's a gem.

------'s baptism was coming up this week and all seemed to be well, he was all ready and so was the family. The mom was intently listening to us about what happens and all was going well.
Then Satan, the creep, comes in and louses up every thing and, f'reals, problems just kinda sprung out of nowhere. ------'s sister called us and told us she had to tell the bishop about something she did and it was something major. I told her its OK, that she doesn’t have to tell us any details and that she should just go talk to her bishop. Apparently she came home crying, sad, and angry and scared her brother to the point of not wanting to get baptized and putting the mother to be super angry. This all happened Friday night. We got over to their house and they told us all about this and I thought I was going to die. Now ----- doesn’t want to get baptized, the mom's mad, OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!! It was a mess but luckily we talked it out. It's all good and we had the baptism. After seeing the baptism the mom chilled out and, I think, kinda figured out the repentance is not "how dare they discipline my daughter" but something maybe a little more significant. The upshot is, she still wants to listen to us and wants to get baptized. ----- is all baptized and what not. Mariño baptized him and I confirmed him and it went all well.

I got a lot of opportunities this week to give blessings and do confirmations and just really exercising the priesthood. One thing that kinda stood out was a returned sister missionary in our ward asked if I could give her cousin a back-to-school blessing. She said that, before her dad passed away, he would always give back-to-school blessings. I gave the blessing and, idk, it got me thinking how great of a thing it is, the priesthood. That, even though it is just hard to comprehend at times, what a great blessing it is to use it and bless others with it. Its really got me thinking that I just want use it and bless others with it for the rest of my life: Family, future family, friends, etc. I just kinda had an epiphany and have been thinking about it all week. Just kinda knowing what it is, trying to understand it, and feeling the power and love that comes with it has been a good testimony builder for me. Good stuffs.

We headed over to a recent convert's house whose poodle just had puppies a couple of weeks ago. They sold them all but kept one and named it "Allphin"....YES! ...He's a prized pooch. I will send a pic of the mutt next week. The Killers are coming to Buenos Aires sometime soon. I hear it on the radio all the time and try not to punch someone in my blind fury from being tortured with something I can't have. I am patience but still, its The Killers.

Well fams. that’s 'bout it for the week. Queztons?

  • Are the folks down there all atwitter about Benedict XVI resigning or do they just accept the fact that he was too pooped to pope.

Yes. It's crazy! Everyone is kinda in denial about it but its all over the news. My comp said its 'cause he read The Book of Mormon. I laughed at the joke but now I hear it 8 times a day...

  • Are the peaches on the peach pizza canned or fresh?

FRESH! I had it again today.

  • What's the worst thing to eat down there?

Liver, fish, certain kinds of cheese, bean soup, and there’s a desert called membrillo con queso which tastes like sweet potato jello with salty cheese on it...I'll eat it but I'm not happy about it.

  • Do you still have your mini?

No, he left for Tartagal in the Salta province. He was a good kid. It's a good bit of training for the prospective missionaries.

  • Is everyone down there still polite?

For the most part, yes. Lots of people will yell, "hello”, “123”, “I love you"... I try to imagine if you were in the states and saw someone from Mexico you would really yell "hola" or “uno dos tres” from across the street? I don’t know if they are being rude or if its just that they like America: The movies, music, and life there because they are always asking about it.

Well familees. I best be toddeling off but will be talking to you guys again soon. Idk what's gonna happen next week as the newbies are expected to come. Idk what the travel plans are so just know that will probably be happening next week. Pray it will all be good for my kid as he comes (I sure hope he does) and everything else. I love you guys have a great week and what not. I love you guys so so much. It's all good.

Con Amor,


P.S...Dad, I've found the Argentine Morrissey! His name is Vicentico and he has a song called "Creo que me enamoré" and he has a music video. Not just any video, it's a sad old man dancing music video. See if you can find it on Youtube...hang the DJ!

The Aeroparque Ward

So white it's almost blinding.

Somewhere watery in Aeroparque

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